How To Book Last-minute Movers?

How To Book Last-minute Movers?

Moving can be a highly complex process. Many people consider moving one of the most stressful events, especially if you have no prior experience with it. In fact, moving is right behind divorce and heartbreak when it comes to stressful events. So, you can see why you should take this issue should seriously. In addition, if you need to move last-minute and book last-minute movers, things can get a little complicated. Most people work long hours, so they tend to move on weekends. But most moves can`t be performed in one day. It’s because unpacking and placing all the items in their spot in your new home into consideration.

Furthermore, it is well known that the cheapest day to move is mid-week. This is an important aspect for people moving on a tight budget. It means you`ll have to take a day off to perform the move. Also, you need to make a decision whether to hire professional movers or opt for a DIY method. As if the whole process isn’t complicated enough, sometimes you need to book last-minute movers. And this is not an easy thing to do. So, if you want to learn how to book last-minute movers, check out the following article below.

Last-minute Movers

When Do You Need To Hire Last-Minute Movers?

Having to book last-minute movers isn`t a typical situation meaning that it won`t happen to most people. However, it still happens, and it isn`t an easy task, especially for people who aren`t used to stress. When do you need to hire last-minute-movers? Sometimes movers don`t show up on time or don`t even show up at all for numerous reasons. Nothing strange if you’re dealing with an unprofessional company. In the best case, they will cancel a couple of days before. This leaves you no time to handle the situation. In some cases, the cancellation is justified. For example, since COVID-19 showed up it`s easier for movers to pick up the virus.

On the other hand, some people procrastinate to the point of no return. Then they find themselves in a very unpleasant situation where they need to take care of the movers very fast.

Although there are a lot of reasons why hiring a professional mover is the best, many people forget to hire a moving company. Whichever the reason is, it`s clear that you have a very hard task in front of you, hiring last-minute movers.

Prepare and Organize

Like everything, proper planning and organization can go a long way, especially when you need to move in a rush. So, it`s best to make a moving checklist where you`ll list every task, including even small ones, to make sure you don`t forget anything. We`ve got the first step covered – make the ultimate moving checklist. Next, we recommend decluttering your home of any items you don`t need or use, which includes damaged and outdated items. There are a couple of ways how to declutter before the move, including throwing a yard sale, tossing the items in the garbage, or donating them to a charity or a similar organization that takes care of people who need help.

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Why should you declutter? By decluttering, you`re lowering the count of items you`ll need to pack, load, transport, and unload, and since you have a fewer number of items, the movers will charge you a lower fee if you opt for fixed-price movers and not movers who charge an hourly rate.

Conduct a Budget

When you`ve taken care of all the aforementioned steps, it`s time to conduct your budget, which will help you look for the right moving company. The last thing you want is to realize that you don`t have enough money to pay for the desired moving company. Before conducting a final budget, make sure to consult your family members and ask them for their opinion on the set budget. Always leave 10-15 percent of the budget for possible unexpected expenses, even if you have never experienced them before. You`d be surprised how often these happen; it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you are having difficulty conducting your budget, the moving checklist can help, as here is everything you should remember about the move.

Budget Planning


Now, it is time to find the right NYC moving company that will not charge you an unreasonable amount of money for the move, which, in most cases, isn`t an easy task. Ask family, colleagues, and friends for help and recommendations. If they don`t have an idea, you can always use Google for exploration. So, go over moving companies’ reviews in NYC. This is the best option, as long as you know how to identify fake moving reviews. But make sure you do a background check on a moving company first, as there are numerous shady companies posing as legit firms. Contact several companies and get an instant moving cost estimate. It’ll help you avoid a moving scam and you`ll have an easier time deciding when you have a couple of items on hand.

Because there are certain risks of hiring super cheap movers, we recommend you avoid hiring the cheapest company as this is usually not a good sign. The same goes for the most expensive one. It is best to opt for a mid-range price. Remember to check out all available options before making a final decision.

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Get An Insurance Policy

If you`ve managed to book last-minute movers and are sure they represent a reliable and experienced company, it is time to think a bit deeper. For instance, if you have very valuable items in your possession like artwork and antiques, we recommend getting moving insurance in agreement with the desired company.

In any case, we wish you the best of luck with your move and hope our article helped you with booking last-minute movers NYC.

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