Guide to relocating a retail store

Guide to relocating a retail store

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Professional movers’ help is indispensable when relocating a retail store

Relocating a retail store to a more convenient place is usually the new, promising change that your business has been striving for. Having carefully considered all the pros and cons of such a decision, you’ve come to the conclusion that a business relocation will be beneficial for your future progress. Expanding your small business to new heights is the new challenge you are willing to take on in order to catch those growth opportunities.

However, planning and executing a retail relocation without losing productivity can be quite a challenge. As it turns out, small businesses and stores stick close to their roots and thrive on their customers’ trust. No wonder why so many store owners approach this prospect with a great deal of apprehension and fear.

Without a doubt, leaving loyal customers behind will also impact the local community and its economy and cause a major disruption to your productivity for a while. But, assuming that you have several good reasons for this change, you should be confident that everything will fall into place if you’ve employed the right mindset and efficient moving plan. In order to achieve the desired efficiency level, you need to break down the entire process into more manageable tasks. And more importantly, to understand what exactly goes into a trouble-free relocation process. A thorough plan is always a good starting point for any kind of relocation. With the right strategy, you can easily accomplish your relocation plan and new business goals without major troubles.

Relocating a retail store without major disruptions

Ensuring minimal disruption to your business operation is probably your main goal when relocating a retail store. Unless you’ve moved several times and already know the secret to a smooth move, you’ll probably need professional business movers’ help. There’s a series of tiny tasks that you can easily overlook, so try to keep track of them through a customized checklist.

Here are some of the most important suggestions to keep in mind when facing an imminent move. Hopefully, our tips will help you make the right moving choices when relocating a retail store.

Break the news to your customers

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Spread the news about the upcoming relocation

Aside from the logistical aspect of the move, you should figure out how to handle your loyal, but probably disappointed customers. It’s critical that you inform your clients of your new location as soon as your moving plans are set. Luckily, it can be done in many ways nowadays by sending an email newsletter, through social media, website updates, press releases or on-site notifications.

Make sure to update both online and traditional business listings with your new address. If you are relocating locally, chances are your most loyal customers will keep coming by. Offering additional incentives could keep your old customers around despite the distance between you. Also, notify your suppliers and partners of your new address. Communicate your moving plans to the employees well in advance so that they can make their own arrangements. Discuss commute logistics and incentives to make sure your staff is on board with your moving decisions.

Hold a pre-move sale

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Host a profitable sale before you move your store to a new location

When about to switch locations, you will realize that the store inventory is one of your major concerns and potential obstacles. Moving itself will put you through a lot of expenses and the majority of them depend on the moving load. The math is simple here – the more items you move, the higher the moving charges will be. Thankfully, there’s a number of affordable local and long distance movers NYC who can offer comprehensive yet cheap moving services.

But, what’s the point of having a fresh start if you are just going to recreate old patterns without introducing anything new? Host a pre-move sale to get rid of the items that are not worth moving. Also, it’s a got chance to clear your storage areas as well. Purge unnecessary inventory and budget for some tiny but meaningful innovations that will attract your prospective customers.

Pick the most convenient moving date

Considering your business’s dynamics, schedule your move for the least busy period. In order to minimize downtime, you should pick the date when sales are typically lower. If that date happens to coincide with the slow season in the moving industry, you are likely to score some great moving deals and offers. Also, assuming that you are good at multitasking, start preparing your new shop before the move.

Create a detailed floor plan of your new shop and order some new items to improve its appeal and functionality. Ideally, utility services and payment systems will be up and running and all furniture and shelves set up prior to moving day. If you can handle both leases at the same time, use the overlapping time to operate at both locations.

Get professional help and appropriate packing supplies

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Trustworthy movers will help you reduce your business downtime

Without the right kind of packing supplies, your store inventory can easily get damaged during transport. Needless to say, improper handling can be devastating as well. Relocating a retail store can be tricky, but with the right mindset and with qualified movers by your side it can go smoothly. Luckily, professional movers can offer a lot of specialty moving boxes NYC for the most delicate items. By distributing tasks and responsibilities to your helpers and movers, your relocation process will be more manageable and less stressful.

It’s no secret that without a proper plan you are likely to encounter a series of setbacks. Involving reliable movers will save you further headaches and inconveniences. Relocating a retail store is not the time when you will take chances with some shady but extremely cheap companies. Whether you are performing a corporate or a residential move, the rule of thumb is to stay away from fraudulent movers who can jeopardize the entire experience.

So, having considered all potential risks of a DIY move, treat yourself to quality moving services and a smooth business transition.

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