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NYC Moving Tips – Moving a refrigerator

Gold-03Moving heavy appliances is a huge mission and transporting them from one place to another is quite a challenge. By following these guidelines your refrigerator will reach the new place intact.

– Find out whether the fridge fits through the door space. Also, make sure the moving supplies you will need are big enough to handle heavy appliances.

– Consult the manual for further instructions and clarification. It will reveal possible difficulties that may arise during the move and some important tips and guidelines as well.

– Remove everything from the refrigerator. Perishables cannot be transported in it, so use them in advance or give them away. Don’t forget to remove the items placed on top of the refrigerator like magnets.

– Turn off the refrigerator before the moving day so the evaporator can defrost, which will take a couple of hours and wrap the cord.

– Remove all shelves, trays and loose items, wrap them in a protective material and move them separately or just secure them firmly with the tape and leave them inside. Tape the fridge drawers closed, but be aware that the tape may leave marks as well.

– Clean it carefully. Otherwise, it is likely to become smelly if not cleaned properly. Empty all drawers and clean each of them.

– Secure the refrigerator doors properly using a rope or strong cord. If the fridge has two doors, tie both of them tightly. Avoid using the tape, since it can leave residue or damage the fridge.

– If the refrigerator is going to be stored for a while leave the door slightly open to enable the air flow. The fridge must be stored clean so that there won’t be any odors.

– Moving heavy household appliances is usually complicated, so make sure you don’t have to do everything alone. Ask friends or relatives for help. Moving a refrigerator downstairs and into the moving truck is an action that requires collaboration of a few people, so find helpers as soon as you decide to move.

– When removing the fridge from its original position try not to scratch the floor, walls or the appliance itself. Put a piece of sturdy cardboard under the fridge in order to avoid scratching the floor.

– Put the fridge on the appliance dolly, secure it with straps and keep it upright.

Moving the appliance on its side or back can cause oil seeping into the cooling tubes. Dollies are available at any NYC moving company, so set aside extra cash and save your back strain and muscles.

-When you place the refrigerator at the dolly move it slowly towards the moving truck followed by a few assistants who will hold the handles.

– Make room for the fridge in the moving truck and load it vertically. A truck ramp could be really helpful in this situation, because it can be rolled up easily.

– In order to put the fridge into the bed of a truck, coordinate your helpers so that there are two of them on the ground, who will push up the fridge and one or two into the truck. If possible, leave the fridge attached to the dolly to ensure its stability.

– Unload the truck and move the refrigerator into the new home the way you have moved it out. Don’t plug it in immediately. Keep it stable and leave it a couple of hours so that oil can flow back into the compressor. It will take some time before it becomes usable again.

-If all of this seems too complicated for you, have professional movers do the job for you. They are experienced and will make sure that all your appliances reach the new place in one piece. Also, purchase proper insurance so that your items are covered in case of damage.