How to handle moving day delays

How to handle moving day delays


No matter how carefully you organize your household move, unexpected events that are beyond your control can happen throughout the relocation process. You’ve been anticipating and looking forward to the moving day for a long time and any difficulty or delay may cause additional stress and frustration. The truth is that certain situations cannot be prevented, no matter how trustworthy and professional your movers are. As much as we would like to have a smooth moving day, there are unforeseen circumstances we have no control over.

Tips for avoiding moving day delays

There’s no doubt that moving house is one of the most stressful events in a lifetime and you should be well-aware of all possible difficulties and obstacles you may incur. Learning about possible moving day challenges and delays may help you figure out how to be better prepared for sudden turn of events.

– Arrange the paperwork on time and have all documentation in order so as to make the conveyancing process easier. Keep in touch with your conveyancing solicitor and make sure the completion date is set in advance.

– Sort your finances and be prepared for unexpected costs you may incur throughout the process. Moving house is a very expensive undertaking and even if you accurately calculate everything, there might be some last-minute issues that may cost you additionally.

– Book the moving company well in advance. Finding a reputable moving company is not an easy process, so make sure you start your research ahead of time so as to avoid last minute rush and delays.

– Reserve a parking spot and other permits in advance and make sure movers NYC have the correct address of both of your homes.

– Pack up your household in advance. If you want to speed up the packing process, you can hire professional packers. In case you want to do everything on your own, it is highly recommended to start in advance and tackle one room at a time.

– If due to some unfortunate circumstances you end up hiring suspicious or fraudulent movers, certain delays or unexpected situations are likely to happen. When you contact NYC moving company, try to get as much information as possible about the moving staff. Are they properly trained and qualified to provide reliable assistance? Are you dealing with full-time or part-time workers? Bare in mind that temporary workers may not be as efficient and quick as professional, licensed movers.

– The risk of potential accidents can be reduced if trained and experienced movers are handling your household possessions. They should have an appropriate equipment and vehicle to ensure a safe and smooth transition.

– If you are moving during the peak-season and you also live in a high-traffic area chances are that your movers won’t show up on time. Also, you should take into account other factors like traffic jams, unforeseen accidents, construction works, bad weather,…

– Remove any potential obstacle before the movers arrive. With the moving day around the corner, make sure your kids and pets will be taken care of during that hectic period. Arrange a child and pet care on your moving day, so that you or your movers won’t be distracted from your moving duties and responsibilities.

– Take your time to perform the last quick check prior to your movers’ arrival. Make sure everything’s in order and prepared for the big day. Also, leave your old home in good condition and consider getting additional moving services if you think that you cannot complete everything by the time your movers arrive.

– Keep track of your belongings by staying in touch with your movers once they load them. Communicate with your movers and keep them informed in case there is any change of plans.

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