Moving to a new city without a job

Moving to a new city without a job


If you are wondering if you can move house to another city without having a job, the answer is – yes! People typically look for a job before they move to another city, but it can be done the other way around. It’s just that you need a proper strategy and thorough preparation. Also, bare in mind that you will need to have enough funds to finance moving expenses and to get by at your new destination. If you have that aspect covered, don’t let the fear of the unknown hold you back and prevent you from pursuing your happiness and success.

– Know exactly what you can expect on the real estate and job market in the new city.
Will it be easy for you to find any suitable job? Do you have realistic expectations about your future residence? Which neighborhood in particular are you interested in? The more information you have about your prospective home, the better you will be prepared for any difficulty that may come your way.

Do your research in advance and hire a real-estate agent to help you find the most suitable home within the right price range. If you are moving long-distance, probably you won’t be able to visit the neighborhood prior to the move. In case you have some friends or relatives in the area, have them help you find an appropriate home. Hunting for a job and for a home at the same time can be a daunting task, so make the most of all available resources.

– Establish your budget.
Does your budget allow you to live on while looking for the job in the new city?
Take into account all moving and rental expenses:

  • moving company fees
  • additional charges for handling bulky items and long carry fees
  • packing supplies and moving truck expenses in case of DIY moving
  • possible overnight stay if you are moving long-distance and other travel expenses
  • moving insurance
  • security deposit or down payment
  • real estate agent fees
  • potential repair works
  • storage expenses
  • day-to-day personal expenses

– Home hunting process without an employment requires some additional steps, since landlords usually don’t appreciate renting a property to unreliable and financially unstable tenants. In order to perform further checks, your future landlord may request the following:

  • reference and recommendations from the previous landlords along with their contact details.
  • bank statements proving that you have enough funds to pay the next couple of rents.
  • past and present employment contact details.
  • a guarantor who can vouch for the tenant and pay the rent in case the tenant fails to carry out his obligations.

– Have a back-up plan ready.
If you don’t have enough savings or a good credit, it might be really difficult for you to rent a house or apartment. Therefore, you should consider renting a home in a new city while you are still employed in the old one. If this is not an option, try to make finding a job your top priority. Alternatively, as a single person you can rent just a room instead of the entire apartment or stay at your friend’s house until you get back on your feet. If you are lucky enough to find a job before you move to another city, you can negotiate with your employer and ask him to cover your moving expenses or just one part of them. Also, if job hunting doesn’t go as planned, you may be forced to accept any kind of employment that comes your way.

– Make connections before you move to another city so that you have someone to turn to once you arrive. Making new friends is a gradual process but it is highly recommended to start networking in advance.

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