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Packing supplies that you already own

packing-supplies-that-you-haveLet’s face it – moving is an expensive affair. An accurate moving budget will help you keep moving expenses under control. However, if you are interested in saving money on your move, you should first identify the most expensive aspects of your relocation. For some people packing up a home is the most demanding undertaking.

We often forget that we already have a lot of useful items in our houses/apartments that can be used as packing material. There’s no point in wasting money on expensive packing supplies if we can make use of already existing household belongings.

Luckily, if you are resourceful enough and know where exactly to look for there are ways to get cheap or free moving supplies. Keep in mind that already existing household items can be put to good use when it comes to protecting your household goods during the move. After inspecting your home you will realize that recently discovered household supplies may help you reduce the moving costs.

Hopefully the following list will guide you through the moving process and make you realize that turning to your household resources may pay off in the long run. Everyone’s interested in finding a free alternative to costly packing supplies and materials.

List of packing supplies that you might have in your house

– Small, medium and large cardboard boxes can be found both at home and at work. If you haven’t preserved enough cardboard boxes, you can turn to your friends who have moved house recently or try to find them for free at the bookstore, restaurant, grocery store,…

– Suitcases are convenient for packing heavy and delicate items like electronics or books. Take advantage of those little wheels and transport items that are heavier than clothes.

– Plastic bins may be ideal for transporting delicate figurines, toys or ornaments since they provide safe and dry environment.

– Drawers can be considered as packing containers as well. Just bare in mind that full drawers may add to the overall weight of the item they are part of. Your NYC movers and helpers responsible for heavy lifting would appreciate if you could take the drawers out of your closet and pack them separately. The good news is that you don’t have to remove the content – wrapping the drawers with the proper tape will keep the content in place.

– Wide range of bags: vacuum seal bags are convenient both for moving and storing items. Great space savers are very easy to use – just put jackets, coats, sweaters in the bag, seal it and vacuum the air out. Trash bags can be considered an alternative to the wardrobe boxes and used to protect your hanging clothes. Freezer bags are ideal for storing small parts of large furniture pieces.

– Clean towels can be used to protect glassware, kitchen appliances, plates, photo frames and other breakables. Furthermore, towels may provide additional cushioning when it comes to filling the gaps between fragile items and lining the bottom of the moving boxes.

– Soft clothes can be used to wrap fragile items and create additional cushioning so as to prevent items from bumping against one another. Consider filling gaps between the items with socks instead of buying professional cushioning material.

– Blankets can be used to wrap and protect large furniture pieces and household appliances.

– Newspapers can be found in any house. However, you should use it carefully as packing material, since newspapers usually leave ink marks on specific types of surfaces.

– Pillow cases can accommodate unbreakable items.

– Clean trash cans can be used for transporting unbreakable household items.

– Hamper is ideal for transporting clothes, shoes, pillows.