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Hiring respectable NYC movers: tips & tricks

One of the biggest moving decisions is hiring a good moving company. If you are moving to New York you will have a lot of different choices, but how can you know what is the right one? With the complexity of the move hiring the wrong moving company can make or break your relocation. And although so many people are relocating to New York, that doesn’t mean that it is an easy thing to go. You will have so many different things to take care of, let’s make sure that you know how to hire respectable NYC moversThere are more benefits of hiring movers than we could count.

reputable NYC movers

Trucks and licenses, fees and contacts… Where to even begin?

Relocation to New York can be quite challenging, regardless of where you do it from. It doesn’t matter whether you need local or interstate NYC movers, you are still looking for a respectable company. But how can you know if you have chosen the right one? Well, let us show you some tips so your decision will not be so difficult.

First thing that you need to make sure is whether or not your moving company is legit

It is quite unfortunate, but also very true – many moving companies are not legit. They will trick you and scam you, and you wouldn’t know what hit you. The Big Apple is especially adequate for this kind of shady business because there are so many relocations, and people are not so careful. If you want to hire respectable NYC movers, here is what you should check:

  • Verify the address, phone number, and office – This is the first step of verifying if the company is truly legit to do business with. They need to have a registered office, working phone number and a corporate e-mail. If any of this seems shady, do not pursue this moving company. On Dumbo moving contact page, you can find all of this information, and much more. It isn’t that hard to detect rogue NYC movers, you just have to be careful.
  • Before you hire any NYC movers make sure that they have all the licenses and permissions – Once you know that the company indeed exists, you can proceed to the next step. Just because they actually have a company that doesn’t mean that they have all the documentation. Without making sure that your chosen movers have all their papers in order, you should not hire them.
  • Ask around what will their previous customers say whether or not they are respectable NYC movers – There are no recommendations as word of mouth. You can rely on their previous customers to give you actual data and decide from there.

Always get more than one opinion before you decide which respectable NYC movers you are going to hire

hiring respectable nyc movers

Although there are a lot of shady companies, you can still find a reputable one to help you with your relocation.

Many respectable NYC movers do estimations before giving any promises and signing anything. First, you should make sure that your moving company is willing to come to your home and evaluate your belongings and give you an estimation. If they refuse, or if they do a sloppy job, you can scratch them off the list. And even if they come, you should get a second opinion.

Why is this important? Well, because this will help you not only to find the best moving company in New York but also the one that is best for you. If you have some special requests, additional necessities or any sort of peculiarity, this will help you determine the best partner to tackle the move with. Don’t be lazy and invest some time into contacting the companies, and some energy into doing the estimations with them. This is the best way to hire respectable NYC movers. 

Get a New York City moving company that covers all of your needs

Perhaps you don’t need just the transport. Maybe you need moving tips, packing services, storage units… It is better to deal with only one moving company. This way all of your needs will be taken care of, and you can communicate with only one entity. When the chaos of the relocation begins, this will be an important factor. So, it’s not just about hiring respectable NYC movers, it’s about hiring the company that is best for you. 

In order to find this company, you need to be certain what is that you actually need. Look up a bit more about moving to New York City and about different aspects of moving. This way you will know what you need and it will e that much easier to get it.

Have everything written down, even if you trust your company!

Even in the cases where both parties have complete trust, such as for example when dealing with relatives and friends, you should have a contract signed. Verbal agreements simply aren’t going to be enough. Complex moves that include different fees, insurances, crossing state lines and any additional service requires this. If you hire respectable NYC movers, this will not be a problem. Any company that tries to avoid this part should raise a red flag. Here you can find a complete guide to all the moving documentation that you might need.

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The Big Apple is waiting for you, so don’t hesitate.

People usually fear what they don’t know which is why hiring movers seem like such a scary thing to do. But, if you have a respectable NYC movers doing the relocation with you, there is no reason for fear. All the challenges can be resolved quickly, with good planning and enthusiasm. There is no problem that can’t be resolved with a little bit of duck tape, in relocation and in life. Don’t let the idea of a chaotic move keep you from making the biggest decisions in life. New York is the city that makes the dreams come true, so start working on yours!