Why you should move to New York in your 20s

Why you should move to New York in your 20s

While you are in your 20s you are going to hit a lot of important landmarks. Things that will mark your life and create significant changes – a lot of them happen during this decade. College, University, leaving your hometown, starting a career, starting a family…  Seems so scary, doesn’t it? Too many milestones to count, some good and some bad, but let’s not forget a very important one – relocation. Now that is a big one, for sure. Leaving your family’s nest and flying out solo into the world is a pretty big step. And although you can go practically anywhere in the world there is really no place like New York. Many people dream about moving there their entire lives, and never actually do it. But, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t already know how amazing this opportunity is. Although moving to New York is always a good idea, there is a couple of good reasons why you should move to New York in your 20s. So, let’s check them out.

1.New York is a city to broaden your horizons. Big time!

Snow in NYC streets. - Illustration why you should relocate to New York in your 20s
New York is the best place in the word to be the beginning of your story

Where you come from should not determine where you can go. And if there is one place that is the pioneer of this, it is New York. This city represents all sorts of diversity and mixture of various shapes and forms. So many movements, races, nations, ideas, and values have found their place in this amazing city. And 20s are precisely the time where you should explore all of this. That means getting to know things that were once foreign to you – people, culture, art, food, career. Taking chances, risking and exploring… There is no stopping, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy every possibility given to you and even strive to create some more. That is why relocating to New York while you are 20-something is a very good idea. You will never have more energy and more time. Use it!

And if you want to catch a glimpse of what is like to live in New York, read amazing stories of different people living in it.

2. Torpedo-launch your career if you are living in New York in your 20s

The city that never sleeps is full of people trying to get their big break. Whether that is related to Broadway shows, or stock market or a career in law, doesn’t matter. This is where the magic happens. And everyone and their grandmother knows it. Although there are many places in the US that are big, famous and full of opportunities, no place is like New York. Many successful careers both in the entertainment industry and out of it, have been launched in this very place.  If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. And if you are in your 20s and just starting in New York you can make connections, network, create your first, insecure baby steps towards your dream goal. And even if you crash and burn you can always start fresh! That is, indeed, the magic of the Big Apple.

3. You should move to New York in your 20s so you will be faced with reality, and learn how to improve yourself

As one of the best moving companies in New York, we won’t be caught dead saying that New York is anything else than the greatest city in the world. Because it is. Without a doubt. With that being said, there are a few things that you need to have in mind. No city is perfect. New York is a city filled with sharks, hustlers, and people not afraid to go after their goals. People like that won’t stop at anything to get what they want. That might come as a surprise to you, especially if you are moving from a small town to NYC.  They might seem aggressive, pushy, rude, obnoxious or downright scary. They will for sure be too much. But, dealing with people like that is going to be a very valuable life lesson.

Head to NYC to launch your career. NYC beautiful landscape
Best way to face your fear is to tackle it head-on. And there is no better place than the Big Apple!

This is why NYC is a great city to be living in your 20s – it gives you a lot of opportunities as well as chances to develop yourself when faced with never before seen challenges. The bigger the jungle, the scarier what lies within, which makes NYC the scariest place there is. And the best place to get rid of those training wheels. So, pack your suitcase, leave your fears behind, and put your heels on the concrete jungle. You will like the way it makes you feel.

4. You should move to New York in your 20s so you can become more independent, in every way possible

Not all aspects of independence come at the same time. If you get a job you are financially independent, but emotionally you might still not be able to stand on your two feet. One does not always come with the other. But, if you move to the Big Apple, you will throw yourself under the bus. And you will live to tell the tale. Your career, finances, social life, love life… Everything you are used to will be gone and new experiences and stories will fill your day. You won’t even notice and you will become more of everything. The only thing you will have less is sleep. But, you are in your 20s, so enjoy it!

Don’t let the fear stop you, for every obstacle, there is a way of overcoming it. On our blog, you can find a lot of useful advice, such as how to move to NYC on a tight budget, or how to move to NYC without a job. We offer all sorts of advice on all aspects of relocation, so don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for an estimate.

NYC at night. Reason why everyone in their twenties should move to the Big Apple
There is no place like New York and twenties are the best time to explore that!

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