17 Moving Tips to Make Your Move Dead Simple

17 Moving Tips to Make Your Move Dead Simple

Moving is often associated with stress but don’t panic just yet − professional movers are here to share their tips. If you want to have an organized move and find ways to navigate the moving process easier, we’ve got your back. Carry on reading to find 17 moving tips to make your move dead simple.


The first moving tip is to get rid of all clutter and avoid packing and moving items you don’t use. By having less to pack you’ll pay less for moving services and make the whole moving process simpler.

Sort by rooms or categories

The first way to get ready for moving is to sort your things out by areas – start from the room with the least traffic and proceed to busier areas. But an even better strategy is to organize all your items by category, for example, organize books from all home areas or sort through every article of clothing you own.

Labeling and Organizing by Room

Pick the best mover

A moving company can make or break your moving process and finding the right one is a great way to make your move dead simple. Licensed and experienced movers will help you have a smooth relocation but you’ll have to spend some time searching for the best option. Besides reading online NYC moving companies reviews, make sure to contact several movers and ask for at least three different quotes before deciding.

Choose the right date

Moving during the summer months when it’s peak season can make your move anything but dead simple. If possible, schedule your relocation for a less busy time, or at least for a date that’s not extremely busy. For example, moving mid-week and mid-month is generally more affordable and less busy.

Create a checklist

If you want to have a dead-simple move, a checklist is a must. Create one using pen and paper or one of the free moving checklist apps – it will help you stay on track, follow your progress, and not forget any important task. Include the most important tasks first and then add smaller ones.

Moving Checklist

Use a calendar

Speaking of a moving checklist, you’ll have to include a timeline to it because you’ll have a timeframe for completing a specific task. You can make it simpler by using an oversized calendar and adding tasks to its blank space. By doing so, you’ll have a nice overview of the day-by-day schedule.

Get free boxes

You can make your packing process a bit more simple and cheaper by getting cardboard moving boxes for free. Just visit your local grocery or liquor store and ask them if they have some boxes they don’t need – for sure they’ll be happy to do so.

Free Moving Boxes Concept

Label moving boxes

This tip is a bit time-consuming but it’s super helpful for a dead-simple move. Label every box to know its content and make the unpacking process way faster than going through a pile of boxes to find one thing.

Pack on time

If you want a dead-simple move, you should start packing little by little. Don’t wait to pack your entire household last-minute because packing all in one day and super stressful and certainly not simple.

Packing on Time is One of Tips to Make Your Move Dead Simple

Don’t waste food

To make your move simpler and to avoid the guilt of throwing away perfectly decent food, don’t get groceries in your last week before moving. Instead, create a meal plan and use recipes with groceries you already have. If you still have some food left before your moving day, go ahead and donate to charity.

Use luggage, bags, and bins

You’ll have to move your luggage anyways, so why not put it to good use and pack it with household items? Use all types of nags you have to pack things inside. You can also use bins as a carrier for smaller belongings.

Take pictures of your electronics

If there’s one thing that can keep you from having a dead simple relocation, it’s mixed or lost cables. To make sure you know which cord belongs to which electronic device, simply take pictures of the back of your electronics. Having these pictures will make it that much easier to set up your gear as soon as you move in without unnecessary stress.

Taking Pictures of Electronics

Copy your documents

Nothing can ruin relocation as lost documents, especially if you’re moving to another state. To be on top of your game, go ahead and copy all important documents. Bring a briefcase to keep it all together and have peace of mind if anything goes south.

Load big items first

Once it’s time to start loading things into the moving truck, take care of heavy or bulky items first and then finish with lighter items.

Keep boxes from one area together

Another tip to make your move dead simple is to load and unload boxes from the same room together. By keeping things from the same area together, you’ll be able to unpack and sort out things much faster.

Pack an essentials bag

To make your move less complicated, pack your necessary items in a separate bag. The “overnight bag” should include basic toiletries, fresh linen, medications, etc.

Schedule cancelations on time

You should contact your service providers at least one week before moving to figure out how to get the same services at the new address. Call your internet, cable, and electricity providers, as well as any other company you’re paying services to. While doing so, go ahead and change your address about a week before you move out – it’s easy to do online and it will let you get your mail forwarded so you don’t miss out.

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