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Planning the first day in your new house

When thinking about household relocation you cannot help but wonder what exactly makes a successful move. Moving is not just about transporting all household belongings making sure they reach the new destination safe and sound.

It’s very important aspect, but in order to complete the move successfully you should stay organized even when you arrive at your new residence. Reaching your new home is a huge relief, but it is not the end of a moving adventure. Planning in advance is a key to a successful move, so make sure you have an efficient strategy ready to be applied the moment you step into your new house.

Tips for the fist day in the new house

Setting up your new home is not an easy task, so you should do it step by step. Whether you have your own plan or not, the following tips will help you get around this task.

– First unpack your frst day essentials box. Do not spend the first day in your new house unprepared. The only purpose of having an essentials box is to avoid searching through all the boxes in order to find an item you urgently need.

An essentials box should contain:

– toiletries
– clean towels, pillows and linens
– medications
– clean clothes
– snacks
– pet supplies
– plates and utensils (if you are planning to eat at home the first day. Alternatively, you can eat out or order some food).
– laptop, mobile or tablet charges so that you can keep in touch with your friends and family.
– toys (if you have children they will probably request their favorite blanket or toy).

– Depending on a current condition of your new home, you may need to clean rooms and items you will first use (bathroom, kitchen appliances, shelves where you are going to put your things,…). Provided that you have cleaned the house before the moving day, this step can be skipped, at least for a while. Furthermore, hiring professional cleaners is also a good idea if you cannot do it personally before the moving day due to the distance between your current and future home. The time-consuming chores can wait until you have more time and energy.

– Get some food and drinks for you and your family. Given the circumstances, cooking will take too much time, so eating out can be a perfect opportunity to take a walk around your new neighborhood and get to know some important venues. Also, you may ask the neighbors for restaurant recommendations, which can be a great opportunity to introduce yourself.

– Visit the local supermarket and get some food supplies for the next day.

– In case you reach the new home late at night, have family dinner, set the beds and sleep tight so as to get your energy back. Although this new beginning seems motivating and exciting, the first few days in a new home can be really challenging.

– Have a couple of days away from work so that you can arrange your new home without any pressure.

– Help your children adjust by sticking to their routine. First arrange the room or area where they are going to spend the most time.

– Think about your pet’s needs. Walk your dog regularly and set up his territory where he will sleep, eat and drink. Remember that both your children and your pets are affected by the move, so try to maintain their daily routine as much as possible in order to keep additional stress at bay.

– Keep your space clean by disposing properly of all empty moving boxes. Find out which options you have and decide whether you are going to recycle, donate or give them to a friend who will be moving house soon.