How to Pack Hangers and Hanging Clothes for Moving

How to Pack Hangers and Hanging Clothes for Moving

Preparing for moving isn’t just about packing and relocating furniture, electronics, and glassware. In addition, you mustn’t forget to take care of your wardrobe, clothes, hangers, etc. Although this category might not seem complicated to handle, following some universal advice will undoubtedly ease the move. Proper organization, planning, and hiring a reliable moving service are the most crucial part of the process. If you need help to pack hangers and hanging clothes for moving, please check out the following text.

Wardrobe Box
Wardrobe boxes are practical for your hanging clothes

1. Set Goals

Setting goals before the actual moving process starts mainly consist out of:

Make sure to ensure maximum safety of the objects you plan on packing, especially if you need to pack oddly shaped items or items of unusual dimensions and size.

Packing clothes and hangers should be done most effectively, saving up as much space as you can while doing the whole thing quickly.

2. Sorting

Before you start packing, try to go thru all of your clothes and look thru what you don’t plan on wearing that much.

We recommend separating the clothes into three piles: the items you plan on keeping, selling, and donating or throwing away.

Before you move, donate the clothes you don’t plan on wearing anymore is a great way to help the community by visiting and supporting charities, churches, and unprofitable organizations.

Selling primarily refers to new and modern clothes you for some reason can’t or won’t wear. You can sell them online on various platforms or visit numerous thrift stores in your neighborhood that might purchase them.

When it comes to unique items that are not wearable but represent something sentimental, there are two options: pack them first or put them in storage.

Now that it’s decided what stays, we can carry on with the packing guide.

Box for hanging clothes
Sort your clothes carefully using the appropriate packaging

3. Preparation

Preparation is crucial for any kind of packing; this goes for packing hangers and hanging clothes too. Wash all of the clothes before packing and decide what the desired order is. Pack the items you wear the least at the beginning of the process.

Also, pack clothes of similar material together to prevent damage and confusion. A few criteriums can help you pack, including fabric, seasonal clothing, and type.

4. Packing Hangers

Packing hangers for moving will indeed represent quite a challenge because of their unique dimensions and site. Plus, they are known to cause a lot of trouble in transportation. So, before you decide to pack the hangers, think thru is it worth the risk. If the hangers you own are damaged or old, we recommend simply throwing them away. However, if that’s not the case and you decide to pack them, take a closer look and sort them out.

green plastic bins
Plastic bins are sturdy and will protect your clothes

Keep only quality hangers made out of wood or metal we like to call the fancier kind.

Now, packing hangers should be done in the following steps:

• Try to stack a couple (6-10)of hangers of the same (or similar) size and material and keep them together.  While stacking them together, make sure they are all facing the same direction.

• Stabilize them with a rubber band in a way that not one of them moves.

• If you don’t own or don’t want to use a rubber band, you can try fixating them with all sorts of ties ( zip ties, cable ties, stretch wrap). In other words, anything you can find will do the trick. Finally, wrap them all in some kind of sheet to ensure maximum protection and put the bundles of hangers in a medium box owning enough space for them not to move around inside.

The same process goes for any container you plan on using. It doesn’t matter if it is cardboard boxes and bins or plastic containers. Regardless of what type of moving boxes you use, stick to this idea.

5. Packing Hanging Clothes ( Wardrobe Boxes)

Now, when you sorted out and packed everything else, the next thing is to take care of hanging clothes.

The most recommended way to pack hanging clothes is to use wardrobe boxes. These specialized wardrobe boxes are the safest option when it comes to preventing dirt, dust, and any kind of damage. Wardrobe boxes are an imitation of an actual wardrobe any they hold hanging bars and drawers, allowing you to move everything in a breeze.

Dos and Don’ts:

  • Assembling a wardrobe is pretty easy if you follow the instructions.
  • Don’t forget to label every wardrobe box, especially if you have several.
  • Do not hang empty hangers in wardrobe boxes; it’s a complete waste of space.
  • Avoid hanging heavy items.
  • Cover all the edges with tape to avoid any possible injuries while moving.

Wardrobe boxes are an excellent solution because of their convenience. However, they are quite expensive, especially if you need to purchase several; therefore, we don’t recommend using them if you are on a tighter budget.

6. Packing Hanging Clothes (Trash bags)

For those that are on a tight budget, we know you want to use the cheapest option. So, try using trash bags.

Packing hanging clothes in trash bags is a cheap and effective method while it will mostly take ten minutes of your time. Make a pretty small hole in the middle of the bottom of the bag.

Bind a twist tie around a couple of hangers that hold similar types of clothes. Drag the trash bag down, ensuring that the hooks get thru the hole you made. The trash bag should cover the clothes by the whole length. Secure the clothes by pulling a drawstring at the bottom.

Packing Supplies
Plastic bubble wrap is perfect for protecting your clothes

7. Packing Hanging Clothes (Plastic Wrap)

According to the user reviews, the next most recommended method for packing hanging clothes is plastic wrap. Why? Well, plastic wrap can hold any amount of clothing in comparison to trash bags while being relatively cheap. Furthermore, the entire process is quite simple and consists out of two steps: wrap the plastic around the clothes and remember to tie the hangers with any kind of tie (although, try to use a zip tie or rubber tie).

You should only do the whole thing with caution since plastic bags and trash bags can melt under great temperatures.

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