How To Pack And Move Furniture?

How To Pack And Move Furniture?

Moving furniture demands great exertion especially if you are moving by yourself. How to pack and move furniture is probably one of the first thoughts that will cross your mind when you decide to move.

A logical solution to this issue would be to hire professional moving company to assist you with the move. But, if you are moving on a tight budget, asking some friends to help you will be just fine. It’s important to use proper strategy and technique in order to keep your house and yourself from harm.


Moving heavy furniture safely

  • Measure each item and check if everything fits through the door. Figure out the safest way to carry the furniture to the moving vehicle without damaging the furniture itself, walls, or doorways. Measure the width, depth, and height of the furniture as well as the dimensions of the doorways, hallways and the narrowest parts of the home where the sofa will pass.
  • Gather necessary moving and packing supplies: bubble wrap, tape, plastic wrap, corrugated cardboard, moving blankets, furniture pads, strong ropes, dolly, furniture sliders, steel lifters,…
  • Disassemble furniture and make it easier to move. Knowing how to disassemble furniture properly is crucial here. Remove any attached or loose parts of the furniture – cushions, pillows, pulls, casters, bed frames… wrap and pack them separately and move them into the moving truck. Dismantle the furniture according to the instructions in its manual. While disassembling the furniture take several photos of each step so that you will know how to reassemble it again at your new place. Prepare your furniture for move in advance, before the moving day if possible.
  • Remove everything from your furniture, empty drawers, and cabinets in order to make the furniture pieces lighter. Pack all the contents in the moving boxes and label them properly. Germs, dust, and bacteria don’t really need to be moved, so make sure to clean the empty furniture carefully.
  • Protect the furniture properly. Since most of the furniture pieces are too large to be moved in a cardboard box, make sure to provide extra protection by wrapping it in protective moving material. Use bubble wrap to protect some of the most delicate parts and then wrap the furniture in padding.
  • Protect your floors as well using moving pads or any other material to cover the floors, like plywood sheets or carpet film protectors. Also, don’t forget to protect door frames and corners. Keep your property in a good condition by applying some of the most important moving techniques.
  • Take care of yourself. A proper lifting strategy will save you from injuries. And remember, use your legs, not your back to lift heavy furniture!
Friends Are Moving A Piece Of Heavy Furniture

How to move a sofa through a doorway

If you are unsure whether your sofa will fit through the doorway, measure its height, width and length.

  • If possible, remove loose parts – cushions and pillows in order to make the sofa lighter and easier to carry.
  • Measure the doorway, hallway, staircases, and elevators,…
  • Use a screwdriver to take the legs off in order to gain extra space. Arms are often removable, but the procedure is a bit more complicated.
  • Put some protective material on the floor – corrugated cardboard or blankets.
  • If you are moving on your own, make sure to have enough helpers.
  • In case your moving techniques won’t work and your sofa won’t fit through the door, call professionals. They are more experienced with heavy lifting and moving bulky items, so you can rest assured that your furniture will reach your new place safe and sound. Not only will they transport your heavy furniture, but they will also dismantle and pack each piece properly so as to prevent any damage.
  • Purchase a suitable type of moving insurance in order to cover your items in case of damage or losses. Reasons to get moving company insurance are always for your benefit, so make sure you don’t skip this part.

Decide which pieces of furniture you want to relocate

Before you begin to pack and move furniture, decide whether they are worth moving in the first place. If you have an old, and uncomfortable couch, ask yourself whether it is worth all the trouble of relocation. Unless it is a perfect match to the style of your new home, maybe it is better to leave some items at home. You can always sell, donate, or gift any furniture that you don`t want.

The heavier and bulkier your furniture is, the higher the relocation cost is going to be. Calculate what it would cost you to buy a new piece of furniture, and the price of relocating it. If these two prices are similar, then it is best to order a new piece of furniture, instead of relocating the old ones.

A Woman Is Wrapping A Sofa For Moving

Store your furniture if you are uncertain what to do with it

Life is not always simple, and there are times when we need to postpone making a final decision. If you don`t have the right answer when the question is whether to relocate or sell your furniture, you can always store it. Pack it as if you were relocating it, and ask your NYC moving and storage company to store it until you decide what to do with it.

Take measures of your new home as well

It is really important that you are able to get the furniture into your new home and place it just the way you imagined it. Hence, you should measure the walls, doorsteps, staircase width, as well as furniture to see whether it will fit before you relocate it.

Dress properly

When you have to pack and move furniture, it involves a lot of work. There is plenty of work, disassembling, packing, storing, transporting, and then unpacking, and assembling furniture requires you to be on top of your game. Wear comfortable clothes, preferably a tracksuit, and wear sneakers or any other comfortable shoes you have. Good luck!

Planning a move?

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