Moving from a house to a NYC apartment

Moving from a house to a NYC apartment

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Downsizing to a smaller NYC apartment makes sense for those who want to save time and money

Transitioning from a spacious house to a smaller NYC apartment doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to go the minimalist route, but certain modifications should be made. Leaving the house you’ve lived in for years may come as a shock for the entire family.

Giving up all the commodity you had in your huge house and trading it for an apartment is a major change. While everyone is focused on an obvious downside of the decision – lack of space, there are actually some positive aspects of downsizing.

Maybe this is one of those decisions you would never make willingly, but unfortunately things may change in the blink of an eye. Whether the transition is triggered by a financial struggle or a family hiccup, not everyone will be enthusiastic about the moving idea. On the other hand, moving to a tiny apartment makes perfect sense for those who have weighed all pros and cons of such decision.

Pros of downsizing to a NYC apartment – enjoying a clutter-free life

The amount of goods one can accumulate over the years can become a major burden when moving house. The moment you realize that you will have to squeeze the contents of a huge house into reduced square footage you will know that some drastic changes are about to happen.

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Allow yourself a clutter-free, fresh start in your new home

As we all know, moving is notorious for its overwhelming de-cluttering process. In order to have a proper fresh start you will have to be ruthless with the old and unnecessary household items. This especially makes sense if you are moving long distance and you don’t want your moving quote skyrocket due to an increased moving load.

No one said that letting go of your treasured belongings is easy. But as soon as you figure out what’s worth moving, you will know the approximate cost of moving services.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a short-term housing and planning to move back to your house at some point, consider renting a storage unit that can accommodate your possessions until you settle down permanently. However, no matter how spacious the storage unit, it shouldn’t be an excuse to hold onto unnecessary stuff that you will eventually get rid of. This especially rings true for the items that have sentimental value.

Sort through your household and pare down your belongings according to your real needs. Consider selling and donating things you won’t be taking with you. Without a doubt, a garage sale is a great way to de-clutter prior to the move. Some extra cash may be put to good use during the moving process, especially if you are hiring professional movers whose services might be expensive.

You’ll get to enjoy more free time

After moving into a NYC apartment you can count on more free time, since some chores that you did around the house now are just checked off the list. Maintenance and upkeep work will require much less effort and time. As a result, you will have more spare time you can dedicate to your favorite activities with your loved ones.

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Help your kids accept the change and adjust to the new environment

Instead of cleaning your place for hours, wouldn’t you rather take a walk around your new neighborhood and get to know your area and new neighbors? Furthermore, if you’ve moved with your family you should know that the relocation itself will have a huge impact on your children as well. Take advantage of the extra free time to help your kids settle into a new home.

Chances are they are missing some of the aspects of the previous home, so help them bridge the gap between two different lifestyles. Take your time to prepare a memorable housewarming party where your kids will be able to reunite with their old friends and make some new acquaintances. It might take a while until they feel completely settled after moving into a NYC apartment. They will need full parental support and encouragement to adjust to the new environment and to cope with the change.

Downsizing as a budget-friendly decision

It’s no secret that smaller living spaces are less expensive and, as a result, monthly maintenance costs and utility bills are significantly lower. Given the lower mortgage and rent payments, no wonder why people who want to save some money and cut monthly expenses at some point decide to downsize to a smaller NYC apartment.

Furthermore, if you decide to sell household possessions you no longer need, you might be able to put some extra cash in your pocket. Therefore, instead of focusing on what you’ve lost to the household move, consider what you’ve actually gained – affordable and clutter-free home that requires less commitment.

How to maximize square footage in your NYC apartment

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Use your creativity to turn your small NYC apartment into a cozy and functional place

When downsizing to a smaller place it’s only normal to make the most of the available square footage. Even a tiny apartment has its charm and potential you can take advantage of. In a small place every single square foot counts, so use your creativity and resourcefulness to figure out how to live better with less. No matter the size, your new NYC apartment can be a comfortable place to start afresh.

  • Create a hidden storage by placing boxes underneath your bed where no one can see them.
  • Multi-functional furniture turns out to be a space-savvy solution for a small NYC apartment.
  • Instead of using your floor, go vertical and use your wall space to store your items.
  • Freshen up the walls with a coat of neutral paint in order to open up the space.
  • Purge and clean regularly so as to prevent clutter from piling up.
  • Think like a minimalist – it’s not only an aesthetic tendency but also a mindset.
  • Go for the full-size furniture and smart decorating tricks to make your place look more spacious.

With a positive attitude and right mindset you may prove that a small NYC apartment can be just as comfortable and functional as a large house.

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