Comparing storage solutions when moving

Comparing storage solutions when moving

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Decide where your clutter goes when moving house

Whether you are moving, staging or de-cluttering your home, you can always turn to the self-storage solutions to get your possessions out of the way. While moving to a new home is an exciting prospect, paring down your possessions seems like a less interesting part. If you are among those people who have a hard time letting go of their belongings, you may find the following ideas very helpful.

Luckily, there are several storage options to choose from, so you can pick the most suitable one according to your personal requirements.

A cost-effective alternative to renting a storage unit would be to pare down your belongings or take advantage of your friends’ and relatives’ spare space. Provided that your friends are willing to hold onto your belongings for a while, you can find a flexible temporary arrangement and save yourself some cash. Also, unless you are moving to a tiny studio apartment, chances are you will be able to make use of the hidden storage potential of your new place. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, large items can fit into smaller places without making too much of a hassle.

Space-saving storage solutions at home

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Use hidden storage potential of your new home when moving house

As we all know, lack of storage space can make it very difficult to keep your apartment tidy and organized. If you somehow didn’t manage to leave behind your clutter and you’ve moved with more items than your home can accommodate you may need some efficient storage solutions on how to make the most of your limited living space.

No matter the size of the home, one can never have enough storage space. But, the good news is that there are always some clever ways to take full advantage of your square footage:

  • Space beneath your bed and sofa
  • Multi-functional furniture – coffee tables, ottomans, pouffes
  • Empty vertical space on the walls
  • Room dividers in the form of a shelving unit

If you are ready to recognize and unleash your home’s storage potential you may find our ideas more than helpful. What’s more, those simple yet creative solutions may not only save your precious space, but also add some charm and unique flair to your place. As it turns out, clever room management can go a long way towards keeping your new home as organized as possible.

Storage solutions that will make your move easier

When you make an inventory list it’s not long before you find yourself wondering where to squeeze your excess clutter in. If none of the previous solutions seems to work out for you, you may opt for renting a right size storage facility.

As it turns out, a comprehensive inventory list may help you figure out the size of storage unit you want to rent. It’s important to rent the right size unit so as to avoid spending money on space you actually won’t use. There’s a wide variety of storage solutions and several parameters to factor in when choosing the most suitable storage unit. There are lots of choices when it comes to storage units and these are some of the most common ones.

Indoor or outdoor storage facilities?

a green outdoor storage facility
An outdoor storage facility can accommodate your vehicles

An indoor facility can be an ideal shelter for fragile items, documents, clothes, electronics, valuables and all those items you would like to keep out of harm’s way. Most of the indoor facilities are equipped with additional features like video surveillance, climate control, high-tech security features. What’s more, another benefit of an indoor storage is that it should be resistant to pests, insects and elements. When storing your items away from home, you may want to make sure to find a storage unit that provides proper security.

On the other hand, you may find outdoor facilities very convenient for storing large vehicles, cars, large sets of tools or boats. If you are traveling for an extended period or own an extra car you are currently not using, an outdoor facility may be a perfect money and space-saving option. While outdoor storage units happen to be more affordable, there are certain risks associated with renting such storage unit.

As they are equipped with a metal roof, chances are your belongings may be exposed to different weather conditions and environmental factors like fire or floods. Therefore, it’s critical to purchase an adequate insurance coverage to protect your items while in storage.

Short term or long terms storage options?

There are several reasons why renting short-term storage makes perfect sense:

  • moving before the new home is completely ready
  • moving abroad with the intention to go back
  • you are renovating your home
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Dispose of your household clutter before moving to another state

If you are looking to secure your items away from home for a while, affordable storage solutions that offer flexible leases, easy access and convenient location can be your best ally.

But, if you are moving to another state for an extended period of time, renting a long-term storage is one of the viable options. As storage units come in different sizes, you may want to reduce your clutter and store only what really matters to you. Just think about it this way-what’s the point in keeping items you won’t use in the future? With this mantra in mind, decide if those items are worth the hassle and paying storage fees for years. If renting a long-term unit works out for you, make sure to keep the following suggestions in mind:

-Take your time to properly pack and secure your possessions while you’re away so as to prevent unnecessary damage and headaches.

-Pay attention to how you store your belongings – keep your electronics, furniture and valuables off the floor and away from leaks, moisture and debris.

-Opt for a climate-controlled unit if storing temperature sensitive items.

-On top of all safety measures, you may want to purchase an appropriate insurance policy that will cover any kind off damage if anything goes wrong.

-Ask a friend to pay a visit to the storage facility once in a while and to work as a point of contact in case of any problems.

Planning a move?

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