How to Pack an Office Chair for Moving

How to Pack an Office Chair for Moving

Working at home has plenty of benefits. You can get a super comfortable office chair and focus on what you have to do, without your back aching. An office chair is an invaluable addition to your home office or even use just for fun and personal affairs. When you decide to move, it is only natural that you want to relocate your comfortable office chair with you, so that you can continue to enjoy its benefits. This is exactly why we have created this useful guide to help your pack an office chair for moving like a pro.

An Office Armchair

Get the necessary packing and moving supplies

The first step requires you to prepare everything to be able to pack an office chair for moving. If you wonder how to have a successful relocation, the preparation stage is the key. You can go to the improvement store, or DIY store and get all that you need. There are two ways in which you can pack an office chair, without disassembling it or disassembling it first.

  • Moving blanket – Ensuring the best protection for your office chairs is the reason why you should use moving blankets in the first place. Get the largest moving blanket you can find. You can also rent a moving blanket from the moving company if you want.
  • Packing tape – You will need high-quality packing tape to secure everything is in place during packing.
  • Moving boxes NYC – If you decide to disassemble the office chair, you will be able to pack the pieces into the moving boxes.
  • Bubble wrap – You will need bubble wrap to secure the armrests and other pieces of office chair during relocation.

Pack an office chair for moving in a few easy steps

If you don`t plan on disassembling your office chair, you will just need a moving blanket, bubble wrap, and packing tape. While this is an easier way of packing bulky items for moving, it implies that you have enough space in your moving truck for the office chair to fit in.

Adjust the chair before you pack it

Most office chairs have adjustable armrests and backrests, as well as seats. Make sure that you adjust them to the lowest level so that the office chair is not larger than it should be.

Wrap the chair in bubble wrap

Next, you should wrap all the parts of the office chair except the seat, headrest, and backrest. So, the armrest, star-base, and all the connecting parts of the chair should be wrapped in bubble wrap. Secure the bubble wrap with packing tape.

A Bubble Wrap Roll And A Packing Tape

Wrap the chair into the moving blanket

Now your office chair is ready for the next part of the packing process. Spread the moving blanket on the floor. Then place the chair on the floor with the backrest facing toward the floor. You should not place the chair in the middle of the moving blanket. Rather, the top of the chair should be at one end of the moving blanket.

Then, you need to take one top corner of the moving blanket and cover the chair with it. Do the same with the other top corner of the blanket. These corners should overlap and cover the chair. If they do not overlap, then the moving blanket you are using is too small. You need a bigger moving blanket which will cover the office chair for moving.

Do the same thing with the bottom corners

The same should be done with the bottom corners. Take one bottom corner and cover the star-base with it, and take another bottom corner to overlap the first part. Your office chair will be tucked in the moving blanket in less than a few minutes.

Use the packing tape to secure that the moving blanket will not move during the relocation.

Place the office chair into the moving truck

With all steps from above completed, your office chair is ready for relocation. Make sure to place it between sturdy items that won`t let the chair roll around if it has wheels. This process does not take up much time, and as we mentioned, it is great if you have enough space to accommodate a chair office in the moving truck.

Disassemble the office chair for moving

If you choose to go with the disassembling, make sure you know how to disassemble furniture properly. Lift the office chair and place it on a desk. Ideally, you should use the manual that came with the chair or find a manual online. However, if you cannot find it, don`t worry. The process is very intuitive, and we will explain it to you.

An Office Armchair Disassembled

Take a photo of the chair first

Take a photo of the chair so that you know what everything should look like when you start assembling it. It will not take you a long time and it is quite useful.

Check whether there are levers on the chairs

If there are levers, you will be able to take the wheels out of the chair by pulling the lever. Move on to the headrest. You will need to unscrew the bolts if there are any. The armrests may also be simply detached by adjusting the lever, and if not, they may be attached with screws. In this case, unscrew the bolts, as well. The seat and the backrest can be detached in the same way. Wrap all the items into the bubble wrap, and pack them into moving boxes.

Make sure to place all the bolts or any other smaller pieces into a separate plastic bag. Write a label on the bag which says office chair bolts, so that you know what to look for when unpacking.

Hire professional movers

If you don`t have enough time or space to pack an office chair for moving, we suggest researching some of the best NYC moving companies and hiring professional movers. Movers know exactly what to do and how. You will be able to relax, and let the pros do what is needed. Packing an office chair for moving is not complicated, however, it takes time, organization, and focus to do everything right. Plus, in case of an accident, you will be compensated for the damage or loss.

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