How to add a personal touch to a new home

How to add a personal touch to a new home

''home is where the heart is'' quote with lavender
Plan your decoration activities carefully after moving into a new home

Creating a new home that shows off your personality requires some creativity and resourcefulness. You might be surprised, but arranging and decorating a new place doesn’t have to be a pricey affair at all. While household moves have a reputation of being overwhelming, setting up your home would be a relieving final touch.

As it turns out, there are simple and inexpensive decorating ideas that can give a new dimension to your home. Chances are your new home is lacking personality and atmosphere, but the good news is that you can easily create a comfortable place where you can make new memories.

In spite of a strong sense of unfamiliarity, you can still make your new place feel like home. Personalizing a new home is a gradual process that won’t happen on its own. As soon as the moving dust settles, try to visualize and plan for the changes you would like to make.

What you would like your new home to look like? Are there any decoration ideas you’ve always wanted to apply but didn’t have the chance due to the excessive clutter?

Guess what? Now that you are starting over in a new home, you have a perfect excuse to introduce major innovations into fresh interiors.

Without a doubt, during the first couple of days, if not weeks, you will feel foreign and unsettled. If you add post-move homesickness symptoms to the equation, you will have to deal with a mixture of various emotions and moods that may come as a result of an international or local move. Remember that how we feel and what we do within the walls of our home usually affects our mood, attitude and productivity.

Simple guidelines to making a new place feel more like a home

three cushions on a grey sofa and a coffee table in front of it
Choose a furniture layout that makes sense for your new home

After you’ve unpacked the last box you’ll finally get to try out some new looks and trends you’ve always had in mind. Even if you cannot afford full redesign projects, you can still shape an unfamiliar space into a charming home without committing to expensive purchases and undertakings.

– Create a budget. As we all know, moving house might be an expensive endeavor, so it will be a good idea to establish how much you can spend. Chances are you can’t afford to decorate the entire place at once, so decide where to start. To begin with, pick and prioritize a room where you spend most of the time. If you are among those people who consider their living room a sanctuary, you may want to make it inviting as soon as possible. It’s a place where you can unwind and relax all alone or have fun with your loved ones.

a floor plan of a new home with a pen and ruler on it
Make an efficient floor plan before moving day

-Reconsider your rooms’ layout.  Think of a room layout and floor plan that will work for your square footage and show off your personality and style. Chances are that you will try to look for design and decoration ideas online. However, bear in mind that what makes sense for one space, doesn’t have to work necessarily for another. By going through the photos of other homes online you will be able to figure out what actually appeals to you, always having in mind the architecture and potential limitations of your space.

– Resist the urge to buy everything new. Garage sales, antique shops, flea markets are the perfect place to find some unique accessories and pieces with history that will make a huge difference in your home. Those items may add depth and personality to a cold and unfamiliar environment.

How to bring charm to your new home after moving in

If you are still unsure as to how to approach the decorating process, you can always seek the assistance of a professional interior designer or decorator. Alternatively, read on to discover some ways to add your personal touch to a new home that won’t break the bank. If you are struggling to blend the two homes together, use our guidelines as a starting point.

painting a wall in a new home blue with a roller
A fresh coat of paint may add a charming look to a new home

– First off, paint! Even if you’ve moved on a budget, it’s the cheapest way to bring special atmosphere to a new home. If you are hesitant about adding some vibrant colors, stick to the neutral ones. Also, consider using paint to emphasize your home’s best features.

-Display art strategically so that its arrangement reflects your taste, interests and style.

-If your home lacks natural light consider upgrading the lighting so as to create a unique mood. Instead of traditional and boring light fixtures, go for some trendy and creative lighting solutions in the form of some unconventional objects. Also, consider adding some candles to create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere.

-Place sentimental items and personal mementos around your home so as to recreate a sense of familiarity and security of your old home. Embrace an eclectic style to bring different looks together and create a chic post-move interior.

-Make a new place feel more alive and colorful by adding plants. If you’ve decided to go for some neutral colors, injecting some greenery can go a long way towards making an inviting home.

Last, but not least…

a kid's hand covered in paint
Decorating a new place can be an exciting experience for your kids

When you move into another home it might take a while to process the change and adjust. As a major routine disruption, household moves may trigger a lot of mixed emotions. So, as soon as you start personalizing your home those feeling will start fading away. Furthermore, moving with kids may present you with a series of adaptation difficulties and struggles.

Therefore, make sure to prioritize your kids’ needs and make their rooms livable first. Surround them with familiar objects – pillows, blankets, toys, favorite chair and other memorabilia from the previous home. More importantly, involve your kids in home decorating activities:

  • choosing color options and features for the new home
  • purchasing new furniture and accessories
  • personalizing some household items
  • cleaning activities

That way you will draw your kids’ attention to some productive and creative activities and let them know their help is valuable to the process.

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