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Can moving with kids be an adventure?

The words “fun” and “moving” rarely go together. Because we have to be honest: moving is usually a first-class ticket to Stress City. Especially if you are moving with kids. The first thing to do is hiring long distance movers NYC. They will make your move a lot easier. Although we cannot promise that you will feel that you have just returned from the spa after following these tips, we really think that you at least feel that you received a very good manicure. One step at a time!

Why is it a good idea to make moving with kids an adventure?

Children can be very unpredictable when it comes to moving. Most of them get depressed and feel hopeless and powerless thinking that no matter what they do, it won’t affect the decision to move. So, in order to make it easier on them, involve them in other moving-related activities and decisions as much as you can, so that they don’t feel left out again.

Moving itself can be very stressful for the kids – suddenly they are facing major changes in their lives. But, should it be necessarily a tragic event? Of course not. You can turn this transition into fun and make it an adventure.

Engage them in the moving process

Letting them be a part of the whole process will make them feel more secure. It’s important to keep them occupied, so keep them informed about the new location. You can search together online the new environment, schools, parks…

Moving box

Or, the best thing, you can let them help you with packing

Handing them moving boxes and giving them instructions on how to pack won’t go a long way. So, you have to be resourceful enough to think of the way to get the job done and your kids entertained. First of all, search for your new home together. Don’t let them feel excluded. Take them with you to look at the houses you may be interested in. Once you have chosen the new home, let your children map their room. They’ll get excited about it. If your kids are old enough to take care of packing, assign them to pack their own items. In order to motivate them, offer some kind of reward for their efficiency. An incentive will increase their productivity and this game will be interesting for them.

Motivate them to help you as much as they can

You can organize the competition between them and reward the child who packed his items or cleaned the bedroom first. You can go together through their clothes, toys, books and decide what to keep, donate or sell. So, have them set aside items that they no longer use or need. Make them realize that there is someone who needs them more. Also, let them pack a box with some special items, their favorite toys, pajamas,…and have it available as soon as you reach your new home. Assign them tasks according to the age – young children may pack books or toys.

Let them decorate their bedroom and choose furniture, paint color, and other details so that they can feel comfortable in the new bedroom. Make sure to find a reliable person who will look after your kids on moving day. However, older children can be helpful – they can carry light boxes, take care of the pet or do some light cleaning.

Spend some time with them

While packing, put some surprises into children’s moving boxes – a new toy or a shirt, which will make unpacking more enjoyable. Organize a family night before you move out. Have some time with your loved ones to relax and get out some energy after a tough day. You can play favorite video games, watch cartoons, movies, prepare or order your favorite food, visit some special places in the neighborhood.

Try to stick to the routine when moving with kids. They may become very upset if their every-day structure is somehow changed. So, if they are normally having lunch at 1 pm and then taking a nap, there is no reason to change that routine during the moving process. Moreover, you should encourage them to keep doing their usual activities.

Here are some additional tips for making an adventure out of moving with kids

Create a playlist for packing and unpacking

This tip may seem a little silly, but we swear it works! Create two playlists that you can use when moving: a packing playlist and an unpacking playlist. For your packing playlist, you can focus on energetic dance music to keep you motivated. And for the unpacking playlist, you can choose songs that are a little more relaxing, but still have some effect. Or one of you can play your favorite piano songs before your NYC piano movers come to pack it.

Playing the piano

Playing music can relieve stress and make the whole moving experience more enjoyable

Something psychological happens in your brain when you go through this process with the playlists that you have chosen for these two tasks. Somehow, you can really turn the gear on faster than usual.

Packing, singing and listening to music can be really relaxing for all family members, considering all the stress and troubles that moving has put you through. A positive attitude and creative approach may ease the whole relocation process and make it less stressful and painful for everyone involved. Bear in mind that after moving with kids, they are leaving behind their friends, so make sure to throw a goodbye and housewarming party for all their friends. Furthermore, you can make a memory book for your kids, who will fill it with photos, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers. Help them stay in touch with their friends after the move.

Focus on small tasks

When you are working on packing, look for a way to make your life easier. And also to make moving with kids fun. Here are some of our favorite tips:

  • Labeling and decorating the boxes. If your child can write, give him all the important work of labeling the boxes. Besides marking where the box goes, they can also decorate the boxes with markers. Ask them to draw some objects that are inside the box, or simply draw as they please. Having a designated labeler will not only save you a ton of time, but will make your children busy and involved while you and your East Village movers focus on packing.
  • Cleaning. Even toddlers can lend a helping hand when it comes to wiping surfaces and sweeping corners. Assign your children cleaning tasks appropriate to their age. And let them get to work so that the house looks good for the next person coming. The older the children, the more difficult tasks they can perform. In high school, your child should be capable of things like vacuuming and cleaning the refrigerator. Just don’t pass on any cleaning tasks related to chemicals, as they are best left to adults.

Small boxes are your friend

Sometimes you need large boxes, but you will find that you need very few of them during the move. And although you will have more boxes, you will still be much happier. It can also be a great way to keep children busy on the day of the move. You can also pack and unpack small boxes much faster, as well as easily move them during unpacking. Unpacking small boxes looks like you are constantly going through quick little winnings, and it really supports you. And, of course, it will be much easier to make unpacking an adventure for your kids.

Teddy bear in a moving box

Small boxes can keep your kids occupied and even make moving with kids fun

Use the entertainment app

If your kids are always on their phones, give them the task of following your move on one of the moving apps. There are plenty of them online, and you can choose the one that suits you best. There are apps that can help you accurately track what is in each box, allowing you to take pictures when you fill out the boxes. It also has a super convenient search function, so when you are in a new place and wondering “where I put together my collection of books”, your kids can search for items and know exactly what box they were packed in.

Eat junk food

When moving with kids, there are a lot of tasks you need to complete. And it’s not like you have enough time to cook. Our idea? Junk food bar! Stock up on all the snacks that you know your kids shouldn’t eat, but love in any case: chips, chocolate bars, chewing candies, cookies, etc. Put all this in your new space and encourage them to help themselves.

Create a super important box

This advice, in our opinion, is crucial. When packing a place, make sure you have a box for all of your most important items. Think about: clothes for a few days, training clothes, favorite shoes, toiletries, important documents, a checkbook, food for your pet, medicine, etc. Basically, everything you need as soon as you get to your new houses. And these are the things you need to pack last on the day you move.

If you cannot fit everything in one box or one piece of luggage, take two with you! Just make sure you clearly mark these super important essentials boxes so you don’t lose them when moving.

Set a reward for a bribe

Working on this delicacy really helps to keep motivation and not to lose mojo during unpacking. You can also tell your kids about the goal and keep them motivated. After you successfully finish all the tasks, treat your kids with something they like. That can include going to the playground or maybe even an amusement park. Or some sweets they really like. Whatever your kids choose.

Little girl

Also, let them celebrate finishing the move in a way they want

Being busy with all moving procedures, you won’t be able to give your kids your full attention, which may be very disturbing for them. So, try to make this transition easier on them as much as you can. Our final conclusion is to make the move fun: do everything that works for you. Moving with kids can be very stressful. So when you decide which tricks are best for you, do more and leave the rest.