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How to reward your movers

Expert movers and moving companiesLike in any other service industry, tipping is considered as a common and expected way to show some gratitude if you are satisfied with the service that you received. Showing an appreciation after the move is completed is always based on receiving an excellent service. We will gladly share some tips on tipping and offer answers to some of the most common questions: How much to tip NYC movers? When should you tip movers? Is tipping mandatory? How should you distribute tips?

Although tipping is a way to show your gratitude for your movers’ efforts and professionalism, it’s not mandatory. How you will treat your moving crew depends on their attitude and how dedicated and responsible they are. However, although the NYC moving company will charge you for the moving services, tips are very appreciated just like in any other service industry.

– Be mindful of your movers’ needs.
Moving is an exhausting and back-breaking undertaking, so make sure you prepare some refreshments and snacks for your movers, so as to keep them hydrated and energized. It would be very kind and considerate of you, but bare in mind that food and cold drinks shouldn’t be provided instead of tips.

– When to tip your movers?
If you have had a positive experience with your movers and if they have done the job properly, you can reward them accordingly. Were your movers on time for every scheduled appointment? Were they operating in a professional and efficient manner? Were they treating your possessions carefully? Did they cause any damage to your items? Were there any delays and how did they handle unforeseen situations behind their control? Were they polite and positive? Did they add unexpected charges and fees?

– Share your positive experience.
Other people may find your experience very valuable, so share your thoughts on how the entire relocation was performed. People who are organizing a household move may benefit from your moving experience, so try to rate the moving company and their services objectively. A short and comprehensive review will help other people learn more about the moving company they are interested in. Summarize your impressions into a couple of sentences providing facts and objective observations. Keep in mind that your kind words and an honest recommendation may attract other customers, which is very valuable for their business. On the other hand, if they are providing a poor quality service, spread the word about that as well.

– How much to tip movers?
You must be wondering what’s the most appropriate amount you could tip your movers and praise their hard work properly. In most cases, tips are based on the quality of the service and the total amount you were charged. Also, your moving budget will determine how much you will tip the relocation crew and eventually you will realize that there is no straightforward answer to this question, since it depends on a personal background of the customer. Normally, depending on circumstances tips may vary from 5 to 20% of the total bill. Furthermore, if your movers are showing outstanding organizational skills during some unique or difficult moving conditions you may want to be a bit more generous when the time comes to tip your movers. In any case, use your judgment and hopefully, our guidelines have provided the right answer to your questions and concerns.

– Should you tip each member of the crew individually?
If you want to make sure that each team member gets an appropriate amount of money, you can tip them individually. That way you will show your appreciation and gratitude for their individual efforts. Alternatively, you can leave one amount to the foreman and have him split the tip among all team members, but you cannot be 100% sure that he would do so.