First day in a new home after the move

First day in a new home after the move

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The first couple of weeks after the move may affect what your new life will look like

Having moved your worldly possessions to a new home you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the harder part is over.  But all the unpacking, sorting and cleaning tasks ahead of you will keep reminding you that there’s a lot to do even after the move is completed.

Once you reach your new home, chances are you will be exhausted and overwhelmed by a whirlwind of emotions. You are likely to experience a wide range of emotions – from excitement and anticipation of your future life to anxious fear of the unknown and possible moving depression. In case you feel a bit disoriented after the move, here are some suggestions about how to handle chaotic post-move situations.

Moving to a new home means stepping into a new world. Let’s face it, nobody really likes the act of unpacking in addition to a tiresome moving day. Some people like to unpack as soon as possible, while others prefer procrastinating. Although the major task has just been completed, chances are you won’t be in the mood to think about all the tasks that require your immediate attention.

How and when you are going to approach your tasks depends largely on the period of the day you reach a new home. If you arrive late at night, you’ll probably want to take a quick shower and go straight to bed. And who would blame you after a long, daunting moving day. On the other hand, if you have more time after the move, you may want to set your priority list as soon as possible.

Inspect your new home

If you’re a renter take the time to inspect the entire home and document its condition. Make plenty of notes and photos of the interior and exterior of the home. Those records will help you get your security deposit back in case of any dispute with your landlord. Also, fill out a condition report and send it to your landlord.

Clean the house after the move

If your belongings will be delivered after your arrival you’ll have the chance to clean your home thoroughly while it’s still empty. Although you will have to clean your home more than once, make sure you’re comfortable in it while waiting for the shipment.

Check if all utilities are set up

If you’ve transferred the utilities before the day of the move, everything should be up and running after the move. But, inspect everything once again just to be on the safe side.

Help your kids and pets settle in

Making your kids feel safe and comfortable in a new place should be one of your top priorities upon moving in. A household move is a major routine disruption for your little ones, so make sure to make the transition easier on them. The same goes for your furry friends – tend to their needs as soon as you reach your new home. Chances are both your kids and pets will be upset by the change, so try to re-establish their routine as soon as possible. They will need a special attention during the first week after the move, so, no matter how chaotic it is for you, find the time to spend some quality time together.

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Check the delivered items against the inventory list

Check your inventory list

Once your belongings are delivered, check them against the inventory list to find out if something’s damaged or missing. In case something’s wrong, you will have enough time to report it to the moving company and file a claim if necessary. A detailed home inventory checklist is one of the most important prerequisites for a stress-free moving experience.

First unpack the most important boxes

It goes without saying that the essential boxes can keep your family covered during the first day in your new home. Provided that you’ve labelled your boxes properly, you will know exactly which boxes to unpack first. Also, unloading and placing all boxes in the designated rooms can prevent further issues while unpacking and sorting your items.

Make a shopping list

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Make a list of essentials you will have to buy immediately after the move

You’ve left behind some of the important items for good reason. Whether they were too expensive to transport or easily replaceable, chances are you will need some of them immediately after the move. Create a quick shopping list to stock up on the essentials you will need in order to get settled into a new home.

Decide whether to cook or to eat out

While it can be tempting to order takeout food or to eat out, consider unpacking some of the essential items and dishes to keep your kitchen running. Chances are you will be tired to go out and explore your new neighborhood searching for a good restaurant. Maybe a simple, delicious meal is exactly what you need to de-stress and have some nice time with your family.

Don’t rush into unpacking

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Need an idea how to unwind after the move?

It’s good to remember that you don’t need to unpack everything immediately. Take the time to familiarize with your new home and to get a sense of what your new life will look like. And more importantly, know your limits. It’s unlikely that you’ll unpack everything in one day.

You’ve been through a very tiresome moving day and you’ve deserved a good sleep. Recharge your batteries and get ready for the challenges that await you in the morning. After all, it’s entirely up to you to choose to do whatever will make you feel good. You’ve just completed an amazing undertaking and the least you can do is to treat yourself to something nice after the move. Whether you will grab some popcorn and watch movies, read a book or go out with friends, make sure to have some really good time. A chaotic, fast-paced moving schedule has taken its toll, so find a perfect way to de-stress and prepare for some new challenges.

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