How to pack and move paintings and artwork

How to pack and move paintings and artwork


Paintings, mirrors, large framed pictures, valuable collections and other artwork require extra care during the packing and moving process. You should take care of these items before putting your house/apartment on the market.

Belongings of considerable value to you should be handled carefully, otherwise they may end up broken or torn.

How to pack your paintings like a pro

Transporting a painting and some other delicate items can be very risky and you need to know how to keep them safe throughout the move. Make sure your most valuable items reach the new destination intact by taking following tips into account.

– In case very expensive painting needs to be moved, you will want to do it the safest possible way. Since handling this task yourself can be very risky, it is recommended to contact reliable moving company to assist you. Some of them specialize in moving antiques, collectibles and paintings, so you can rest assured that your valuables are in good hands.

– Check if your homeowner’s policy covers all your valuables during the move. If not, get an appropriate insurance. Ensure your peace of mind by getting your valuables completely covered.

– Establish the amount of packing paper, bubble wrap you will need, as well as the size of the moving boxes and containers. Find appropriately sized moving boxes that can accommodate both the paintings and packing material.

Attention! Newspaper or any other printed paper may damage your valuable paintings and leave marks, so make sure you use quality packing material.

– Use crates for packing extremely valuable items. Reputable moving company will lead you through the process and provide you with all necessary guidelines. They will let you know what the options are. Also, if needed, they may offer the climate controlled vehicles. In addition to that, chosen moving company should offer storage services as well in case your new home is not ready yet.

– Remove the paintings from the wall and put them on a stable place.

– Make a big X on a glass surface of the painting. The tape will protect the painting in case the glass gets broken.

– Put a piece of cardboard on the surface before wrapping the painting with bubble wrap tightly.

– Make sure the items cannot move inside the box. Use crumpled packing paper or foam peanut to prevent the item from moving inside the box.

– Eventually, close the box, seal it with the tape and mark it as fragile so that your movers know that there is something breakable and delicate inside.

– If you are not sure how to pack some items, put them aside and let the movers handle them.
How to handle other valuable items

– Jewelry, money, coins or stamps should be transported personally.

– Small items like crystal and china should be packed individually. Consider using wooden shipping crates for similar items.

– Use a lot of padding, bubble wrap or packing peanut to pack figurines.

– If you have saved original packaging of some of the items, now it is time to use it.

– Prepare double or triple-walled cardboard boxes, padding, cushioning material, stretch, sealing tape, markers.

– Label each moving container according to the content. Let your movers and helpers know which of them require special attention.

After the move is completed, unload the boxes with your valuables carefully and check if each of them is intact. If for some reason some of the items got damaged or lost in the meantime, inform your movers immediately about it and find out which further steps to take. Making a claim against the moving company is a standard procedure if some of your items end up damaged or lost.

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