6 Signs Your Furniture Is Not Worth Moving

6 Signs Your Furniture Is Not Worth Moving

One of the things you may be wondering about when moving is what to do with all the furniture. Should you move all of it? Should you leave some of it behind? What pays off more? Yes, some of the household items hold sentimental value and should definitely be a part of your new home. However, there are other pieces in your home that you should maybe leave behind. So, should you move your furniture or buy new after the move? Carry on reading to find 6 signs your furniture is not worth moving.

An Old Sofa And Cardboard Boxes In The Apartment
Decide what to do with your old furniture before the moving day arrives


Another sign your furniture is not worth moving is when its dimensions are not suitable for your new home. You’ll always want to measure each large furniture piece and your new space, to figure out whether the size is right. When you’re downsizing, you will naturally want to get rid of some household items, and you should use this opportunity to get rid of that huge sofa and replace it with something new and more compact. The best thing to do when you’re considering whether your furniture should be transported or not is to create a floor plan for your move and see how current pieces fit into the new home. If they don’t, then you have a pretty clear sign that you should not bother with it.

Poor shape

Before you decide whether you want to take furniture with you or not, take a look and access its shape. Inspect the piece closely to see if it’s worn out, broken, scratched, if it has moldy areas or very faded upholstery, perhaps it’s badly stained, or even completely ruined by pets. So once you know the condition of your furniture piece, think if it makes sense to move it – you’ll want to get rid of it in case it’s in bad shape. The reason is that it just doesn’t make sense to go through all the trouble of moving a large or heavy item to your new home, only to replace it with a new one shortly after. Not only it will save you trouble, but you’ll also save some money because moving furniture can be costly.

Worn-out Sofa In A Poor Shape
Old furniture in poor shape might not be worth moving

Long-distance move

Another sure sign you shouldn’t even bother with your current furniture is when you’re moving long-distance. Regardless of whether you’re moving to another state or another city, moving far away gets rather expensive. All moving costs, no matter how tiny they may seem, add up so cutting costs where possible is really necessary. So, if your furniture is not worth moving, leaving it behind will definitely save you money when moving long-distance. In most cases, leaving your old furniture behind and buying a new one after you move into your new home is actually cheaper than bringing what you already have. That’s especially true if some or all of your furniture is heavy or large since moving companies charge based on the overall weight or size of your shipment. So the fewer items you have the less your move will cost.

DIY relocation

Your next telltale sign that your furniture is not worth moving is not being able to find strong helpers. So another reason why you should leave furniture behind is that moving it takes too much work. If you are not hiring a professional moving company, leave the furnishings behind, it’s not worth it. Firstly, you’ll have to know how to disassemble furniture properly and then actually do it. That already can be risky and difficult, depending on the specific furniture piece.

Then you will also have to properly pack and prepare furniture for moving and storage. But, you will also have to think about your property and the damage that’s always possible when moving heavy pieces. Plus, if the furniture is too heavy, you’ll also need to get a moving dolly, furniture straps, furniture sliders, and other moving equipment needed for DIY moving to complete the task. Eventually, packing and moving heavy items is not exactly a pleasant experience and can even lead to injuries.

Young Man And Woman Are Lifting A Heavy And Bulky Old Sofa
Save time and money by leaving furnishings you won’t be needing after the move

New style

Keep in mind that your current household items may not necessarily match or fit inside your new home. You may be looking forward to decorating, updating, or changing style entirely, and your existing furniture may not work well with the vibe you’re after. So, one more sign that your furniture is not worth moving is if you plan to arrange your new home in a different style. Instead of moving those pieces and regretting a decision later, think ahead and if needed, decide to say goodbye to them. You will then have the freedom later on to find exactly the piece that works with your new style perfectly and the one that matches the layout and design of the new space.

Poor quality

If some of the pieces you plan to move are of poor quality and you can get them for cheap after you settle into your new home, then it probably pays off to leave them behind. The reason is not only to avoid going through the trouble of moving, but also the fact that poor quality materials are easily damaged during disassembling, loading, or transporting. As you’ll want to save money and time when moving, you may find that relocating your chipboard furniture is just not worth the effort and decide to replace it with a new one after the move is done.

Old Chairs Packed In A Trunk
If you decide to throw away your old furnishings, contact a waste management company and make sure it’s transported safely

What to do with furniture that’s not worth moving?

Once you decide that some furniture pieces are not worth moving, you may be wondering what to do with them. The good news is that you can do several things. Firstly, you can organize a pre-move yard sale before moving and make some extra cash for the road. If this is not your cup of tea, go ahead and sell them online – Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and many more options are free for you to post your belongings for sale or giveaway.

Then you could also give some of the things away so check with your family and friends if any of them could use things you plan to leave behind. Local charities are also a great option in case you want to give away your furniture for free. Some charity organizations even offer a free pickup so reach out to them in advance to save time. Eventually, you can talk to the waste managers and trash anything that doesn’t serve the purpose anymore.

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