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How to pack and move the master bedroom

markus-spiske-37931When planning a household move, your main goal is to organize and execute it as smoothly as possible. Setting your moving priorities is just one of many decisions you will need to make during the relocation process. A detailed moving checklist will help you stay on track in terms of moving duties and responsibilities as well as an assistance of some of the best moving companies in NYC.

Once you establish which room needs to be packed first you can create your own moving timeline and act accordingly.

Tips for packing a master bedroom for a move

Since your bedroom will be occupied until the moving day, you shouldn’t rush to pack it first. However, a detailed plan should be made in advance in order to make the moving day easier.

– Sort through your bedroom.

Decide what’s worth keeping and what needs to be tossed away. In case you are too emotionally attached to some furniture pieces and personal items, you can consider renting an affordable storage unit that can accommodate all those items you are not prepared to leave behind. Bare in mind that some of the best moving companies in New York usually offer storage along with other moving-related service, so if you choose to entrust your household move to the professionals, you can rest assured that they will take care of the items that you don’t need directly transferred to your new home.

– Purge your closet.

No matter how difficult it is to let go of some lovely garments, sooner or later you will have to get down to work and sort through your closet. Although you know that there’s no point in keeping and moving clothes that you won’t be wearing at all, sometimes it’s hard for you to leave behind items that don’t fit you any more. The good news is that you can do a good deed and donate all unwanted clothes in good conditions.

And remember, off-season clothes should be packed first.

– Collect the right packing supplies.

Once you make a list of things that should be moved get the appropriate packing supplies and moving equipment. Buy or borrow a variety of moving boxes, bubble wrap, padding material, packing tape and markers. Use wardrobe boxes to pack your hanging clothes and those garments that may get easily wrinkled while being transported. Before you start packing, reinforce the bottom of each box so that they can withstand the weight.

– Pack valuable and fragile items separately.

Empty all drawers and shelves and make sure you handle your delicate items with the utmost care. Get specialty boxes for packing mirrors and paintings and secure all bedroom decorations by wrapping them separately. Expensive items shouldn’t be packed with bedroom furniture – keep them with you instead.

– Label packed moving boxes.

Once your bedroom is fully packed make sure each box is marked according to the content and destination so that your movers will know where to place them exactly and how to handle them.

– Tackle furniture pieces.

It will take a lot of furniture padding, blankets and bubble wrap to pack and protect your furniture properly. Some furniture pieces will require dismantling for the purpose of safe transportation. Also, make sure you empty all the shelves and eliminate extra weight from the drawers, which should be sealed closed. Don’t make the load too heavy for your movers and helpers! If you are unsure as to how to properly disassemble and protect your large furniture pieces, contact professional local movers and packers with a lot of relevant experience. They will make sure your items reach their final destination undamaged.