Risks of Hiring Super Cheap Movers

Risks of Hiring Super Cheap Movers

When people decide to move, they are concerned about how much the move itself is going to cost. While there is a myriad of factors that determine the price of the relocation, everyone`s goal is to pay less if possible. That is why people decide to hire super cheap movers, only to realize afterward that it was a mistake. It is not rare that when hiring cheap movers, you end up paying much more than you initially thought. Luckily, when you are familiar with the risks of hiring super cheap movers and know how to recognize the red flags that indicate a moving company is not worth hiring, you will never make that mistake.

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Scam moving companies often offer cheap prices

Encountering a scam moving company is probably one of the worst possible scenarios during relocation. They trick the customers into believing that their relocation will be super cheap, and in reality, they plan to disappear with all their belongings. Needless to say, this causes stress and both financial and sentimental loss to people who hired them. If the price is too good to be true, it usually is not true. Suspecting a “too good to be true” price is a way of thinking that will help you avoid a moving scam.

They have a lot of small print letters in the contract

While an offer appears to be cheap at first, after carefully reading the contract, you might find out that this is not completely true. Super cheap movers might decide to charge enormous sums of money via additional fees. Here are the additional fees you need to pay attention to:

  • Long carry fees – If there is no parking available in front of your home, the movers will have to carry all the items to the moving truck. This will incite extra money depending on how far they have to carry the items.
  • Staircase fees – Similarly, if there is no elevator in the building, they will charge you the staircase fees depending on how many floors there are.
  • Cancellation or rescheduling fees – Read the contract to see how much time in advance you have to cancel or reschedule the relocation without having to pay additional fees.

Always read the letters written in small print. The cheaper the price, the higher the chances are that there are plenty of additional fees besides the ones we mentioned. While their offer is low in the beginning; with additional fees, it may be even more expensive than a regular offer. Understanding moving costs will help you not overpay your movers and avoid additional moving costs.

A Warning On Small Letters On A Contract

Low-quality moving service

Price and quality do not always have to follow each other, but we can all agree that premium quality cannot be super cheap. Building a reputable, reliable, high-quality moving company is not cheap. Investing in the right people, training them, educating them, having excellent customer service, a top-notch website, and experience does not come overnight, and it is not free. Providing the best possible service at a reasonable price is the ultimate desire of every moving company, but also of every person who wants to relocate.

What does low-quality moving service mean?

Imagine that you hired super cheap movers, and you had some additional questions. You call their customer support number, but there is no one to answer your call. After a few attempts, you finally reach a customer service representative but they are unprofessional and do not know how to answer your questions, let alone be proactive and resolve the issue you may experience. Furthermore, the movers may be late on a moving day, inexperienced as they haven`t received sufficient training as well as practice. It is not pleasant seeing that someone is improperly handling your belongings, nor this should ever happen.

Broken Dishes After The Move

Damaged items are one of the risks of hiring super cheap movers

The moving process starts by packing all of your belongings into moving boxes. Then, the movers will take them to the moving truck, and store them if necessary. Storing requires taking the items off the moving truck and placing them into a storage unit. After that, they take them from the storage unit to the moving truck once again and head straight to your new home. When movers arrive at your new home, they unload the items and unpack them inside your home. There are endless possibilities here for damaging your items. Only true professionals will avoid potential accidents, and use their experience to deliver the items in perfect shape.

Stress is inevitable

Even if your super cheap movers are not part of a scam company, and they have at least a few months of experience, you will find out that you are under so much stress as the moving day approaches. One of the benefits of hiring reliable movers is that you can relax, focus your energy on other aspects of your relocation, spend more time with your family, and enjoy the moving process. With super-cheap movers, you will not be able to relax until everything is done. Plus, you have real reasons to be worried, so everything may not turn out to be well in the end.

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How can you save money on relocation without the risks of hiring super cheap movers?

Hiring super cheap movers is nearly not the only way to save money if you’re moving on a tight budget. We give you the best tips on how to save money during the move.

  • Get free moving and packing supplies – Craigslist has a section that offers free items such as moving boxes. Go to the bookstore, grocery store, or liquor store and ask for some free moving boxes. Use your old blankets, newspaper, and towels as cushioning material to protect your items and suitcases instead of moving boxes.
  • Book the movers well in advance – Saving money is one of the main reasons why you should book movers in advance. As soon as you learn about the exact date of your relocation, start searching for the right moving company for you. Avoid peak season, which is in spring and summer. Rather opt for fall or winter, during the week, and in the middle of the month. This way, you may save a significant amount of money, as most of the movers are free and offer lower prices.

There are many risks associated with hiring super cheap movers. But, of course, hiring cheap movers NYC who are not super cheap is ok, as long as they’re reliable and getting the work done. Compare several moving companies NYC, and choose the one which offers the most services at a reasonable price. Good luck!

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