How to Use Furniture Sliders When Moving

How to Use Furniture Sliders When Moving

Moving is very complicated and requires the majority of your time, lots of energy, and inevitably money. It consists of packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking. Professional moving services will take care of the whole thing for you, which is the best part regarding hiring a specialized moving company. However, some prefer to move by themselves, especially if they have prior experience on the subject. Furniture is one of the most challenging items for moving since furniture is often very big and bulky, resulting in various injuries and damage to the actual piece. Besides moving appliances, some tools will help you take care of the whole thing by yourself, mainly when it comes to transportation. One of those tools are furniture sliders, and if you are wondering how to use furniture sliders when moving, we got you covered.

What are Furniture Sliders?

Furniture Sliders
Buy furniture sliders at local stores or order them online

What is the purpose of furniture sliders? If you haven’t heard about furniture sliders, also known as gliders, here s the most simple explanation: they are little plastic, rubber, or felt pieces that slide under or stick onto the edges of the furniture. They protect the edges of your furniture, help you transport the furniture pieces easier, and save the floor from scratches and damage.

Furthermore, furniture gliders come in different shapes: rectangular, square, round, hexagonal, and sizes: large or small.

To understand how to use furniture sliders for moving, it’s essential to understand every type and choose the right one according to the kind of furniture you’ll be moving.

You can choose between two types: plastic or felt.

Plastic Furniture Sliders

Plastic furniture sliders represent sliding disks made out of durable and hard materials( mainly plastic, but in some cases rubber). They are designed to glide weighty furniture on soft carpets, resulting in undamaged floors.

Felt Furniture Sliders

These gliders are made out of soft spongy material or felt pads and are specially designed for gliding heavy furniture on hard floors without causing any damage to floors or the furniture you plan on transporting.

Felt furniture sliders can be used on ceramic tiles, hardwood floors, laminate, linoleum, vinyl, and cement floors.

Advantages of Using Furniture Sliders

Furniture sliders are a great help for DIY moves


  • Protection: Using furniture sliders protects your floors, belongings, yourself, and furniture from any possible damage.
  • Effortless: Using furniture sliders will make the whole move effortless as all you need to do is slide your furniture across the house. It’s essential to save up your energy since you’ll need it for the rest of the move.
  • Universality: Furniture sliders come in all sizes and variants, meaning they can be easily used for different heavy household appliances. You can even use them a couple of times.
  • Affordable: Furniture sliders are very cheap, meaning that affordability is another advantage of using them.

How to Use Furniture Sliders?

We’ll thoroughly explain how to use furniture sliders in the following text. Try to follow them all to ensure a safe moving process:


First of all, a bit of preparation before heavy lifting will help you avoid injuries when moving. It’s important to gather helpers, especially when packing and moving heavy and bulky household items such as furniture. If you have trouble gathering a crew, ask family and friends, or even colleagues from work to help. Additionally, if you still can’t find the right people, consider hiring short distance movers NYC to take care of the whole thing for you.

Also, disassemble the furniture piece since the object itself will be way lighter and easier to move. For example, if you want to move a fridge, you’ll need to empty it first. Also, knowing how to disassemble furniture properly is vital. Of course, don’t forget to remove all items, from closets for example, before you start disassembling.

Furniture Sliders

The next step is to get the sliders ready and make sure you have the correct number of furniture sliders (you’ll need one furniture slider for each leg and side). Double-check if you’ve obtained the correct type of sliders. If you’re wondering what kind of sliders you’ll need, we’ve covered that part in the first paragraph.


Now it’s time to put the sliders under the furniture. Tilt the furniture slightly backward or forward until one leg comes off the ground, and then place the slider underneath. Repeat until you place the sliders underneath every leg. Using the described technique, make sure you put the slider underneath every leg, side, or edge of the object you plan on moving. Now is the time to start moving, meaning that you should start pushing the bulky item in the direction you want it to go to, which is usually the doorway. We advise doing it slowly and gently and avoiding making abrupt movements. If everything is in order, you’ll be able to slide even the heaviest objects with ease. Avoid pulling – the only thing you need to do is push.

Movers Are Carrying Furniture And Other Items Through An Apartment
Of course, hiring professionals is the best way to avoid dealing with heavy furniture yourself


When you’re done gliding all the pieces you want to move, the next step is to remove the gliders, one by one, by doing the same technique you used to put the gliders on the furniture pieces (by tilting the objects).


Save the gliders for your next move to move other pieces of furniture or appliances, and store them in a known place just to ensure they don’t get lost. You can purchase gliders at your local supply store, bigger shopping malls, and even online. The only thing you need to be careful about is that you’re purchasing the correct kind of sliders. If you need gliders urgently, there are a bunch of DIY guides on how to make them yourself from cardboard and similar materials. However, we recommend buying the real deal.

Hiring a Professional Moving Service

Moving by yourself is possible but also risky. If you have no prior experience on the subject, we highly recommend hiring a professional moving company for your move. We advise hiring only a reliable moving company with great customer reviews to help you with organizing a stress-free moving day. Feel free to contact Dumbo Movers for any help with your upcoming move and get free moving quotes.

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