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Moving a chandelier – tips and tricks

You don’t have to be of royal blood to own a chandelier and to adorn your house with them. Chandeliers bring that lavish look, and they have the power to transform a room almost instantly. Now, anyone who has ever owned a chandelier knows just how massive these pieces can get. You’ve already gone through a nightmare installing them, so the last thing you ever want to have to go through the process again. But what happens once life throws you an unexpected curveball and you must pack your bags and move to the other part of the state? Or across the coast? You are certainly not leaving that expensive chandelier behind. Not now when you’ve come to love it. We won’t lie to you – moving a chandelier will be anything but easy. But it can be done with some guidance from the expert NYC moving team!

Decide whether you want to leave it to the experts!

The first thing we’ll say is that nothing will make relocating a chandelier easier than professional help. But hiring regular residential movers NYC most likely won’t be enough to get the right kind of help although it can be the case. In most instances, you will need to search for specialized chandeliers movers in your area. These experts have specialized in moving this item, which means they will be able to ensure safety for your treasured possession.

Moving a chandelier in the garden.

If you have to relocate a chandelier, make sure you do it right. Our tips will certainly help!

However, if your budget doesn’t allow you to opt for this special service, don’t worry. Our team is nothing if not understanding of such a situation, which is why we’ve composed a useful guide for a DIY chandelier relocation.

Start by removing the chandelier from the ceiling

You already knew that this was going to be the first step, which only makes sense. But you are most likely not aware of the process of removing a chandelier without inflicting any injuries to yourself.

  1. The first step is the most important one – to not be in danger of an electric shock, go to the main fuse box and cut off the electricity in the room where the chandelier is located.
  2. Find help in the form of someone who will be supporting the chandelier at all times so that the wires don’t snap due to its weight.
  3. By using a screwdriver, remove all the wires that go into a chandelier and unhook it.
  4. With a gentle touch and with the help of your friend, slowly bring down the chandelier to the floor.

Disassemble the chandelier for moving

A chandelier is a complicated piece. Moving a chandelier, therefore, will require you to become a technician of some sort, familiar with all the dangers and fragile parts of the item. Now, if you were to ask any member of the professional packing NYC team, they would all tell you the same thing – take apart any item which allows it. Chandeliers, in all their glory, are delicate and intricate items. There are plenty of detachable parts, and you should use this to your advantage.

Close up of a chandelier.

Candle cups are one thing you can always detach from your chandelier and make the move easier.

Start by removing the light bulbs. Then organize all the cables and wires, as dangling cables are a safety hazard. Then, proceed to take apart anything that can be detached by using a screwdriver. Pieces such as chains, candle cups, lampshades are usually always removed. Pack each piece you take apart into packing paper and place it gently in a box. For all the screws and hooks that come off in the process, use a ziplock bag, and you won’t have to spend hours searching for them upon your arrival to the new home.

Packing is the most crucial part of moving a chandelier

We’ve already mentioned that a chandelier is a delicate and fragile item. A big portion of a chandelier is made of glass or ceramics which is extremely breakable. The goal here is for no harm to come to your precious item, and its fate will be decided when packing. True, you are not packing fine china or an aquarium, but your chandelier may even be much more fragile than that.

Ceramic jugs.

With the parts made of glass, chandeliers can be more fragile than any ceramic bowl, cup or jug.

When it comes to packing when moving a chandelier, it all comes down to quality packing materials. What’s needed are sturdy cardboard boxes and protective packaging materials in spades. Start by finding a quality box that’s large enough for fitting all of the light fixtures. Pad the box on all sides with linen or furniture blankets, as that will cushion the parts you took off when disassembling the chandelier. Before placing any item inside the box, wrap it in packing paper, and don’t be stingy – you can never use too much of it.

Finally, once all the items are placed in a box, make sure you cover any empty spaces with packing peanuts. This will prevent the items from jiggling once inside the truck of your local NYC movers, and no jiggling equals no damage.

It’s very easy to forget the last step of moving a chandelier

And that’s labeling the box with FRAGILE. Both your house members, as well as your movers, need to know that the box in question should be treated with special care. Otherwise, someone might throw it inside the moving truck without giving it a second thought, which may or may not result in damage. So, be smart and think about every step of this process that moving a chandelier is. It’s your prudence at the end of the day which decides how successful or unsuccessful you will be.