5 reasons why you should move out of New York

5 reasons why you should move out of New York

When it comes to relocating, we pretty much know it like the back of our hand. Whether you need information about packing fragile items, renting a storage for the first time or even how to decorate your new home, we got you covered. After doing this for a long time, we know exactly what the market needs. And the market is constantly changing. And, although many people dream of living in the Big Apple, a lot of people are struggling with it. And that is okay. Living in NYC is not for everyone. Perhaps you had a good run, but now you are simply getting tired. Still, leaving NYC is a tough choice to make. Read here about 5 reasons why you should move out of New York. If you identify with some, or all, of them, you know who to call. We are just a click away.

  1. Leave New York so you can live in some other greatest city in the world! ------------------------------------------------------------------------
move out of New York
Making another city your permanent home might not be such a bad thing at all!

NYC usually appears at the top of every best cities list. And there is no doubt – The Big Apple has charm! But, if someone were to compile a list of, say, the most liveable cities in the world, NYC wouldn’t score very high. And, why is that so? Well, there are some statistics that are very important to the quality of life, and the Big Apple simply doesn’t have it all. A lot of European cities have NYC beat when it comes to crime rates, pollution, social politics, architecture etc. Not all of us have the same taste, but it is hard to argue with the unemployment rate, the percentage of highly educated citizens and low taxes. Before you make your decision about leaving NYC, make sure to check out some other cities and towns. Some of them just might be your cup of tea.

2. Move out of New York to downsize your expenses, permanently

Truth be told, NYC is a pretty expensive city to live in. Basic life expenses such as rent, utilities, and food are not going to go down anytime soon. In addition to this, with so many opportunities and activities, money seems to be flying right out of your pocket. The Big Apple is shiny and bright and not fit for saving money. Although some people are used to living on a budget, most struggle with that kind of life. If it is too much for you, consider leaving New York. Moving into some suburban area or even a medium size town could increase your finance dramatically. Have in mind, the luxury and chances of NYC, will not come with you.

3. Move out of New York to enjoy comfort – in every aspect of your life

move out of New York
Exploring some other dream might be very suitable for your piece of mind.

There are a couple of things that aren’t really possible in NYC. Big gardens, a lot of pets, space, and silence… Fast pace, the rhythm of a hustler, the constant battle to reach the top. New York is competitive, harsh and crowded. Dreams do come true, but sometimes, the price paid is too high. If you are missing comfort, wide streets, pets and big gardens, perhaps it’s time to call it quits. Moving out of the Big Apple could be just what you need in order to bring comfort into your everyday routine.

4. Leave New York in order to slow your pace and get in touch with nature

Although not all of NYC is fake, some parts most certainly are. Many people are too busy chasing their dreams that they never stop to smell the flowers. The pressure is on and the stakes are high. It feels like you are always chasing after something – better salary, bigger apartment, taxi… Perhaps you could do it in your early 20s, but perhaps not even then. If you are looking forward to wearing flat shoes, watching the sunset  in your yard and eating vegetables you grew, it is time to move. Leaving NYC is surely difficult, but it will change your entire life, for the better. Enjoying actual fresh air won’t be so bad, as well.

5. Leave NYC in order to start a family in a better environment

why you should move out of new york
Give your newborn enough space and silence to grow and make some noise.

When people start thinking about starting their own families there are a couple of things that come to their minds. Parks, schools, fresh air, nature, crime rates, expenses, nonGMO food… Unfortunately, not all of that can be found in the Big Apple. Young people would have a blast there, but what about kids? They need space, quiet and a lot of safety. They also need yards, playgrounds, and a place to crash their bikes into. New York is amazing but it is also very fast and not very safe. If your life is heading in that direction than, perhaps, you should move out of New York. Make sure your new home is suitable for children and don’t settle for anything else. You are leaving NYC for it, for goodness sake.

Moving out of NYC is just as difficult as moving to it, if not more. Especially if you are doing it with a heavy heart and a big family. All of the same rules still apply – you need to plan ahead, make a budget, do your packing. Whether you are moving a couple of miles away, or across the world, you still have a lot of work to do. As one of the best moving company in NYC, we are here for all of your doubts and questions. Make sure to get your moving quote, and you can even schedule a video chat estimate. We know that relocation is stressful, so we do our best to make our clients feel at ease. We value your trust, time and money and will do our best in order for your relocation to go as smoothly as possible. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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