Finding suitable storage unit and storage professionals

Finding suitable storage unit and storage professionals


The most common issue faced by people who are moving long-distance to a smaller home is a lack of space. When you are downsizing chances are that you don’t want to discard certain items you are emotionally attached to. There are some items that you cannot move with you to a new place nor throw them away so easily. Finding a suitable storage unit would be a perfect solution in such difficult situations – your treasured items will be kept safe and sound and you can reach them whenever you want.

How does storage help you?

There are many benefits of using storage units. Finding and renting suitable storage will help you in several ways. Let’s see which those ways are.

Better organization

Organizing your home is one of the benefits of using a suitable storage unit. If you live in a small space and have trouble storing all your stuff, renting a storage unit will help you solve this problem. Not only that your things would not stand in your way anymore, but they would also be safe and protected from damage.

When moving

When you are moving, the number of items plays an important role. The lesser things you have, the easier you’ll pack. And that’s not all. The costs of moving can vary greatly, depending on the number of items you’re moving. So, we recommend that you get rid of all things you won’t be needing in the near future. Of course, you should know how to declutter before the move if you want to save space when packing for a move.

Deciding on the type of storage unit you need

During moving, you will have to decide which type of storage is suitable for your household items. Consulting storage professionals will be helpful, however, take a look at the following considerations before you start your research.

How much space do you really need?

Making an inventory of all items that should be stored will give you a clear idea of the size of the suitable storage unit. Remember that renting a too big storage facility will cause unnecessary expenses, while a too-small storage unit cannot accommodate all of your items, so you will have to look for an additional one.

Inside Of A Storage Facility


Decide where your storage unit should be situated. If you are going to visit the facility regularly, make sure it is located at a reasonable distance from your current home. You don’t want to travel for hours in order to get the item that you urgently need.

Indoor or outdoor storage unit?

Outdoor storage units are very large and spacious, therefore suitable for storing vehicles, furniture, recreation equipment, and other large items. The advantage of an outdoor unit is that you can drive up to the unit and load and unload the items. On the other hand, indoor units are convenient for storing valuable and sensitive items, since there are some special features like climate control, advanced security system, and protection against pests.

Check the accessibility

When you decide on a suitable storage unit, you need to check if it’s available. Not each storage unit is available 24/7. This may affect your decision regarding the company you will hire.

A Storge Facility - The Outside View

Long or short-term storage unit?

If you are moving to temporary housing, the best option would be to transport your belongings to short-term storage until your permanent residence is ready for you to move in. Just make sure that the storage unit meets all standards in terms of size, temperature, safety, and accessibility.

Special features

A storage facility that will accommodate your household items should meet some basic safety and security standards. One of the most important special features is climate-controlled storage. Today, the benefits of climate-controlled storage are more important than ever. Let’s briefly go through some of them:

Temperature and humidity control

Protection from suboptimal temperatures and humidity is essential. This is absolutely needed if you are going to store some delicate and valuable items. Climate-controlled storage provides protection against extreme summer and winter temperatures.

Humidity control is important for both short-term and long-term storage. Humidity can cause significant damage or even destroy your items, especially clothes and electronic devices. One of the benefits of climate-controlled storage is the control of the humidity level. This way, your inventory will be safe in there long term.


Great for sensitive items

If you need to store some sensitive items or items susceptible to decay, like wooden furniture, antique furniture, art collections, or any other object of value, climate-controlled storage is ideal. It will provide all the protection necessary to keep your belongings damage-free for as long as you need.

Enhanced security

Climate-controlled storage will provide excellent all-around security for your valuables. They are equipped with the latest security alarms and video surveillance systems to ensure maximum protection for your items.

If you’re worried about whether you’ll need some non-standard packing materials, don’t be. A storage company will be able to provide you with adequate packing material so that you can pack and secure your precious items properly.

Get insurance

Check whether your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance will cover the items while in storage. Alternatively, purchase additional moving insurance from storage and moving company.

Finding suitable storage units NYC for your possessions is not an easy task and researching storage professionals might take a while. Now that you have established what kind of storage you are looking for, it is time to visit a couple of units and ask some questions.

Check online reviews

Reading storage and moving companies reviews in NYC will help you identify potentially fraudulent companies. Contact and visit several locations before signing any document. Take a walk around the storage Brooklyn unit you are going to rent. Also, bear in mind that a convenient location does not mean much if your items are kept in a dirty or infested storage facility. It’s up to you to choose whether you will be driving an extra 10-20 minutes to the storage area or you will have your items stored in bad conditions. Hopefully, our article will help you decide when looking for suitable storage units and cheap local movers in NYC to transport and store your items in storage that’s perfect for your needs.

Planning a move?

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