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What to eat on moving day

Considering all the physical and emotional pressure that moving day may pose, no wonder it’s so difficult to maintain healthy habits throughout the relocation. The truth is that there are a lot of important tasks to tackle at once, which is why many people forget to eat on moving day.

four apples on a wooden table

Prepare healthy and nutritious food to eat on moving day

Having proper meals during the move is vital as you need to keep a high energy level to be able to perform all strenuous and physically demanding activities. A seemingly endless moving checklist shouldn’t be more important than your well-being. Although you may not have enough time for cooking and preparing homemade meals, there are still ways to stick to a healthy diet during the move and provide yourself with the necessary fuel.

Moving will most definitely cause a significant disruption to your day to day routine. Hopefully, the following tips will help you maintain your health goals and stay strong and focused in spite of all the stress and moving inconveniences. Regular and healthy meals will significantly boost your energy level and keep you going all along.

Inventory the food supplies you already have

an open fridge with food supplies

Empty your fridge, cupboards, and pantry before moving

When sorting through your possessions chances are you will realize that you have cabinets and a pantry with various food items you have no idea what to do with. Instead of throwing away perfectly good food, make some timely arrangements so that you can use up most of it. Once you take inventory of all food supplies, you’ll be able to decide how to use them. First off, divide them into several groups.

  • Perishable items like dairy products, meat, eggs
  • Frozen food
  • Canned products

Use up most of the food before moving out

Instead of spending money on buying additional products or eating out start using up the already existing food supplies. With a move fast approaching, you may find yourself wondering what to do with the leftover food products. The mere idea of cleaning out your refrigerator may seem overwhelming, let alone sorting through your pantry and cupboards. But, before you decide to throw away most of the food products, try to find some more efficient alternatives. Donating and giving away is always a good idea that will result in a more eco-friendly move.

Share the extra food supplies with the people in need to minimize food waste. Also, bear in mind that most of the residential movers NYC will refuse to move perishables, so disposing of them would be a wise thing to do.

Plan for what to eat on moving day

three water bottles

Stay hydrated and take regular breaks on moving day

Now that you have the list of items you should use before moving day, you can plan for your moving day menu. If you make some timely preparations, you will easily resist the urge to order fast food or eat out. Even if you don’t have much time for your regular workout, chances are all that heavy lifting will leave you with sore muscles. And you’d better feed them properly! Here are some of the most important guidelines on what to eat on moving day and keep your sanity down the road.

  • Pack nutritious food for your moving day.
  • Keep a few pots unpacked until the moving day.
  • Warm up before doing heavy lifting and hauling.
  • Take regular breaks.
  • Stick to your regular sleeping schedule.
  • Stay hydrated and keep electrolytes and sugar level up.

Moving day menu

a white bowl with the cereal and fruit to eat on moving day

Don’t skip your breakfast when moving!

According to many studies, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Also, it’s an excellent opportunity to eat together as a family and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Don’t skip your breakfast no matter how busy you are. While having a nutritious breakfast can be low on your list of priorities, take a moment to plan for what to eat on moving day for breakfast. Start your morning and moving day activities right by having a nice breakfast even on the most hectic moving day.

Prepare a quick and perfectly balanced meal quickly and easily. Stock up on oatmeal, berries, tortillas, eggs, fresh fruit, chia and flax seeds. Also, it’s always a good idea to mix up your favorite fruits and vegetables to be up to the whole day’s worth of back-breaking moving tasks.

Boost your energy with powerful protein and granola bars, mixed nuts or fruit between your regular meals. Moving will most likely take all day, so have several snacks throughout the day.

Prepare a big portion of pasta, grilled veggies or chicken breasts to serve for lunch on moving day. As tempting as ordering a pizza may seem, try to resist the urge and save some money along the way. Remember that you’ll have to provide snacks, refreshments, and lunch for your movers and helpers who will be working very hard to help you move.

How to treat your movers and helpers?

a man holding tip for the movers

Treat your movers the way you want to be treated

Moving is undoubtedly a very arduous task, so try to be mindful of your movers’ needs no matter how busy you are. Make them feel comfortable by providing basic requirements:

  • Prepare hot and cold drinks depending on the season when you are moving.
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages. Instead, make sure your movers get their necessary caffeine intake along with the ample supply of water.
  • Keep your movers’ spirits elevated with appropriate energy drinks.
  • Feeding your movers is not a must, but it’s only polite to offer a light lunch and snacks to the hard-working movers.
  • Ideally, ask them what they would like to eat on moving day.

Although tipping your cross country movers NYC is not mandatory; it’s an excellent way to reward them for outstanding service and a job well done. Tip your movers based on the complexity of the move and quality of the service they provided.

Be considerate of your movers’ needs and offer them something to eat on moving day. But more importantly, figure out a way to stay healthy and in a good mood during the challenging moving process.