Finally in NYC! What to do on the first day in your new home

Finally in NYC! What to do on the first day in your new home


Although you have reached your new home and you are relieved and overwhelmed with joy, only one part of the moving mission has been accomplished. Moving to NYC is a huge step itself, and you should take some time to process the change and the mixture of feelings. You and your family have gone through a lot of stress and frustrations during the whole moving process.

Not only have you changed the home, but also you are new to the city, so you have to adapt to a different job, kids to a different school and a new lifestyle. Once your items are delivered safe and sound, probably you will be uncertain as to how to clean the mess and more importantly, where to start. However, there’s no need to rush and unpack in one day. There are a lot more important things to do once you move into a new home.

By following our suggestions you can stay organized on the first day in the new home.

Day 1 in the new home: guidelines

– If you reach your new home late at night, unpack linens and bedding and make the beds. Tomorrow’s a new day and you have to get ready for a new adventure and challenges. Provided that you are fresh and relaxed, settling in and unpacking will go smoothly. It’ extremely important to take good care of your health during the move and not to forget to eat, drink and sleep.

– Have the essentials box on hand any time. Unpack some basic items you will be using during the first few days at your new home (clothes, plates, glasses, toiletries,…). Organize your moving boxes properly, so that you can easily find what you are looking for. Mark ”high priority” moving boxes that need to be unpacked as soon as possible. Each box should contain description as to the content and position in the new house.

– Introduce yourself to the new neighbors. Don’t leave it to chance to meet your new neighbors. Get to know some of your neighbors by introducing yourself properly, because they may be your link with the new environment. There is nothing invasive in being sociable and friendly. Take some time to stop by and say hello to the neighbors next door. They will recommend excellent parks, restaurants, bars and other landmarks to visit, since NYC is full of them, you just have to find the starting point.

– Eating out with the family may be a perfect opportunity to take a walk around the city and get to know the neighborhood. Since the kitchen is still unpacked, go to the nearest restaurant and spend some quality time with your loved ones. You could certainly use a break from constant stress and tension caused by the move. Alternatively, depending on your mood, you can order some food and watch TV instead. Luckily, New York City has a lot to offer, so don’t waste your time and start exploring the city and its charm. If you are privileged to live in Brooklyn, you will have the opportunity to enjoy yourself in some of the most famous local restaurants: DeStefano’s Steak House, Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, Marlow & Sons, The River Café,…

– Help your children adjust. Leaving the old friends, school and home is very stressful for your children, so try to make the transition easier for them. Don’t neglect your kids during the moving process and try to stick to their routine and understand their needs. Arrange their room as soon as possible so they can feel at home. Also, find their favorite pajamas, toys and what ever makes them feel comfortable. Take them to a local amusement park, have fun and explore Big Apple together.

– Your pet will also have trouble adapting to the new home. Arrange its place at your earliest convenience and let it have your attention throughout the move.

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