How to Move a Mattress: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Move a Mattress: A Step-By-Step Guide

Moving a mattress isn’t complicated with the right organizational and planning skills. It would help if you were prepared with the proper plan alongside custom timing. Mattresses are specially designed to provide you comfort and can vary in size and texture. Since these objects significantly influence your day and overall life quality, mattresses should be evaluated once in a couple of years (4-6). If it’s time to move and you are already preoccupied with packing up various household objects, consider moving your mattress as well as long as you follow the following instructions. However, if you don’t think you can move a mattress properly by yourself, don’t hesitate to hire a reliable NYC moving company to move the mattress for you.

1. Evaluation

It is essential to conduct a pre-move evaluation to conclude whether moving your mattress is a good and economical idea before you start cleaning, packing, and wrapping the mattress; it’s essential to consider its age. If you by any chance conclude you need a new mattress, moving is an excellent opportunity to purchase one and get rid of the old one.
However, if your mattress is in a good state, moving it isn’t that hard.

2. The Size

Naturally, you might think larger mattresses are quite harder to move; however, this is not a universal case. For instance, split king-size mattresses are enormous but splittable into two parts, making them way easier to pack. Unsplittable and wide mattresses are hard to move because of narrow doorways, corners, etc. The best advice we can offer when it comes to the size of the mattress is to measure it before any moving attempts. Also, don’t forget all the measurable factors when preparing for the move, do not leave anything unattended. Making a mistake in even one inch can result in a lot of struggle.

A Big Mattress In An Empty Room
The size of a mattress will determine the mattress moving strategy

3. Transport

Knowing the size of the mattress is crucial and needed before opting out for the right vehicle that can hold the mattress flat. It s important to remember that non-splittable mattresses can only be held by right-sized moving trucks (while splittable are way easier to transport by car)—the most recommended vehicle for moving your mattress is the right kind of moving truck. Pay attention that nothing heavy is placed on top of your mattress. The following vehicle suitable for transporting the objects, as mentioned earlier, is a van as long as you remove or fold down the seats properly while sliding the mattress in. User reviews state that you can fit almost all double, twin, and king-sized beds with the proper preparation method. The downside of this option is that the mattress will probably be exposed.

The least recommended method for those that can fit the mattress in any owned vehicle is to put and secure it on top of the car. There s a lot of things that can go wrong here, including damage to the mattress, injury off your vehicle, damage to another car, and even causing an accident, meaning that the process is quite possible but too risky.

4. The Right Equipment

Moving your mattress will require proper moving equipment you need to obtain, including:

Mattress cover (possibly waterproof if possible)
Rope or more secure straps
A screwdriver
Medium-sized bags (sandwich bags will do the trick)
Blankets that you’ll use for the move

A Mattress In The Mattress Cover
Be sure to protect a mattress with a mattress cover

5. Moving A Mattress

If you already purchased the proper moving equipment, the next thing is to actually move the mattress, which should be a breeze if you grasp the following instructions:

Put your mattress in the mattress cover you purchased earlier.
• Clear out the path you plan walking through any obstacles (furniture, open all the doors, and clear out space in the moving vehicle).
• Carry the mattress out in the vehicle with the help of a friend, family member, or hire a professional to do it for you.
• Secure the mattress with ropes ( it would be best to use more secure straps).

6. Unpacking the Mattress

Now that you moved your mattress, the next thing is unpacking it properly. Unload the mattress and remove the straps from the object. Remove the mattress cover and air the mattress out. We also recommend disinfecting the mattress and vacuuming it thoroughly since this is a perfect time to do it since it certainly collected a decent amount of dust you do not want to sleep on. User reviews state that it would be best to spray some soda on the mattress before vacuuming it if you don’t own a steam cleaner. Also, spray the mattress with some disinfectant you own in your household and air it out for an hour or two. If possible, leave your mattress outside for a night when you arrive before applying any mentioned cleaning and disinfection measures.

7. Ask Family and Friends for Help

Now we all know that mattresses are very heavy and bulky for you to move by yourself, meaning they are very inconvenient to handle. It would be best to ask strong family members or friends to help. You can even throw a moving away party this way. Also, don’t forget to organize the whole process in a timely manner and offer your helpers some fresh drinks before you start. Just make sure you don’t start the whole thing tired and worn out since this mistake can result in injuries, breakage, and various unwanted complications.

A Moving Van
Professionals have the best resources to move your bulky mattresses

Hire Professional Services

Packing up the mattress might seem like a complicated issue. If you follow our guide, it shouldn’t be hard for you to do it by yourself. However, transporting mattresses, especially big ones, isn’t something you want to experiment with. If you aren`t sure you and your friends can do it properly, consider hiring a professional moving company to help. Keep in mind that various shady companies out there might not do what you paid them to do. Therefore, make sure to explore all of the available options and pick certified packing and moving services with a reputable customer support service, reasonable prices, and good work ethics.

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