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What to do before the moving truck arrives?

green dumbo moving truck

There are a lot of activities to be completed before the moving truck arrives

Although dependable movers may take away a great deal of moving stress, there are still certain steps you can take before the moving truck arrives so as to ensure a smooth transition. Typically all moving preparations take place weeks in advance so that everything’s in order by the day of the move.

But, as you are counting down the days until your moving day, chances are you may feel worn out and exhausted. But, aside from hunting for a perfect new home, booking the best long-distance or local movers, organizing temporary housing, calculating moving budget there are several additional steps you can perform to speed up your moving project.

Keep in mind that a household move often means dealing with all kinds of unexpected situations. Even if you are looking for full-service movers, you should know that certain activities are entirely up to you. Although hiring professional movers comes with a number of benefits, the outcome of the moving process largely depends on your organizational skills.

Hopefully the following suggestions will keep you on the right track with your moving duties and responsibilities. In order to start your adventure off on the right foot there are several measures to keep in mind before the big day comes.

Create an inventory list of your possessions

two checked and one cancelled item on an inventory list

Stick closely to the inventory list when deciding what to load into the moving truck

Make a home inventory list in order to keep track of all the items you are going to move. Document all your possessions by taking photograph of all the items you hold dear so that you can be properly reimbursed in case of some accidents on moving day.

Since there are some unscrupulous landlords over there who would like to keep your security deposit due to some false claims of damage, you may want to take a photo of the entire apartment after you clean it out. The same goes for your new apartment – document its condition before your movers start hauling moving boxes in.

These extra precautions may save you a lot of time and money if anything goes wrong, so make sure to protect your items and your wallet during the moving process. As counterintuitive as it may seem, taking those few extra hours to put together an exhaustive checklist may save you a lot of time in the long run. Introducing structural organization into the moving process won’t hurt anyone, don’t you think?

Purge your home of unwanted items

A comprehensive inventory list will help you figure out how much stuff you actually own and which of them are worth moving. Sorting through your household will help you identify all those old, duplicate and damaged items you may prefer leaving behind. In addition to that, only with a complete inventory list you may be able to decide on the amount and type of moving supplies.

Give yourself plenty of time to say goodbye to the sentimental clutter that won’t fit into a new home. A household move is a perfect opportunity for you to let go of everything that’s been holding you back for one reason or another and start afresh.

Review the contract with your movers

a man sitting and signing contracts

Make sure you understand the fine print of the contract before loading the moving truck

Familiarize yourself with the responsibilities, rights and obligations of all parties involved. Needless to say, failure to understand the specifics of the move may result into signing a contract that doesn’t meet your requirements.

As a result, you may end up facing additional costs you didn’t plan for in the first place. If you are like most people, certain moving-related terms may leave you quite confused, so make sure to gain a deeper insight into the matter well in advance.

Dispose of the items your movers won’t load into the moving truck

red prohibition sign indicating what's not allowed in the moving truck

Use up and dispose of the items your movers won’t transport

First and foremost, part with anything your movers will refuse to transport. It’s extremely important to understand that movers cannot ship certain items due to safety reasons. Therefore, make sure to use up, give away or dispose of the following items:

  • Perishables
  • Hazardous items
  • Plants

Also, make special arrangements for your personal documents and valuables. Keep them close all along the moving day, since your movers will most likely refuse to transport them.


Ensure a safe path to the moving truck

Let your movers know about any specific details about your homes so that they can arrange for a necessary equipment or additional manpower in advance.

Remove all potential obstacles and ensure a secure parking place for the moving truck. Also, notify your building manager about the move ahead of time so as to be able to reserve an elevator for the pick-up time. Organize the most convenient way to take your possessions out of the house into the moving truck. Large appliances and oddly shaped items require special handling and equipment, so inform your movers if there are any.

Make sure all boxes are sealed and properly labelled

large cardboard box with the office label on it and four stacked cardboard boxes

Properly labeled moving boxes will make unpacking a lot easier

A proper labeling strategy can go a long way towards organizing your moving boxes, especially if you won’t be moving them personally.

Color code moving boxes according to the rooms they belong to. Prepare several colored markers that will ease the packing and labeling process. Bear in mind that not each box has the same level of importance, so clearly mark those that need to be unpacked as soon as possible. Also write down on the boxes some basic handling instructions, destination and the content, especially when it comes to moving fragile objects.

Interestingly enough, these simple measures may help you achieve an enviable level of efficiency on moving day, so get to work before the moving truck arrives.

Have some cash on hand to tip your movers

If your movers have provided an outstanding service make sure to reward them accordingly. Tipping is a standard way to show your gratitude to any service provider and your movers are no exception.

Their job performance, attitude and your budget will determine how much you will tip your movers. In addition to that, prepare some refreshing beverages, snacks, coffee to keep your hard-working movers energized all along. Aside from a monetary tip, some considerate actions may motivate them even more to provide quality moving services.