How to cope when your child moves out

How to cope when your child moves out

When your adult child is about to move out and start an independent life, you may find yourself overwhelmed with some conflicting thoughts and feelings. While you are proud that your kid is now ready to fly free, the truth is that it’s fairly challenging to cope when your child moves out.

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How you are going to cope when your child moves out depends on your personality and motivation

Knowing that your child is making his own path separately from you can be both rewarding and heart-breaking experience. As it turns out, a parent can never be too prepared for the kind of separation when a child is about to jump into adulthood and move on to the next stage of life.

Having a child leave a family home to go to college is considered as a significant success. However, it’s a major challenge that parents will have to cope with when their children move out.

First and foremost, change your point of view. Having decided to pursue his own path, your kid is fully capable of dealing with the real world issues and setbacks. The sooner you realize that the better you will deal with the separation grief.

How to deal with empty-nest syndrome?

While seeing your children move out is a kind of loss that all parents must face at some point, it’s also a new beginning for everyone involved. Kids will get the chance to discover a new world of possibilities, learn how to rely on themselves and develop new skills.

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New interests and hobbies may help you cope when your child moves out

On the other hand, parents are likely to go through a complex emotional stage often referred to as an empty-nest syndrome. Although it’s not an official clinical diagnosis, its symptoms are very common among parents who are dealing with this kind of separation. This phase of life may trigger a wide range of feelings like despair, depression, sadness or anxiety. When your child is ready to fly from the family nest, it’s only normal to struggle with worries about his safety.

Furthermore, these feelings can be intensified if you have trouble letting go. Your kid’s transition can pose a great deal of stress on the entire family. Here are some suggestions for overcoming those overwhelming feelings of sadness and disorientation.

Efficient ways to cope when your child moves out of the family home

  • Take on new roles and responsibilities. Instead of spending your days grieving and mourning about your child growing up, focus on finding a new personal or professional challenge to deal with. Empty-nest syndrome can be a huge emotional roller-coaster, which is why you should avoid making radical decisions. Rather than overthinking, you may want to invest your time and energy in something productive and creative.
  • Dedicate some time to the interests you’ve always wanted to explore, but didn’t have enough time. Whether it’s a pottery course or a yoga class, try to engage in hobbies that you gave up due to the parenting responsibilities. Immersing in the activities that you really like may speed up the healing process. Just open yourself to new possibilities, shift your perspective and feel free to explore your interests and reconnect with yourself.
  • The process of letting go starts when you learn the most suitable way to cope when your child moves out. What works for one parent, doesn’t have to be necessarily the most convenient method for another. As it turns out, it’s a good opportunity for you to get to know yourself and find a way to deal with your weaknesses.
  • Refrain from calling or monitoring your child on social media channels. Although you might be struggling with the absence of your children, try not to limit their freedom and independence. While it’s essential to let them know that they can call whenever necessary, being too pushy can create unnecessary tension and strain on your relationship.
  • Focus on your partner as you should be supporting each other now more than ever. The truth is that this awkward situation may put pressure on your marriage as well, so be understanding of your partner’s needs as well.

How to help your child move out?

You’ve been anticipating this moment for a long time and now it’s happening. If you are like most parents, you’re probably looking to prepare your adult kid for an independent life. In spite of your separation anxiety, it’s in your best interest to start with the preparations as early as possible.

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Stay connected with yourself and your partner to get through hard times

For young people, moving to college may be one of the most exciting life-changing events. Being as supportive and encouraging as humanly possible will ease your kid’s transition and adjustment process. Whether your kid is moving for a job or just would like to start a new life elsewhere, your support is crucial. Here’s what you can do to ease the transition.

Moving Preparations

  • Ensure a new place. Research housing options together and calculate your budget. Whether your kid is moving locally or to another city, finding an appropriate apartment can be a daunting prospect. Therefore, you may want to involve a reputable real estate agent to help you out with the quest.
  • Help them plan their move. While trying to figure out the most efficient way to cope when your child moves out, it’s a good idea to take care of the logistics of the move. Are you going to move everything by yourself or hire a trustworthy moving company? It’s a major decision that can largely affect the course of the move. As it turns out, hiring affordable movers can put your mind at ease and allow you more time to handle your personal and emotional needs.
  • Organize a farewell party. You may want to make the most of the period leading up to moving day and allow your kid the chance to say goodbye to his friends. While it can take a bit of work, it might be a good way to reduce the stress level down the road.
  • Try to stay in a good mood. It’s no secret that a positive attitude can help you go through any difficult situation, so choose to stay optimistic no matter how hard it is to cope when your child moves out.

Planning a move?

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