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Ultimate tips for newlyweds moving in together

Ultimate tips for newlyweds moving in togetherThe long-awaited wedding day is over and you are about to move in with your spouse into your first home. As a newly married couple, you have all the time in the world to arrange your family home to your liking and start a family. The whole future is ahead of you and you are both excited about your life together.

If not organized properly, a household move can become very stressful and complicated. By following our suggestions you will be able to keep unnecessary stress at bay and won’t let anything get in the way of your happiness and enthusiasm.

Start early and hire professional movers

Plan your move ahead and complete it after the wedding day. It’s highly recommended to start moving preparations as soon as you decide where you will be living. Chances are that you won’t have enough time to balance your wedding preparations with moving tasks and responsibilities. Luckily, there are professional movers who will take upon themselves all moving-related duties and ensure your peace of mind, at least as far as your household move is concerned. Due to their experience, your household items will be handled with the utmost care and moved to the new address in no time. In spite of their tight schedule during the peak season, they always manage to handle the relocation process in a professional and efficient manner. Furthermore, a licensed and insured moving company will be held accountable should anything happen to your items while being transported, therefore you will be properly compensated. Alternatively, if hiring professional movers seems too expensive at the moment, consider asking your friends and family to help you out. However, bare in mind that DIY moves are not necessarily the cheaper option! In fact, if not planned thoroughly, a DIY move can be more expensive than expected.

Declutter before moving in with your spouse

After you get married you will combine all your assets and as a result, you will have twice the amount of household goods you should deal with. The more items you have, the more complicated and expensive your move will be – is a rule of thumb when it comes to moving house.

– Go through your belongings, make an inventory list and compare it to your partner’s. Chances are that both of you have more items than you realize, so you should decide what to keep and what to leave behind. Also, don’t forget the wedding gifts you should also make room for.

– Since moving is a huge investment, selling your duplicate possessions can get you some extra money that can cover at least one part of the moving costs. Remember that the size of the moving truck you rent is based on the size of your home and items that you are moving with you. Also, professional movers will charge you less for packing and moving fewer possessions.

– Keep your new home as clutter-free as possible. If there are items you simply cannot let go of, although you are not using them frequently, put them into storage and ensure an easy access whenever you need them.

– Keep delicate wedding gifts in their original packaging, since it will provide the best protection during the move.

– Be ready to make some compromises now that you are about to share the living space with your spouse. Talk about your needs, habits, lifestyles as well as about what your non-negotiables are. It’s extremely important to maintain an open communication and be honest with your spouse even when it comes to discussing some less important issues.

And most importantly, stay positive and optimistic throughout the moving process. Consider throwing a housewarming party once you settle into your family home in order to celebrate the new beginning.