Commonly forgotten tasks and expenses during the household move

Commonly forgotten tasks and expenses during the household move


As moving day approaches you will become more aware of how many costs and tasks are associated with relocation process. As it turns out, a pre-move period happens to be very busy and chaotic and it’s easy to overlook some of the most important aspects of the move. Although it seems that you have compiled an endless moving checklist, chances are you are going to forget at least one task on the following list. While you are tackling one task at a time, keep in mind our suggestions.

List of tasks people often forget to do before the move

– Since we cannot memorize all moving tasks, it is highly recommended to customize your own moving checklist that will meet your standards and specific relocation requirements.

– If you are moving into an apartment you should book the service elevator in advance and speak with the building manager about potential internal restrictions.

– Have your neighbors and friends return everything that they have once borrowed from you.

– Notify important people and service providers that you move and update them with your new contact details.

– Have a babysitter take care of your children and keep them away from dangerous situations. Also, confine your pets so that they cannot interfere while movers NYC are doing their job.

– Take care of you and your helpers/movers on the moving day. Prepare enough snacks and refreshments for the people who are helping you on moving day. If you are moving during the winter, make sure you provide hot beverages and food. On the other hand, if you are moving during hot summer months, have a lot of cold water on hand so as to keep your helpers hydrated all the time.

– Don’t forget to tip your movers once they complete the move as a sign of gratitude. How much you will tip them depends on job performance. Helpful and reliable movers should be rewarded for their efforts and professional attitude.

– Make sure there is a parking space available in front of both homes. Any parking tickets or fees incurred due to improper parking are the responsibility of the customer.

– In many cases people fail to include storage expenses when they calculate moving budget. If you are downsizing, you won’t be able to move everything you own, so the best would be to estimate the exact volume of the goods that are going to be stored and figure out whether they are worth paying the monthly rent.

– Purchase an additional insurance from the NYC moving company or third-party carrier. People usually fail to understand that standard liability insurance provided by moving companies covers only 60% per pound per item. By calling your insurance company a couple of weeks before the move you will determine what’s the coverage of your homeowner’s insurance.

Moving long-distance means that you will incur additional expenses like travel costs, airline tickets, lodging expenses, tolls, personal expenses.

– Calculate expenses for replacing items that may be damaged during the transport.

– Have school and medical records transferred prior to the move. It will be much more complicated to have those files transferred after you move to a new city.

– Transfer or set up utilities to the new location. You don’t want to unpack and spend the first night in the dark.

– Pack an overnight bag with the essentials you may need after you move out.

– Take pictures or large furniture and appliances before you take them apart.

– Leave your old home in good condition after you move out. If you are short on time, consider hiring professional cleaners to clean and tidy up your home after you leave.

– Always keep your personal documents and medication handy on moving day.

– Perform a check-up on your car before you hit the road.

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