Moving a king-size bed - a quick tutorial

Moving a king-size bed - a quick tutorial

Buying a king-size bed sounds excellent when you think about it! It will undoubtedly give a luxurious vibe to your bedroom as well as help you have the sweetest dreams ever! And it truly is all fun and games until the day comes when you have to move that massive piece of furniture. Sooner or later, that day awaits us all. Moving a king-size bed can indeed be nothing short of a nightmare. You’ll have to stock up on moving supplies NYC, read dozens of manuals, lift and carry until you can take no more. Or you can just read our quick tutorial and get some constructive tips. The choice is all yours!

Can you take on a task such as moving a king-size bed by yourself?

A close up of a king-size bed.
Don’t try to put on a brave face and move a king-size bed all by yourself!

People usually don’t give this task the credit it deserves. Make no mistake – moving a massive bed will be a big challenge. Perhaps, it’s a challenge that will turn out to be too big for you. That’s why you’ll always hear the famous advice that all massive objects are better left to professionals during the move. After all, Upper East Side movers did spend years perfecting their techniques for moving pianos, pool tables, and king-size beds.

Should you decide that you are ready for this challenge, make sure you don’t do it alone. Even if you spend all of your free time in the gym, these beds are such that carrying them by yourself will be mission impossible. So, call up the troops and let your friends help you carry the burden.

Before you start packing, think whether your mattress is worth the bother

The golden rule of moving states that if transporting an object will cost more than replacing it, you should leave it behind. Now, even if this isn’t the case with your mattress during your relocation, you need to have the future in mind. For example, it’s not recommendable to transport your mattress if you have had it for over seven years. Also, if you wake up in aches and pains, it’s high time you invested in a more quality mattress. The importance of quality sleep cannot be undermined, as well as the overall benefits it has for our health. So, if it’s making you sore and stiff, leave it behind and spare yourself the trouble of moving it.

Start packing your king-size bed by removing the mattress

Moving a king-size bed.
A good mattress can cost a lot of money, which is why you need to protect it during a move.

That is the first step that will make the entire endeavor a much easier process. When we here at Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC are moving a king-size bed, we always start by removing the mattress. Luckily, an average American door is usually able to fit a king-size mattress, and there needn’t be any pushing and twisting.

Before removing the mattress, you should go out and buy a specialized mattress box that works for the dimensions of your mattress. These boxes allow the best protection for your item and they ensure they arrive at the new destination unscathed and unharmed. And even though mattresses look massive, they don’t take up that much space inside the moving truck. They are usually placed standing up when inside the moving truck.

The next step is disassembling the bed frame

A hotel room.
Different beds will have different frames. Some won’t need any disassembly at all!

Let us put it this way – moving the bed frame without disassembling it is something similar to pulling off an overnight move. It’s not impossible, but it’s certainly never easy. That’s why we always advise everyone to disassemble the bed frames. This way, the frame will be easier to carry, get through the door, and load into the moving truck. It’s a win-win situation in everyone’s book.

First of all, we hope you kept the assembly manual, as it has all the guidelines you’ll need. Just follow the process in reverse. If you haven’t kept the manual, you should be able to find it online on the manufacturer’s website. With some essential tools, disassembling the bed frame shouldn’t be too hard of a task. And if your bed has a storage chest, make sure you empty all the drawers and remove them.

Proceed to wrap every part when moving a king-size bed

The process of disassembling a king-size bed for moving sure seems simple enough. You simply remove the mattress and any drawers it may have, dismantle the bed frame and call it a day, right? Wrong! Now comes arguably the most critical part – wrapping every detached piece into protective packaging materials. If that’s the way the most reputable local NYC movers do it, there is no reason why you shouldn’t do it, as well.

Since we don’t know the type and design of your king-size bed, we can’t give you a precise answer as to which part to wrap in which material. But we will say the more, the better! You especially need to be careful if storing your bed for a certain period of time. Wood is simply a susceptible material, although it doesn’t seem like it. If exposed to direct sunlight for a more extended period of time, it will start to fade. Packing paper, air bubble foil, and even old linen – it can all be put to good use!

Hopefully, you were able to understand how to approach the task of moving a king-size bed. If you somehow got an idea that this will be a simple process because we made it seem like it, don’t let yourself be tricked. You are bound to experience a lot of frustration as soon as you embark on this journey. But at the end of it, it will be worth it!

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