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Moving doesn’t have to be stressful


Moving can be great experience if you are doing it right. Dumbo Moving and Storage is trying to provide as much of a stress-free moving experience as possible. By taking only a few simple steps you can make your move easy for you and for our movers. Here are some tips to help you go through the move easily:

– Make sure you need all the items want to move. If there some pieces of furniture you don’t use at all, or some clothes you haven’t worn for 5 years, you should consider donating it. Not only will you have less items to move and an easier time packing and unpacking but you will also help someone who doesn’t have enough.

– On your moving day, place your pet in a quiet place such as the bathroom so it cannot get in the way and will stay safe. You will make it easier for movers who do not have to worry about a dog or cat biting them. If space is a problem, buy a carrier that will allow your pet to sit comfortably inside till the move is finished.

– Pack an overnight bag with all the items you might need for the next day. Any medications you use, toiletries, pajamas, bedding and some clothes. You want to make sure you are prepared even if something goes wrong.

– Make sure all your boxes are properly packed and secured. Don’t pack heavy books in large boxes, instead use small boxes that are easier to handle. Use old newspapers or towels to wrap and protect fragile items. If you are not comfortable with packing, you should consider let professionals handle it. Place all the boxes in a middle of each room because movers remove boxes first to make sure there is enough space to wrap the furniture.

– Take down all pictures and mirrors, and lean them against the wall. Fragile items need extra care so put them on the floor easily and your movers will prepare it for transport

– Gather all your valuables, money, personal identification and documents, jewelry, laptop and phones and take them with you.

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