NYC moving tips - How to pack clothes for moving?

NYC moving tips - How to pack clothes for moving?

Without a doubt, there is a good reason why packing is usually considered the most arduous and time-consuming moving task. Staying organized throughout the packing process may ensure a successful outcome of the moving project. As it turns out, a single packing mistake can cause a lot of costly inconveniences, so it’s highly advisable that you approach this task with utmost care and caution. Luckily, not all packing tasks are daunting and nerve-wracking. Some areas are typically easier to pack than others, so if you want to pack clothes for moving by yourself, it will most definitely feel like a breath of fresh air.

clothes in a suitcase
Pack clothes for moving strategically

Even if you have no experience of moving house, you’ve probably packed your travel suitcase before. After all, what could be so difficult about packing clothes, you may think.
Unless you hire full-service movers, you will have to tackle all moving-associated activities by yourself. Although it may seem pretty straightforward, once you get down to moving your wardrobe you may realize that there is more to packing clothes than simply stuffing them into random bags and moving boxes.

**Take some time to get organized and come up with an efficient approach. Moving everything you own is not an option, especially if you are downsizing.
**Moving provides you with a great opportunity to introduce some major changes. Women are especially concerned about their clothes and most of them don’t realize how many clothes they actually own until they start packing for a move. Hopefully, our suggestions will help you plan your hassle-free packing strategy.

How to prepare your clothes for the big move

Staying in front of your closet trying to figure out how to pack clothes for moving can be really annoying. Although you have had several brilliant closet organization ideas in the past, there will come a day when you will look at it and wonder how it ended up so messy. While packing clothes doesn’t seem like a difficult task, you shouldn’t underestimate it either. By sticking to the following suggestions you will make sure nothing goes wrong when you pack clothes for moving.

Decide what to move and what to let go of

clothes on the stool
Be ruthless while decluttering so as to pack clothes for moving effortlessly

When sorting through your clothes chances are you will rediscover some garments that you completely forgot you owned. And who would blame you? With so tightly packed closets and drawers, it’s difficult to keep track of your items. If you are like most people, you will end up hoarding clothes you haven’t been wearing for a long time.

Deciding what to keep and what to toss is probably the biggest challenge you will face when about to pack clothes for moving.
There are certainly a lot of old, torn and worn-out clothes you haven’t been using for ages. What are the odds of wearing them again when you move to a new place? Moving is, actually an opportunity to clear out all unwanted and unused clothes. So, go through your clothes carefully and get rid of all unwearable clothes, and set aside garments in good condition that you just don’t like anymore. Thankfully, all those unnecessary items could be put to better use.

There is no point in keeping, packing, and moving clothes you won’t be wearing in the future. By purging your closet you will set yourself up for a smooth move and a clean slate. Now is the perfect time to assess your possessions and leave behind items you no longer need.

Make decluttering a family event

Getting your kids involved in the packing process can make a difference in your moving-related activities. Each family member should be in charge of his/her own belongings. That way you will spend less time cleaning and decluttering and keep your little ones busy while preparing for the move. Assign age-appropriate packing tasks to your children. Even if your little ones are not able to pack their clothes, at least they can take care of their toys and accessories.

Group and prepare clothes for packing

white clothes
Wash your clothes before you start packing

It’s no secret that if you know how to correctly pack clothes for moving, you’ll avoid inconveniences later on. First and foremost, wash all your clothes before you start packing. Once your clothing is neat and tidy, you can start packing off-season garments first. If you plan on leaving them stored for a while, make sure to protect them properly from moisture and pests.

The next step would be to sort and group your clothes into different categories according to material, type, purpose, and season. Needless to say, the way you pack your clothes for moving will largely determine the speed of unpacking.
While unpacking, it will occur to you that grouping clothes logically was actually a great idea. A proper organization and packing strategy will allow you to unpack gradually, without making a mess.

Stock up on the right supplies so as to safely pack clothes for moving

Having pared down your belongings, it will become clear to you how much stuff you own. As a result, you can figure out the amount and type of packing supplies needed for a smooth moving process. People mostly use cardboard boxes for packing sturdier clothes. However, suitcases are very convenient for some delicate materials. There is no point in transporting them empty, so pack them first.
Furthermore, there is a way to transport your delicate dresses without folding them. As it turns out, a wardrobe box is a very handy supply, which you can get from your movers Williamsburg NYC. Provided that you have enough time, you can also make your own boxes by inserting a metal bar at the top of the tall boxes, where you can hang the clothes. The procedure is very simple – you just have to move your hanging clothes from the closet directly to the wardrobe boxes.
Another great solution is vacuum seal bags which hold a considerable amount of clothing and save a lot of space in the moving truck. Also, when it comes to packing, make sure not to overload the boxes. Boxes filled beyond capacity may become too heavy to carry. However, your local movers would be very grateful if you pack a few small boxes instead of over-stuffing one large box. Seal the boxes with packing tape and don’t forget to label them properly. Also, use tissues and packing paper in order to protect your items and keep them clean and fresh.

How to pack shoes when moving

shoes on the doormat
Clean and dry your footwear prior to moving day

Whether you are moving to another state or just down the street, you are about to face a huge logistical nightmare. Although you won’t be thrilled about packing up the contents of your entire life, the truth is that certain items require a great deal of your attention and dedication.

If you are like most women, you won’t be ready to part with any of your shoes. Even if you decide to hire some of the best movers NYC, certain choices are still up to you. So, as soon as you decide what footwear to move and what to toss, it will be easier to figure out an appropriate packing strategy.

It goes without saying that your shoes should be packed separately from the clothes. Use original shoe boxes if you still have them. You don’t want your clothes to get dirty by mixing them with your shoes. Before packing your shoes, you should clean and dry them well. It is recommended that you wrap shoes in pairs for easier unpacking.

Bonus tip

Also, make sure to stuff your shoes with crumpled packing paper in order to maintain their original form. Pack them by season – if you are moving during the summertime, pack the winter shoes first. Furthermore, resist the urge to use plastic bags for packing, as they can easily tear during the move and don’t provide adequate protection.

Taking the time to properly pack your clothes for moving is always a smart choice. There is no doubt that packing is the most laborious task, so you may want to start well in advance in order to ensure a smooth moving day.

Pack an essential moving box with clothes

Packing an essentials box is an excellent way that enables you to function perfectly for the first 24 hours of your relocation. This box or a bag contains all the necessary items you will need during this period. It includes phone chargers, important documents, toiletries, and clothes among other items.

Pack clean clothes that you will be able to use during relocation, and also after relocation. This is really convenient especially if you have kids, as you may need to change their clothes several times during and after relocation. Instead of rummaging through piles of moving boxes searching for pajamas or a tracksuit, they will be right in the essential moving box.

Use the right-sized moving boxes

Moving Boxes Of Different Sizes
Differently-sized moving boxes will provide more options when it comes to packing

Moving boxes are one of the best ways to transport clothes. The goal is to use the correct size of the moving box so that you transport the right amount of items without damaging either clothes or the moving box. If you place too many clothes inside a moving box, you risk the clothes getting wrinkled, or torn apart. On the other hand, too many clothes can cause the box to break if not properly sealed and if it is not sturdy.

Ideally, use a medium-sized moving box for your clothes, and do not place clothes up to the very top. Leave a few inches empty, to get the best results.

After the relocation

Once you arrive at your new home, unpack your clothes among the first items that you will unpack. Gently take the clothes out of moving boxes and place them in the wardrobe. Since you have washed the clothes before relocation, you will be able to start wearing the clothes that you like immediately. If some items got wrinkled during the relocation, set them aside for ironing.

Planning a move?

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