How to handle an overnight move

How to handle an overnight move

Tale as old as time says that moving preparations are never easy. There are so many challenges and obstacles one needs to overcome. Things become even more difficult if a person faces this situation for the first time. But wait, an even more extreme example of difficult moves is when a person needs to handle an overnight move. Certainly, the best opinion would be to hire last minute movers NYC who have a lot of experience with these kinds of sudden relocations. If you are in this situation as well, don’t panic just yet. We will help you get ready for this by providing you with some useful tips and tricks.

Do not delay work

We know that procrastination is becoming one of the major problems for everyone. And how come it wouldn’t when there are so many things that can easily distract us. Starting with every workload to rich and luring content on our mobile phones and tablets, more and more people fail to respect deadlines. Considering the fact that you are in this situation, it is clear enough that you simply don’t have the luxury to postpone any moving-related tasks. Do it and the completion of all the other tasks will need to shift. So, you can realize that one problem will lead you to another. Ultimately, it will be almost impossible to handle an overnight move successfully.

A white alarm clock.
Be very careful – the clock is ticking!

Work systematically

As we said, when it comes to this kind of relocation there’s no much space for focusing on other activities rather than the one that’s your top priority now. And that’s moving, of course. Saving time and using in the best possible way will be your goal. Therefore, if you are planning to move a wine collection to your new home, you better start sorting and crating them right away.

So, don’t get discouraged with the quantity of work. You’ll see, once you are done with one of them, you will gain the so-much necessary boost of energy that will help you get through the process.

Think in advance to handle an overnight move

As you may have realized so far, you really need to be wise how you spend your time. Now, more than ever before is of utmost importance to have the perfect time management. So, pull out those skills that you have been hiding for so long in the drawer and take control of your relocation. This means you will need to think two or three steps in advance. Think about what you need for completing moving successfully. If you figure that you will need to rent storage, but you’re tight with the budget, then you’ll need to find a way to cut costs on storage.

Plan the budget carefully

The budget is probably one of the most recurring issues. If you share the same problem with so many other people, then you must be clear with the status of the budget. Only like that will you know how much you will be able to pay. But since there’s no way to have an accurate guess regarding the price, a smart thing would be to contact your local movers Brooklyn NY and get that information.

Dollar bills needed to handle an overnight move.
Money can be a big source of trouble for a lot of people.

Get as much information as possible as that will help you prepare better. See if there’s a chance that they offer you some discounts. If not, perhaps they can advise you what would be the most favorable optimal for you.

Be smart when packing

We know you’re limited with time and that you probably struggle to process all the work you have to do, but packing is not the task to take lightly. Hence, make sure you pack everything that you need and make sure you do it the best you can. The better you pack your items the fewer bags and boxes you will need to use. And that means the less money spent. On the other hand, to continue the trend of saving money, there are many different ways and places to find free moving boxes. So use every chance you have and you’ll easier handle the overnight move.

Here’s the list of items not to forget to pack :

  • Important documents (ID, passport, driver’s license, etc.)
  • Bank listings
  • Any valid contracts
  • Electronics and gadgets you’ll be using in the new home
  • First-aid kit
  • Medicines you take regularly
  • Food and accessories for your pet(s)
Dental hygiene kit.
Wherever you go, you’ll need your dental hygiene kit.

Get rid of things you don’t need

This is usually easier to say than do. However, downsizing and sorting of items is absolutely necessary when moving out. You have the right to choose what to do with them. The good news is that options are versatile. You can either sell them and earn some sweet dollars that will make it easier for the budget. Now, this opens new possibilities. For instance, you can try selling them online (there are dozens of websites that offer this kind of service). Then, you can organize a garage or yard sale. If you have one, of course, or if you have someone to lend you theirs.

On the other hand, you can always do a good deed and offer some of your belongings such as pieces of furniture, old, but wearable clothes and such, to someone who needs it better than you do. Ask around in your neighborhood or among some of your friends and family if there’s someone who would find a better purpose for.

Don’t forget to label boxes

Another good tip to handle an overnight move is to have your boxes labeled. In case you suddenly change your mind over packing some specific item, the label will tell you where to look for. You’ll spend a lot less time that you can use for finishing other business.

All in all, having a limited time to do things at a slower pace can really cause a lot of stress. However, with a good organization and the help from skillful and experienced moving professionals can really make you handle an overnight move a lot easier. In the end, we just want to draw your attention to removing junk that’s left after moving out. Make sure not to leave a dirty house no matter how big of a rush you are in.

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