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Home improvement projects before the moving day

home-improvment-tips-before-moving-dayMoving into the new home is a huge and significant project. You’ve finally got the possibility to decorate a new house/apartment the way you wish, and with all big organizational ideas of yours, you will make your new place feel like home in no time. In order to make your new home comfortable and pleasant place to live, you may need to do some improvement projects before the moving day or after you settle in. However, some repair works are better managed before the moving day than afterwards. Sometimes it is much easier and less expensive to complete some maintenance tasks prior to the move.

Home improvement tips when moving house

– Paint the interior of the house while it is still empty. A fresh coat of your favorite color will make your home even prettier and more attractive.

– Have your floors repaired or set the new ones. If needed, postpone moving in untill your floor is completely arranged and ready.

– Improve an appearance and efficiency of your new home by replacing the old windows and doors.

– Check if electrical or heathing systems need repairing. A simple check-up for identifying possible issues with the household systems is a reasonable step if you want your home fully prepared for a big day. If there are some plumbing leaks, make sure to repair them on time.

– Make sure smoke and alarm systems work properly. Change the heating and cooling filters if needed. Make your family’s safety a top priority during and after the move. Don’t forget to change the security code on your alarm system so that you can ensure peace of mind of all family members.

– Have your household appliances serviced or even replaced. You don’t want to find out only after you move in that your washing machine is not working.

– Have the utilities set up by calling service providers who will take care of it. No matter how irrelevant it may seem in comparison with other repair works, do it in advance, since you don’t want to spend the first night in your new home without the internet or cable.

– Change the locks. Make sure you and family members are the only ones who have an access to the house. Exclude the possibility of someone else (former homeowner, tenant, realtor,…) having access to your home without your permission.

– Install proper fence to keep your children and pets safe while playing in the yard. Do it according to the local legal requirements.

– Child-proof your home before moving in with your toddler – mask sharp edges, find out-of-reach place for all potentially dangerous items, protect outlets with covers, set safety gates, secure all windows and doors,…

– Clean your home thoroughly. Although precious owners or tenants may have had the house professionally cleaned, you may want to make sure that you and your family are moving to a flawlessly clean home. Due to the constant foot traffic, you may be forced to clean your home several times after you settle in, but go step by step.

– If needed use professional carpet cleaning services before you move the furniture in.

– Arrange your garage and driveway. If you need a storage area, a garage may be a perfect place for storing unused items.

– Know where circuit breaker box and main water valve are.
You should consider these home improvement tips also when you are selling or renting your property. Selling your home is a stressful and complicated process, so make sure to increase your home’s value by following above mentioned tips.