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How to Handle a Short Notice Move?

Unexpected changes are common nowadays, and short notice moves are nothing to be terrified of. Life is unpredictable, so the best thing to do is keep your composure and start planning as soon as you can. If you’re wondering how to handle a short notice move, carry on reading. We’ve prepared for you a few helpful tips for moving on a deadline.

Plan for a short notice move

Planning is always number one when you have to be extremely efficient. Any relocation goes much smoother when you have a plan, and the same goes for moving on short notice. Making a plan will help you organize step by step, and it will help you track your progress. You should write down all the necessary tasks and you should also write what’s the priority. Once you have your most important tasks at the top of the list, add a timeline. Don’t panic if you don’t meet some of the deadlines, because all sorts of situations happen when you have to act fast. Just keep the tasks as the highest priority, and keep going until it’s completed. You may want to take care of the easiest task first, but it’s actually better to handle the most difficult things first and leave the smallest tasks for the end.

Making a Plan for a Short Notice Move

Hire help or DIY

The second priority is to decide whether you want to hire professional moving services or handle the relocation yourself. While the DIY move is possible, it can be extremely difficult when it has to be done on short notice. You will have to find a rental truck, pack all of your things, load and unload boxes, and you’ll have to spend extra time organizing all of these steps. So even though DIY relocation is common, it’s not the best choice when you’re very limited with time. Hiring movers can seem more expensive, but in this situation, it can actually end up being cheaper and definitely safer. When moving on a deadline, you’ll need a trustworthy company that has the necessary experience with short notice moves.

A Couple Performing a DIY Move

Choose the best moving company

It’s extremely important to get the best level of service possible when you’re limited with time. To choose the right fit for your move, consider the following:


Get online and research local movers. Read moving companies reviews in NYC to get a general idea about the way they run their business. It will help you choose the best local mover.

Ask for recommendation

Your friends, family, neighbors, or colleagues can recommend a moving company. Think if anyone close to you has recently moved, and ask them which company they choose and how their experience was. You can also use social platforms and ask for recommendations – a single post may solve the issue quite fast.

Get several quotes

Before you decide, go ahead and contact at least three movers to get free Brooklyn moving quotes. After you compare their estimates, look into more details to figure out what works best.

Pack like a pro

You can choose the most convenient option and hire full-service movers. If you do that, they will take care of everything from packing to loading and unloading your things. But if that option is not for you, you can also pack on your own. Your priority, in this case, will be to pack efficiently and size down as much as you can. Start with getting a sufficient amount of packing supplies, such as cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape, scissors, markers, moving blankets, dollies, etc. Once you have all the necessary supplies, start packing a room that doesn’t get much traffic. Work your way towards the busiest room in the house. Only focus on one room at a time, otherwise, you may have too much going on and get overwhelmed with all the mess.

Packing for a Move

To save space, use everything as a vessel− think suitcases, duffle bags, the bigger items as a vessel for smaller items, etc. Once your box is packed, seal and label it. Labeling will be a big time-saver once you reach your new home and have to unpack everything. Another useful tip before you even start packing is to declutter before the move. Get rid of everything that you don’t use or haven’t used in a year by selling or donating. You can make a traditional yard sale, or get online and sell by using Craigslist, Market Place, or any other selling platform that’s appealing to you. If you want to keep all the possessions, you can also rent a storage unit and store those items for a while, which will make the packing process much easier.


Stay calm

You may forget to take care of yourself while taking care of multiple tasks. Moving is stressful even in regular circumstances, and it can be especially overwhelming if it’s a short-notice move. But stress can cause all sorts of problems, and that’s not what you want during your relocation. If you feel that things are getting out of control, take a step back and try to regain your composure. Try to think positive and convince yourself that you can do it, or call a friend or a family member to share your concerns with them and get some support and positive energy.

Give notice

Dumbo Moving Truck on the StreetChances are you will forget to notify everyone about your move when you’re moving in a rush. But if you don’t notify services about the change, you may end up paying double. You should arrange utilities, bank accounts, and medical records first. You want to make sure that you have heating and electricity at your new address, and you want to cancel services in your current home in time. The best thing to do is to make a list of all services you’re using, and figure out which ones you need to let know about the change of address.

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