How to move your garden

How to move your garden


A household move includes organizing and packing what’s inside and outside your current home. If you have spent years maintaining and cultivating your garden probably you are wondering what will happen with it now that you are moving house. In case you are selling your current property, bare in mind that well-maintained outdoors may add to its value.

Since you have invested so much time and effort, probably you will want to take some of those rare and beautiful plants with you. However, in order to avoid misunderstandings with the prospective buyers make sure they don’t mind it. Also, a couple of factors may affect your decision what exactly to take with you.

– The most important aspect to consider is the season. Late autumn and early spring seem to be the most favorable period of the year. It’s easier to transport plants while they are dormant. Also, you need to examine your new environment so as to make sure that the soil and climatic conditions on your new property are suitable and that your garden can accommodate all the plants and furniture you want to move. Moving during the winter can be really hard on your plants, so make sure your plants are properly protected and kept in a greenhouse or sheltered area.

– Moving to a lot hotter climate could be very stressful for your plants and in those cases the best idea would be to leave the plants behind and let new owners take care of them. Plants are very delicate and complicated to move and bare in mind that some of them may not easily adapt and survive the transportation and new environment.
Since well-maintained outdoors may add to the value of the property, consider leaving most of the plants and taking just cuttings and seeds that you can plan in your new garden.

– Prepare your new garden before the move. Design it before the moving day so that you can get a clear idea of how your new garden will look like.

– Check whether you are allowed to import all types of plants you are planning to move. Also find out if there are any additional taxes you will have to pay according to the local law.

– If you eventually decide to move your plants you should either consider transporting them yourself or hire professional NYC movers that specialize in moving plants.

– In order to arrange your new garden you will need your gardening tools and accessories. Secure them with bubble wrap and lots of packing material so as to ensure safe and smooth transport.

– Your outdoor furniture needs thorough cleaning and drying before being put into the moving truck. Also, dismantle the furniture as much as possible and make sure you will be able to reassemble it once you reach your new place. If necessary note down or take a photo of every step while dismantling the furniture. Also, keep small and tiny items in a plastic sealed bag that will be attached to some bigger item. All cushions and covers should be removed and packed separately or used as a padding material.

– Pay extra attention while packing fragile items. It would be a good idea to decide which items are worth the effort and money required to move them. Remember that sometimes buying a new item is cheaper than transporting the old one across the country.

– Remove clutter from your shed, garage or warehouse. Dispose of all hazardous materials and be informed about the substances and items which are not-allowed in a moving truck.

– Once you reach the new home settle your new plants immediately and water them regularly. If you are moving during the summertime, do not expose your plants to the direct sunlight until they adjust.

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