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Ultimate college moving guide

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Get ready for the fast approaching college moving day

Starting afresh and uprooting your life far away from your parents usually comes with a mixture of feelings. Incoming college freshman and their parents have been anticipating this event for a long time. Hopefully our tips will ease your worries and keep you all organized during the period leading up to the college moving day.

But, no one can deny there are a lot of amazing things about the college moving.

Benefits of moving to college

-Unless you are already living in the college town, chances are you will experience a new environment that is very different from the place where you grew up. It happens to be a huge transition especially for students coming from the suburbs.

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Start your college life off on the right foot

Moving to college means independence that you didn’t have while living with parents. Although they are still supporting you financially, you will be far away from their rules and restrictions. Also, a good parent should be able to encourage children to make independent decisions and take responsibility for their actions.

-You will make new acquaintances, but you will also get the possibility to figure out how to balance your social life with the college duties. Chances are you won’t miss any party or social gathering with your new friends. But, how will this hectic pace affect your college accomplishments?

-You will stay in touch with your parents, but eventually you will learn how to handle problems on your own. A college moving is an emotional roller-coaster many students are not prepared for. The sooner you learn how to manage the ups and downs, the easier you’ll adjust to college life.

How to prepare for the college move

After you’ve been accepted to college, there are probably lots of different thoughts crossing your mind.  You’ve worked very hard to get there and now that you are about to move to your dorm, you may be unsure as to where to start. Although you’ve heard several times that moving house is one of the most stressful life events, it doesn’t have to be that way. While it’s famous for being an emotional whirlwind, a college moving logistics doesn’t seem like a major headache. But, if your pre-move plan is lacking order and dedication, you may face lots of difficulties down the road.

-If you are not able to pay a visit to the campus prior to moving day, make sure to join online forums and receive notices and updates from the school regularly.

Get in touch with your roommate before moving day

-Get the specifics from the dorm manager regarding the size, layout of the dorm, move-in date and other special requirements. Also, ask for your roommate’s contact details so that you can reach out.

Talk to your roommate before the move-in day in order to coordinate your plans and arrangements.

-Put together your shopping list and gather essentials for the first couple of days in the campus. –

-Be very selective when packing. Remember that due to fact that you’ll be sharing an already small space with another person you will need to leave some things behind and downsize.

-Have all paperwork in order before moving day.

-Make sure to obtain necessary permission for bringing electronic appliances, since some of them may be potentially hazardous for a dorm environment.

How to pack for a college moving day

Given the size of dorm rooms, packing for a college move turns out to be a daunting task. Items you would normally bring with you now you should toss or leave behind since they won’t fit into your tiny living space. But, the rule of thumb when preparing for a college moving is to resist the urge to overpack. Since dorms already contain some pieces of furniture and appliances, make sure to pack up the essentials like bedding, towels and toiletries. Always keep in mind that most of the essentials you can purchase on arrival after you assess the storage potential of the dorm.

Tiny dorm rooms are equipped with small wardrobes, so consider bringing clothes and shoes for the current season. Pack enough weather-appropriate clothing that will keep you covered between trips to the laundry room. Also, pack your electronic gadgets that will keep you entertained in your spare time.

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Stock up on various moving boxes for the upcoming college move

Take along both practical and decorative items that will add a personal touch to your living space. However, make sure you are on the same page with your roommate in terms of your room arrangement plans. As moving day is slowly approaching, gather as many cheap or free moving boxes as possible to cut moving expenses. Also, you may want to use wardrobe moving boxes to transport your hanging clothes and keep them in good shape all along.

Before purchasing your own hangers ask whether the college dorm provides them. In addition to that, it’s always a good idea to learn what you are not allowed to bring to a dorm. Last but not least, label your boxes properly so that they don’t get mixed up with other students’ belongings.

Logistics tips for the upcoming college moving

Your hard work has paid off and you’ve got accepted to college. Great job! Fall semester is just around the corner and it’s time for you to move to the campus. If you are moving to a completely furnished dorm room, you can use your car to transport your personal items. In case your dorm is located within driving distance, you can even make several trips to the dorm and back.

Moving away to college is an important crossroad and you may want to save yourself the additional stress. So, why wouldn’t you treat yourself to professional moving services if you are moving long distance, far away from parents’ home? Once you decide on a size of the moving load, make sure to research affordable movers with extensive experience in college moving. Not only will they take the stress out of the process, but also they will leave you enough time to say goodbye to your loved ones. Just request several quotes, inquire about general terms and conditions of the move and decide which offer suits best your budget.