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Pros and cons of moving to East Rutherford NJ

There comes a time when people feel the need to change their place of residence. It could be for professional reasons, in the pursuit of more quality education, to provide their family a better life, etc. And no matter how right this decision was, moving is never easy. Moving means that a person will change his comfortable style of living, environment, the commodity of his home. If moving to another city or a country it also means that he will be far away from those he loves and cares about. This article will help you look more into the pros and cons of moving to East Rutherford NJ. And should you decide to carry on with this relocation, do find assistance in movers East Rutherford NJ with enough experience to make the relocation easier for you.

a neighborhood in New Jersey

Enjoy a suburb feeling of living after moving to East Rutherford NJ

East Rutherford is less crowded

When it comes to moving from New York, pointing out a smaller town population seems like a good way, to begin with assessing the pros and cons of moving to East Rutherford. The population of this city is significantly smaller than in New York. And if you are looking for more peace and quiet, than this might be one of the biggest pros of moving to East Rutherford NJ. And once you come here, you will have a real feeling of a suburb. Surely, it will give you that family vibe that most are looking for. On the other hand, it is just a bus ride away from New York. So if you ever feel like having more fun, or visiting the big city, since there are so many good sides of living in NYC, you can do so whenever you feel like.

…But that doesn’t mean it’s boring here

Most people think that by moving to a smaller place that they will be deprived of fun and entertaining content. Well, that’s certainly not the case with East Rutherford. You see, the town has a lot of things to offer. Starting with an abundance of world-class restaurants to some historical landmarks which are very close to the town, you can really find something for yourself here. All you have to do is search a bit, make a plan and enjoy.

People get crazy about football after moving to East Rutherford NJ

Probably one of the most famous places in whole East Rutherford is MetLife Stadium. This is one grandiose building that can seat more than 82 thousand football fans. This is the home to both New York Jets and New York Football Giants. If you too share the enthusiasm for football, you will be able to enjoy 20 games per season. And that’s not all, this stadium is a suitable event for concerts and live shows. Just check out their calendar to see the schedule. Who knows, maybe there will be some interesting concerts to satisfy your taste. But one thing is for sure, MetLife Stadium stands as a true landmark of the city that you can’t miss.

a football game

Football is the most popular sport in East Rutherford NJ

And horse racing

If you are more up to something less traditional and you find horse racing entertaining, then you will be happy to visit The Meadowlands Racetrack at the Meadowlands Sports Complex. Here you can see it all, from harness racing to thoroughbred racing. And, once you’re done having fun when moving, in case you have children, perhaps you can introduce them to something new and have more fun as a family. Besides, this is a great way to meet more families and find new friends in town.

Shop at the flea market after moving to East Rutherford NJ

The New Meadowlands Market is a place where you’ll experience the real vibe of the town. Also, it is a place where you can buy delicious food and enjoy good drinks. If you’re planning to buy a little bit more, you can go by car and not worry about parking since it’s free of charge. How great is that! Just, bring your bargaining skills along and you’ll blend in with the locals easily. We could easily say that this great market is one of the biggest pros of relocating to East Rutherford NJ since you’ll really have an amazing shopping experience.

The town is suitable for job search

Sometimes moving to a smaller town means better chances for finding a dream job. East Rutherford NJ is certainly worth a try. In recent years, this town has seen more investment and new businesses have been open. This has given the much-needed boost injection to the area as well as the opportunity for young professionals to find employment in their hometown rather than moving away in search of a better life. If you are planning on moving your business here, we suggest you contact commercial movers NYC to make sure that every segment of office relocation is done the right way.

searching job after moving to East Rutherford NJ

Moving to East Rutherford NJ is a good way to find employment

The prices are a bit higher here

On the other hand, one of the drawbacks of moving to East Rutherford NJ is the fact that the cost of living is higher than the average price in the New Jersey area. This means that you will need to count that the median home value is around $380,000 which is much higher than the national average. Along with that, should you decide to rent a property, you would need to a little bit more than $1400. Together with that, prepare to pay around $1800 monthly electricity bills. And when all of that comes together, you’ll agree that expenses are not quite little. However, if you learned to live in NYC on a budget, living in East Rutherford, NJ will be a piece of a cake.