The benefits of long term storage

The benefits of long term storage

Whether you are planning to move or have just finished with your relocation, there are a lot of things to consider. It’s no easy feat to pack up your entire life and transport it to a different location. That is why you need to take all the shortcuts you can during the relocation process. And one of those shortcuts certainly comes in the form of storage unit rental. For some, storage helps with decluttering a household while others use it as a temporary place to lighten their overall relocation load. However, people rarely take the time to consider the practical benefits of long term storage. And as the best movers Brooklyn offers, we know a thing or two about this subject. So, let’s take a closer look at those advantages.

Lock on a wooden door
Sometimes, a lock an key is all it takes

Long term storage rental and size of the storage units

Before you go ahead and dial up the first long-term storage facility NYC you can find, make sure to plan all the details. To start with, you need to consider the size of the storage unit you want to rent. And if you need help figuring this out, there are always professionals that can offer consultations regarding the optimal solutions for your particular needs. So, what are the usual storage sizes that one can find in NYC when searching for long term space to rent?

  • 5×5 (25 square feet). Although not the best example of the benefits of long term storage, small storage units such as this are practical for seasonal items.
  • 5×10 (50 square feet). This is a size that can easily fit office supplies or documentation that one might have. That is why commercial movers NYC recommend it most often.
  • 10×10 (100 square feet). This option is useful for those that are just starting to plan a renovation of their entire household.
  • 10×20 (200 square feet of space). The advantages of long term storage here come with the possibility of storing vehicles and 4+ bedroom households for whatever reason.
  • 10×30 (300 square feet of space). The only reason when you might be in need of such gigantic storage space is when moving an entire business. Even then, one should consider whether or not they need such a large space.

What are the most obvious 7 benefits of long term storage rental?

As chaotic as you might consider a relocation could be, organizing one in NYC is twice as more stressful. That is why you need the added assistance of long term space rental. And that is also one of the first steps you should note down in your relocation plan. Finding a good storage facility NYC is the perfect chance to declutter your home before the move takes place. Sure, it will take time and effort, in addition to financial expenses. But it can only benefit you in the long run. Plus, it gives you ample time to re-organize and set up your new home the way you want to.

When it comes to the most obvious benefits of long term storage, here are the seven fundamental ones:

  • Less effort spent
  • More space to work with
  • Financially, more beneficial
  • Great for long-term travel
  • Very efficient for businesses
  • Practical for DIY work ideas
  • A secure place for robust valuables

Less effort spent

Securing the use of long distance storage means less effort when it comes to relocation tasks. When you have the use of additional space to keep your belongings in, it leads to less effort when you need to relocate. Rather than rushing to transport every piece of property you own, you can take your time.

Woman carrying moving box up stairs
Why waste energy when you have a safe space for all your belongings?

More space to work with

Nobody likes a cluttered household or office space. That is exactly where the use of storage comes into play. When you have the benefits of extra space, it becomes much easier to re-arrange your household the way you want to. And as an added advantage, you spend less time having to relocate things from one pile to the next.

Financially, more beneficial

People usually consider that renting storage space is a waste of finances. Instead, what they fail to realize is that it’s just the opposite. Having to clutter your household or office space can get expensive quick. And if you are of a mind that short-term storage NYC is the solution, it can certainly help. However, you need to consider that it will cost you in the long run – money, time, and energy.

Great for long-term travel

Things happen, and sometimes we all need a break in the form of a long-term journey. And while we are gone, it’s important that we know our belongings are safe. Instead of having to drag it all with you, you can simply use the benefits of long-term storage and ensure it is all safe.

Camera and photos on a map
The ability to travel is one of the benefits of long term storage people rely on.

Very efficient for businesses

If there is a practical and productive use here, companies understand it well. Businesses that expand tend to need additional space at low costs. And they tend to find that space in the offer of storage facilities.

Practical for DIY work ideas

People often have brilliant business ideas. Unfortunately, not all of us have the resources at our disposal to implement them. However, one of the ways to cut costs and ensure the start of your business plan lies in using long term rental space as a workspace.

A secure place for robust valuables

There are certain belongings that we want to own, but simply don’t have the room or practical use for them. So, most people are forced to get rid of them. However, when you have the benefits of long term storage at your disposal, you get to keep your cake and eat it.

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