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How to Pack a Violin for Moving

Are you worried about how will you move your violin when relocating? Musical instruments are delicate, and even the simplest mistake can cause damage to the sound they produce. Nevertheless, with the right moving preparation, you will avoid and prevent any possible damage. Soon, you will be able to keep playing your violin in the living room of your new house. In the meanwhile, let us see what are the steps necessary to pack a violin for moving. If you don`t have the time, or your violin is too expensive, it is better to leave the transport of the musical instrument to professional movers.

A Violin

Get the right packing material

Packing material of high quality is a crucial part of a successful violin relocation. Go to the DIY store or the improvement store to obtain the necessary material. Here is what you will need:

  • Moving boxes – Your violin should be packed in its original case, but the case itself is not enough to protect the violin during transport. Therefore, you should first figure out what type of moving boxes do you need and then obtain a moving box that is several inches wider than the item, as this is the safest way to transport a musical instrument. If possible, don`t use an already used moving box, as you want to have a sturdy, undamaged box to pack a violin for moving.
  • Packing paper – Wrapping the violin in the packing paper is a perfect way to protect it during the move. The packing paper should be acid-free so that it cannot damage the surface of the product.
  • Bubble wrap – Using bubble wrap for packing fragile items such as a violin will ensure the safety of the item.
  • Packing peanuts – These are necessary for cushioning the remaining space in the box.
  • Packing tape – Obtain high-quality packing tape to seal all sides of the moving box.
  • Permanent marker – Labeling the moving box with Fragile and This side up is a vital part of relocating your instrument.
  • PVC or drawing storage tube – This item is used for packing the violin bow separately.
A Drawing Storage Tube
A drawing storage tube will protect a bow

Prepare the violin for transportation

Taking precautionary measures for your successful violin transportation is necessary. As we already mentioned, you should send out your violin in a case designed for it. If you for any reason do not have a violin case, you can buy one. Otherwise, the instrument will suffer damage and not work in the same way anymore. Here are some additional steps you should take to ensure your violin arrives at your new home in the same condition.

Loosen the strings

Before you pack a violin for moving, you should loosen the violin strings for about a quarter tone. This implies that you might have to hire a luthier to set up your violin after you relocate, but it is worth it. The reason why you need to loosen the strings is that due to temperature change, they might contract and expand, making too much pressure on the neck of the violin.

A Violin - A Closeup
Loosen the violin strings to lessen the pressure on the violin neck and body

Use packing paper to protect the fragile pieces

You need to fold the packing paper and place it under the tailpiece, and neck. In this way, you will support them during the move. Then, you should wrap the paper under the bridge. So, even if the bridge happens to fail during transport, it will be impossible for the strings to scratch the surface of the violin.

Place a blanket over the instrument

Once you place the violin into the case, you need to protect it additionally. Place a piece of cloth or a thin blanket over the violin. You should especially do this in case you are keeping the bow inside the case. During transport, the bow can fall over the instrument and scratch it. To prevent this, you must protect the instrument with a cloth.

Place a humidifier inside the case

Avoid changes in humidity levels inside the case by placing a humidifier inside the case. You should look for ones that work as both humidifiers and de-humidifiers, such as Boveda humidifiers. This is an inexpensive way to protect your violin, especially if you are moving somewhere where the climate is different than at your old location.

A Small Humidifier
A small humidifier inside the box will protect a violin from humidity change

Place contact information inside the case

Whether you are sending your violin via UPS, professional movers, or in the back of your car, it is vital to write your contact information and place it inside the case. If the item happens to get lost for any reason, you will raise your chances of having it returned to you.

Put the case into the moving box

The final step in the “pack a violin for moving” task is to place the instrument into the moving box. Prepare the moving box by covering its bottom with packing peanuts. Then, carefully place the case of the violin inside it. Cover any free space with packing peanuts. Once you do this, close the box and seal it with the packing tape twice. Gently shake the moving box to check whether the violin case is shifting inside. If it is, you should place more packing peanuts inside to prevent any shifting during transport. Finally, label the moving box.

A Big Moving Box
Use a firm moving box, big enough to place a violin case inside

Purchase instrument insurance

If you decide to have professional movers transport your moving box, this is great. Talk with them about moving insurance policies for valuable items. We also suggest that you purchase an insurance policy for your violin from a third-party insurance company. Hopefully, nothing will happen and you will be able to enjoy playing your instrument just like before, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Hire professional movers

Moving requires plenty of planning, scheduling, multitasking, and organizing, and it can become overwhelming sometimes. Hiring professional Manhattan movers to help you relocate your valuable items is the best way to have a stress-free moving day. They will save you time, and energy, and minimize your stress levels. Instead, you could focus on more important things related to your relocation, or simply enjoy some time with your family and friends. Good luck!