Moving Day Tasks and Tips

Moving Day Tasks and Tips

Moving is a process that lasts for a couple of weeks. And before you know it, the moving day is already here, and you don`t know what are all the things you should do. But don`t worry. With the right organization, this day will go just fine, and soon you will be in your new dream home. If you hired reputable movers, there is no reason to be under stress. Try to remain calm and stress-free throughout the day, because it is easy to start panicking if something goes wrong. Here are some important moving day tasks and tips.

Arrange for someone to babysit your kids and pets

Hopefully, you have made these arrangements before the moving day, but it is never too late. Having pets and kids inside the house while movers are doing their job can be quite dangerous. Plus, both children and pets can be sad and distraught when they see the house is getting emptier by the minute. They do not realize what is going on if they are too young, so it is better to have them out of the house for the day. You can hire a sitter, or simply ask some of your friends or family members to take them to the park.

A Girl Playing With a Dog
Do not overlook your kids’ and pets’ during the moving process

Reserve a parking space and an elevator for the moving day

Every moving company reserves the right to charge you additional fees for the extra work they need to do. If they are unable to find a parking space near your house, they will need to park further away. And then carry all of your items to the moving truck. Needless to say, you don`t want to be charged more if there is no need to, so just remember to reserve a parking space in front of your house.

The same thing applies to the elevator. If you live in a building that does not have an elevator, chances are that you will pay for the additional fees. Unless you live on the ground floor, that is. However, if you do live in a building that has an elevator, make a reservation for a moving day. Let the other residents know that you are moving out, and your movers will have a free elevator to use.

Clear the pathway for the movers

Another thing you absolutely need to do on your moving day is to clear the pathways. Your house is probably crowded with moving boxes that need to be taken to the moving truck. Your movers need space and a safe walkthrough. So, just go around the house and take a good look whether something is obstructing the pathways. Remove all the plants or boxes that are near the doors or in the hallways. By doing this, your movers will be able to finish the job faster.

Cleaning Up Pathways Before Movers Arrive
Do not forget to clear the pathways before your movers arrive

Make sure you have everything you need for your movers

If the movers will be at your house the whole day packing things or moving them, you need to have some things prepared. Make sure you have running water in the bathroom, along with soap and a clean towel. Also, a cold beverage, even just water is enough for them to refresh and continue with their work. Some snacks or pizza would be ideal, but not necessary. You can get all of this on a moving day, just hop off to the nearest grocery store.

Go through the house one last time

You want to make sure that you are leaving everything spotless and also to avoid any unpleasant surprises. That is why you should go through the house and check everything thoroughly so that you can leave that house knowing everything is right. Here is what you should do:

  • Take photos of each room – In order to have strong evidence of the condition you left the house in; photos are the best way to go. You can also take a video if it is easier for you.
  • Check the moving boxes – Are all of your moving boxes NYC properly packed, labeled, and stacked? You should take a good look at them before your movers arrive in order to avoid any mistakes.
  • Take photos of the utility meters – Again, this is the best evidence of how much you have spent on utilities.
  • Do another round of cleaning – You have probably already done a deep cleaning of the house, so you should now just dust off a little bit if necessary.
  • Throw out the garbage bags – No matter how many garbage bags you have thrown away already, there will always be more. So, throw away any garbage bags that you haven`t so far.
Packed Household in a Living Room
You can avoid moving day chaos and frustration by packing the entire household on time

Check if you have everything you need in your essentials bag

An essentials bag is a lifesaver on a moving day as well as the day after. When you wake up in the morning, check if you have everything you need in this bag. It should contain some clean clothes, toothpaste, soap, shower gel. But also, your phone chargers, medical records, expensive jewelry, and other important things. Place it somewhere so that it does not get mixed up with the rest of the moving boxes that will go inside the moving truck.

Decide whether you will tip your movers

As the end of the moving day approaches, you need to make a decision whether or not to tip your movers. This is not obligatory, but it is desirable if you are satisfied with the service provided to you on a moving day as well as before that. If your movers did not arrive late, they behaved professionally, they were careful with your belongings and did not make too many unnecessary breaks, you may want to tip them. A $20 tip is just fine, and if you have more nobody will complain, of course.

One of the Moving Day Tasks and Tips is Tipping the Movers
If you are happy with the performance of your movers, tip them accordingly

Pro tip: If you decide to tip your movers, it is best to hand money to each member of the crew individually. If you give all the money to the foreman, you will never know whether he distributed the money equally. Good luck!

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