Home-staging tips before selling

Home-staging tips before selling

Looking to put a house on the market any time soon? In order to get the maximum sale price as soon as possible, staging your home before selling is certainly worth spending extra time and money. While some small and cheap improvement projects may improve your home’s curb appeal and boost the value of the property, there are also some major repair works that should be performed only in case the upgrade will return the investment once the property is sold. Bare in mind that some obvious faults and malfunctions like cracked walls and ceilings, outgrown lawn, broken light fixtures or leaky faucets may give the impression that the property hasn’t been maintained properly.

Should I invest time and effort in my property before selling?

In most cases people are hesitant to spend time, money and energy on a property they are about to leave, but the truth is that the effort invested in staging house before selling may eventually pay off. In fact, being stuck with the house that doesn’t sell for months is not the scenario you were expecting when you decided to sell your home, so make sure to take the following suggestions into account.

– Hire a professional home inspector before putting your house on the market. No matter how well-maintained your home is, a home inspection may reveal hidden faults that you normally wouldn’t be able spot. Both structural and cosmetic projects are important and professional home inspectors will help you realize which repair works would make your home sell quickly and which are pointless.

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Improvement works may help you sell your property fast

The right paint color may add value to your home

– Tackle repair works and cleaning first and then take your time to plan the projects that will make the entire property look more appealing.

– A clutter-free property is likely to attract potential buyers, so do not underestimate the importance of a spacious and well-organized home. Freeing up more space is one of the key factors for a quick selling and getting a better price. Rather that throwing outdated and unwanted items away, consider selling or donating them. Also, you may want to store items that you don’t need at the moment.

– The first impression counts, so allow potential buyers to imagine what their lives will look like in this house.  Make your home feel warm and welcoming and do not underestimate the magical effects of multiple sources of lighting. Also, by adding some accessories you will make a room more inviting.

– Depersonalizing your home before selling will allow your potential customers to visualize their personal belongings in it and it will also give them an idea of what it will look like to live there.

– Transform rooms that didn’t have specific purpose into attractive and modern areas that your prospective buyers may find interesting.

– Reposition your furniture so as to open the room and make it feel more spacious. There are a couple of tricks that will help you maximize the square footage of your room.

– use different shades of pale colors to paint the walls

– use multifunctional furniture and more importantly – don’t push it against the walls!

– add large mirrors

– leave the windows uncovered so as to take advantage of natural light.

– Treat your walls and ceilings by giving them a nice scrub-down and fresh coat of paint and removing signs of a leaky roof.

– Have your wooden floors repaired, cracked tiles and worn or stained carpeting replaced. Well-maintained hardwood will add totally new charm and appearance to the entire house.

Combat mold, mildew, and unpleasant smells. If you own a pet, you should know that your little friend bring along smells that may turn off potential buyers.

– Once the repair works are completed, make the interior of your home sparkle. Also, pay attention to the commonly ignored areas like oven, mattresses, dishwasher, air duct vents… and clean them carefully along with the rest of your home. Bare in mind that hiring professional cleaning service would be a good investment – they can handle overwhelming home chores while you are tackling other important tasks. Remember that there is a whole list of moving tasks awaiting to be completed, so make sure you check our comprehensive moving tips for a smooth household relocation.

How to enhance your home’s curb appeal before selling

When potential buyers visit your property, the very first thing they notice is the home’s exterior and their first impression is usually based on the home’s curb appeal. Therefore, go through your front yard, backyard, porch, garden, driveway, sidewalks and make a list of things that should be repaired, replaced or just removed in order to boost your home’s curb appeal.

– Pay attention to the front entry, since in most cases it reflects the interior of your home. Create inviting entryways by adding some simple, but stylish elements that form a symmetrical composition.

– Before you start spending money on improvement and maintenance works – declutter. Tackle storage areas. Basements and garages are likely to become storage areas over the years and cleaning /decluttering process may take a while.

– Clean up the outdoors and make your landscaping look fresh and dynamic by removing dead branches, leaves, overgrown shrubs and planting colorful flowers.

– Power-wash dirty and commonly ignored areas – front porch, garage, driveways and sidewalks.

– Examine the roof and ensure there are no missing shingles or cracked tiles.

– Proper lighting system provides sense of safety and security and it also highlight the best features of your home’s exterior.

– Clean windows inside and out and make them look bright and shiny again.

– Keep the décor simple and neutral and get rid of personal items so as to allow your buyers envision themselves in your space.

Last but not least, always stay optimistic and think positively while staging your home for sale in order to boost productivity and relieve stress.

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