Guidelines to Renting a Self-storage Unit in NYC

Guidelines to Renting a Self-storage Unit in NYC

Relocating is a unique transitional moment that can affect everyone involved in so many different ways. Without a doubt, it can turn your life upside down, especially when downsizing and deciding how to get some of your belongings out of the way. Sadly, when preparing for the move, you may realize that you possess way too many things that you would like to keep. But you might not always be able to squeeze them into your new apartment. In that case, consider renting a self-storage unit in NYC. It might just be your best ally.

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Research convenient self-storage units that may keep your belongings safe

Know the questions to ask when renting a self-storage unit in NYC

In order to make an informed decision when choosing a self-storage facility, you should know that people have different storage needs. As it turns out, there are multiple considerations to keep in mind when selecting a storage unit. Whether you are going through a house renovation, downsizing to a smaller apartment, college or senior move, renting a self-storage unit in NYC can be very helpful.

According to many people, rates are the crucial factor that can make or break a deal. The pricing may vary according to location and capacity, so, ideally, you will contact several NYC storage companies and request quotes.

Only after comparing pricing and reading online moving reviews you may figure out which company could accommodate your needs. And more importantly, ask as many questions as you can think of. Here are some of the main security features you may want to investigate before signing a contract with a storage company.

What are the security features of a self-storage unit?

When researching storage options you are actually looking for a place where your treasured items will be kept safe for an extended period of time. A good self-storage facility should be equipped with both basic and advanced features:

  • An efficient 24-hour video surveillance
  • High walls and passcode entry gates
  • Good lighting
  • Onsite management is important for renting a self-storage unit in NYC
  • Alarm system
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Check if a storage facility contains all necessary security features before renting a self-storage unit in NYC

As soon as you sign the contract you should obtain a security code to be able to access the unit. Bear in mind that the price alone shouldn’t be the deciding factor. As it turns out, going for a lower quote coming from a shady moving company can put your belongings at risk. Only a company that respects all safety procedures can qualify as a reputable storage company.

Is there unlimited access?

Will you be able to access your items 24 hours a day? In case of any inconveniences know how to contact facility managers outside the working hours, when the facility is closed. It’s highly unlikely that you are going to need some of the stored items around midnight. That being said, make sure to pay only for the features that you are going to use.

Inspect the cleanliness level

Do facility managers pay attention to regular maintenance? Are there any specific cleaning procedures? Remember, renting a self-storage unit that is clean is the only adequate environment for your belongings and there’s no way around it. Also, well-kept premises should have proper pest control procedures, so don’t forget to ask about this tiny detail.

Ask about the option of renting a climate-controlled self-storage unit

If you are storing delicate and expensive objects sensitive to temperature fluctuation, it’s highly recommendable to rent a climate controlled facility. In order to preserve your electronics, artwork, leather furniture and other delicate objects from a tremendous climatic impact, chances are that you will pay more for that feature.

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Renting a properly equipped self-storage unit can keep your precious items safe

Can I make a long-term commitment?

If your storage company has fair and transparent pricing it will soon occur to you that paying immediately for a long-term occupancy is a more cost-effective option than paying for month-to-month services. And one bonus tip: beware of the storage fees that are unusually low. Chances are that someone is trying to scam you by offering too-good-to-be-true quotes that will skyrocket in the end.

Is there appropriate insurance?

When choosing an affordable, safe and convenient self-storage unit, make sure the protection against fire, flood, theft, and mold in included as well. Having made an inventory sheet of your belongings you will know exactly how much of additional insurance to purchase.

What happens if you don`t pay?

Life is not always predictable and losing a job, or simply being broke is not that uncommon. You may also simply forget to pay for the storage unit for a month or two. What happens in this case? If you skip paying a monthly rent your unit will most likely go into default status. This means that you have 30 days to pay before they lock the unit. If you don`t pay within the next 90 days your items will be set up for an auction. Nobody wants this to happen, so the facility will try to contact you before that.

What to do before renting a storage unit in NYC?

If you are planning on moving all the items you’ve accumulated over the years, the upcoming relocation will be more difficult and expensive. It’s not uncommon that people become emotionally attached to their stuff, which is why they have trouble letting go later on.

Let’s be honest, sentimental clutter may get in the way when trying to ruthlessly clear clutter. Embarking on a fresh start in a new home means leaving behind all unnecessary items. Having said that, you do realize that cluttering up your new place or storage unit is not an option. So, be realistic about the number of things you need to keep when moving house.

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Get rid of the items you no longer use rather than storing them

Decluttering is not the only option

Aside from tossing unnecessary items, there are other available options for you to get rid of your items in good condition. Provided that you’ve started your moving preparations ahead of time, you can benefit from a profitable pre-move garage sale. Alternatively, by donating your items to charities you can not only do a good deed but also give a new life to the items you no longer need. On the other hand, if you decide to recycle, you will take part in an eco-friendly relocation and contribute to environmental protection.

How to save money when renting a storage unit in NYC?

Storing your items in a storage unit for a certain period of time will be an expense you can`t avoid. However, you don`t have to pay a really high amount of money every months with our useful tips.

Location is very important

There are hundreds of storage facilities in NYC, and dozens of them will be just perfect for your items. However, the location should play a vital role in pricing and your commodity. If you choose a storage unit further from the center of the city, you will pay less when renting. Needless to say, you should only choose a unit far from your home if you don`t plan on coming back for the items on a weekly or a daily basis. If you will just store the items and not use it until next year (which is the case with seasonal items) renting a unit that is less expensive and a bit further from your home is completely fine.

Check for discounts

Moving is quite expensive, and even if you are not moving, storing your items is certainly an extra expense that affects your finances. So, there is no reason why you shouldn`t check for discounts before renting a unit. Usually, a storage company will offer you to rent a unit for free during the first months, for example.

Before renting a self-storage unit, check for discounts and special offers

Choose the right size of the NYC storage unit in order to save money

If you choose a storage unit size that is too large, you will end up paying more than you actually need. This is why it is important to declutter even the items you will store. Store only the items that you know you will use later on. In this way, you can choose the smallest unit you can and store all the items you need.

What not to pack in a storage unit?

Not so surprisingly, there are items that are absolutely prohibited in a self-storage unit. If some of those items ‘’accidentally’’ end up being stored, you will be held accountable if anything bad happens.

Keep this list of items not allowed in storage handy when preparing your items for storage.

  • Combustible, flammable and toxic materials
  • Medical supplies
  • Perishable food
  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Stolen items
  • Valuable objects
  • Tires and vehicles
  • Firearms
  • Cash
Signing a Contract When Renting a Self-Storage Unit
Before you sign a contract, do not forget to read it carefully

Disregarding some of the company’s safety rules can cause major issues to the self-storage facility and other people’s goods. It’s a pretty long list, but if you are not sure about certain items, make sure to ask the facility manager. Better safe than sorry!

Read the contract carefully before signing it

Before renting a storage unit in NYC make sure that you have carefully reviewed the contract. Me aware of the small letters at the bottom of the page, calculate the price and check out the terms of the agreement. Only after you have done all of this, you can sign the contract and enjoy all the benefits of a storage unit.

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