Moving Estimates - What You Need to Know?

Moving Estimates - What You Need to Know?

When moving, you need to make a lot of decisions during the entire process. Choosing the best type of moving estimate is certainly one of those decisions. This is why we have created this useful guide on everything you need to know about the moving estimates. In this way, your move will go much smoother and you will know exactly what to expect from your moving company. Before you hire a certain moving company, it is vital that you are absolutely certain that they are reliable. There are plenty of fraudulent moving companies that you should avoid at all costs.

Calculating Moving Cost

Types of moving estimates

There are three main types of moving estimates. You should only choose the type that will suit your needs when it comes to moving. Depending on how many items you own, their weight, and the time in which you need to finish moving the cost estimate will change. Let us see what are the three types of moving estimates.

Non-binding estimate

This type of moving estimate means that the final price is not guaranteed by the estimate given. If your moving company only offers this type of estimate, then you should probably avoid it and find another moving company. A fraudulent moving company will usually offer this type of estimate only. However, this estimate is great if you do not have a lot of items and you are confident about how much they weigh.

Binding estimate

When the moving company offers you the estimated price, in this case, it will be binding. This means that even though your items weigh more than originally estimated, you will pay for the guaranteed price. Unfortunately, this also applies in the scenario in which your items weigh less than expected, so you may end up paying more money. This is a perfect type of estimate when you have a lot of items to move, as you will know the final price in advance. There will be no unpleasant surprises with the binding estimate.

Binding not-to-exceed estimate

This type of estimate is the combination of the previous two. Here, you will have a guaranteed price which will not go higher if your items weigh higher. On the other hand, if your items weigh less than originally estimated, you will not pay for the full price. Although we did say that if your items weigh more, you will still pay for the guaranteed price, this does not apply if you want to move items that were not listed in the beginning. In this case, you will be able to create an additional moving estimate on-spot with the new price.

How will the moving company provide a moving estimate?

There are several ways in which you can get a moving estimate. Some ways are of course better than the others. Let us see what you can expect:

Over-the-phone estimate

This is the least popular way of getting a free moving estimate. You should accept the over-the-phone estimate only if you know the exact weight of the items. Otherwise, the final price may not resemble the estimate at all due to the miscalculation of the item weight.

On-site moving estimate

This is definitely the best way in which you can get a moving estimate. The professional moving company will send over a member of their staff, someone who has a lot of experience and will determine what is the exact moving estimate. On site estimate can last for a couple of hours, but it is definitely worth every minute. The best thing is that it is completely free.

Video estimate

A Woman Getting a Video Estimate

In case no one can come over due to a pandemic situation or similar, you can have your video moving estimate provided through the video call. It is as useful as an in-house survey, only slightly more inconvenient as you have to walk with your mobile or tablet around the house for a while.

Additional fees can affect the moving estimate

Do not forget to ask the moving company whether additional fees are included in the moving estimate or not. Also, ask them exactly what additional fees will you be charged, and the exact amount of money you will need to spend. Here are the most common situations in which you will face additional fees, so check out whether you can relate:

No elevator in the building

If the Building Does Not Have an Elevator, There Might Be Additional Fees

If the building you live in does not have an elevator, and you live on the seventh floor, for example, chances are you will be charged additional fees. If you do have an elevator, make sure to reserve it for the moving day, so you can avoid any delays.

No parking spot

Make a reservation of the parking spot in front of your building or as near as possible. Otherwise, you will have to pay for additional service, as the movers will need to carry the items all the way to the moving truck. Plus, they might need to pay for the parking tickets as well.

Specialized items

Moving a Piano

If you have items that require special preparation, additional equipment, and more staff, you need to inform the moving company. Items such as a piano, hot tub, or a large safe will induce additional fees.

Tipping movers

A Man Holding Tip for the Movers After the Move

Although no moving estimate will ever include tipping movers in the final price, you should be prepared for a $20 tip per mover if they provided an excellent service.

Moving estimates can differ and also ways in which you receive a moving estimate can differ as well. So, depending on the type of your move you will be able to make a decision that suits your needs best. Always look for your best interest, and compare the moving quotes from at least three different moving companies before choosing the right one. Remember that a price that is too low is a great indicator of scam moving companies and you should focus on some more realistic options. Good luck!

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