Easiest Way to Reassemble Furniture After Moving

Easiest Way to Reassemble Furniture After Moving

Moving in itself is a tedious and time-consuming process that most of us dread. Trouble may arise when there is bulky furniture involved that needs to be assembled in the new home. Dealing with countless screws and missing furniture parts is the last thing you want to be doing on your moving day. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. If you want to spare yourself the headache, the easiest way to reassemble furniture after moving would be by contracting a full-service moving company. Having done all the hard work of packing your household, you can rest assured that moving services Brooklyn will take good care of your belongings.

Hiring professionals guarantees a good outcome…

grey sofa with colorful cushions
Qualified movers will reassemble furniture after moving at an additional cost

Disassembling furniture is an inevitable part of relocating if you don’t want to leave your couch or bed behind just because it didn’t fit through the door. Hiring specialists to do the job will take away the frustration that comes with the IKEA-like experience of assembling furniture.

Reputable movers will take the disassembly and assembly tasks upon themselves, ensuring the proper and safe handling of your furniture. They have the necessary tools and expertise that will guarantee a breezy move. Movers will skillfully disassemble every item that is too large to be transported in one piece and put it back together to its original shape once they’ve reached the destination, ensuring no damage is caused to your possessions.

… but it comes with a price

Consider all relevant factors when the time comes to reassemble furniture after moving. Professional reassembly is an additional service that comes with extra costs. It depends on whether you are moving locally or across the country. Local movers usually charge you on an hourly rate, whereas interstate movers NYC charge an extra fee for this service.

Assessing costs – Hiring movers vs. DIY approach

pool table
Disassembling a pool table takes patience and knowledge

Relocating homes not only is a complex maneuver, but it is a costly one, as well. Taking apart and reassembling furniture after moving is a meticulous endeavor that needs to be done carefully. Bulky and preassembled items are always the most difficult to move, not to mention the more expensive pieces, such as dismantling pool tables. Before you decide whether you should get the services of expert movers or you wish to tackle this task on your own, take into consideration your resources. Either way, it can be done successfully.

You should do your research beforehand and choose a low-cost reputable company that will reassemble furniture after moving at affordable prices. There are plenty of movers out there, so choose wisely! Movers will disassemble and reassemble almost every piece of furniture there is.

Will you move every piece of furniture you own?

However, should you be mindful of your budget, there are ways to cut down expenses. Firstly, decide on which furniture you will be taking to the new home. A relocation provides you with the fresh start and the opportunity to get rid of the old. The fewer items you have, the easier and effortless your move will be. So, in order to figure out which items will you relocate you need to ask yourself a few questions.

  • Is that piece of furniture old, broken, and non-functional? – The answer to this is obvious, and if the item is in bad shape you should definitely get rid of it.
  • Is the cost of relocating the item higher than the value of the item? – Unless the value is, of course, sentimental. If it would cost you more to move and reassemble a certain piece of furniture, it may be better to simply buy a new one upon your arrival to your new home.

Organize a garage sale and earn some money along the way

Organizing a garage sale can come in handy. It’s a good way of raising extra money and, dare we say, introducing some fun into the process. On the other hand, if you are on a time crunch, consider selling your furniture online. Giving away old items to charity is always a great idea and supports a good cause. You should dispose of the old pieces that have been collecting dust and are no longer of use. Hiring removal services can add to the costs, but it will prove as a better option than packing and moving unwanted items.

Reassembling furniture without professional assistance

The key to a smooth reassembly of furniture after moving is to properly disassemble it before the move. You can count on packing services NYC to provide you with much needed professional assistance. They will take care of the moving and packing details allowing you to focus on other aspects of relocation. However, should you decide to roll up your sleeves and embark on the process with just a little help of your friends, here you can find some useful tips.

Step-by-step guidelines

hands put together
Gather your most loyal and strongest friends to help you out
  • Calling in the help: The first step is to take your phone and put it to good use. Before assembling your furniture, make sure you’ve assembled a trustworthy group of physically prepared friends and family members that are ready to take one for the team. Being in shape, staying well-nourished and hydrated is of utmost importance so as to avoid unnecessary injuries and prevent damaging not only your furniture but friendships.
  • Getting proper equipment: Prepare yourself and your crew for a day of hard work and heavy lifting by providing the right equipment and protective gear. In order to properly disassemble and reassemble furniture after moving, you will need the appropriate tools. Most of the furniture pieces are put together by screws and bolts, so you will need a full set of screwdrivers, wrenches, and hammers. You should avoid disassembling items that have been glued or nailed together due to a higher risk of damage.
  • Don’t misplace the hardware: Place all the screws, nuts, fasteners, and small elements into boxes or labeled plastic bags. The last thing you need when settling in a new home is to be looking for missing hardware.
  • Take measures: And by measures, we don’t only mean safety ones. Don’t forget to measure the doors and hallways of your new home in order to securely accommodate and reassemble furniture after moving.
  • Blankets aren’t just for cover: Besides hand trucks, you can use blankets and sheets for sliding larger items and move them more easily.

General guidelines: how to reassemble furniture after moving

hammer, screw, nuts you should use to reassemble furniture after moving
Use proper tools to put your furniture together after the move

Time is of the essence! Make sure to take your time and plan ahead your relocation process even more so if you’ve decided to reassemble furniture after moving by yourself. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, sticking to a carefully elaborated schedule will save you some hassle.

The best way of transporting and moving large furniture is by taking it apart to smaller pieces and reassembling it in the assigned room. Disassembled items are much lighter and more manageable. However, you need to use specialized tools to put them back together without causing damage. Fixing the incorrectly reassembled furniture may exceed its initial value.

Check the instruction manuals first when reassembling your furniture

Instruction manuals should always be on hand. Don’t overestimate your memory and don’t shy away from using the manufacturer’s instructions. Even though in most cases, the assembly involves following disassembling instructions backward, some items require a specific order. When dismantling items such as beds, sofas, cabinets or dressers, make sure to first empty the drawers, remove the mattress and items on the couch, detach glass elements if any, in order to proceed safely with the disassembly.

Unscrew the mainframe, remove the shelves or doors and disassemble the item to as many small elements as you can. Place the hardware into boxes, wrap the pieces in blankets or bubble wrap and carefully load them. In order to reassemble furniture after moving, consult the dismantling directions in reversed order.

Reassemble the furniture in a proper location

When reassembling your furniture, you may be tempted to reassemble it in a spacious living room. However, this would be a big mistake if you are reassembling your bedroom closet. You would have to carry it into your bedroom then, and this may not be possible if the doors are not wide enough. So, always reassemble furniture in the rooms they will be later on.

The importance of labeling is huge when reassembling your furniture

Gather all the boxes and plastic bags with the name of the item you are reassembling. This means that when you are disassembling your furniture you need to take steps to make reassembling easier. Place all the screws, bolts, plastic pieces into plastic bags with Ziplock and label them properly. Also, all the bigger pieces inside the moving boxes should be labeled properly. We promise you that reassembling furniture will then be much easier. You won`t any waste time searching for furniture pieces.

Keep kids and pets safe while reassembling furniture

Just as it is vital to have your kids and pets outside in the park while someone is watching over them while disassembling furniture, it is equally as important while reassembling it. Hire a babysitter, or have some of your family members distract the smallest ones in your family.

Dog lying on a floor.
Remember to keep you pets safe during the process

Soon you will be able to enjoy your new home

Reassembling furniture is one of the last steps to enjoying your new home. The moving process will soon be completely finished and you will be able to relax. Remember not to stress out too much, eat and sleep well, and take it one step at a time. Good luck!

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